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pandeyvineet24 Legendary Member Default Avatar
02 Jun 2008
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Post Sun Jun 22, 2008 8:24 am
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    Schools should be responsible only for teaching academic skills and not for teaching ethical and social values.


    In a society where moral values are falling by leaps and bounds everyday, its everyone's responsibility to preserve ethics and social values. Schools, which are an important part of a persons life indeed play a primary role in inculcating social values in person. Therefore author has missed a point here by saying that schools should only be responsible for academic studies and not for ethics.

    Firstly, schools have a major role in building the next generation of the society. They are preparing young minds to live and behave in a society, therefore the schools should take responsibility to inculcate the moral values in its students. What better place on earth than schools to do that. Even though teaching Moral Science is not a part of their curriculum, its nevertheless important to teach social values to them. Young minds are like molten glass and it depends on the teachers how skillfully they mould it.

    Additionally , a student spend most of his time at school, therefore the culture at school is bound to influence the thought process of a child. Its his first interaction with the outer world. He is more observant in school and picks up his first social behavior from school.The values imprinted on a students mind are everlasting and is going to remain with him for ever, hence its important to get the values correct, right from the beginning.

    Some of the greatest schools of all times such as Harvard Business School, St. Stephens college and many others lay an important stress on good social values. They not only impart good education but also good social values. The product of these schools are some of the most respected people in the fields of business who stdied there.

    Likewise, from a commercial point of view, if school is known to impart good ethical values in students, parents attach themselves to it. It is deemed to be successful and its likely to get more students than a school which does not care about values, thus making it important for a school to push towards correct social values.

    As it sums up in the views expressed above, every one should play a part in improiving the social values of a society the schools should play their part to morally mould students. Teaching academics is a school's main aim but in order to make this a world a better place to live for everyone, they should take this additional responsibility.

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    VP_Jim GMAT Instructor Default Avatar
    01 May 2008
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    Post Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:34 am
    Hi pandeyvineet24,

    I'm assuming this is an Analysis of an Issue essay, since it appears that you're arguing your own point of view in the body paragraphs. Here are my thoughts: this type of essay asks you to state an opinion (and not to say, "therefore [the] author has missed a point," which suggests that you're picking out the flaws in the argument).

    You need to try to use real-world, specific examples in all of your body paragraphs (you did this with the "Harvard" example, so good job, but extend this idea to all of your paragraphs), and I'd recommend maybe only writing three (instead of four) examples, so that you have the time to lengthen each paragraph and support your claim more thoroughly. Finally, try to make the time to proofread the essay carefully for grammatical and spelling mistakes before you hit "submit."

    I'd rate this a 3 or 4. You're on the right track, so good luck!

    Jim S. | GMAT Instructor | Veritas Prep

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