Please rate my (first) issue essay

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07 Jun 2008
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Please rate my (first) issue essay

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    If the primary duty and concern of a corporation is to make money, then conflict is inevitable when the corporation must also acknowledge a duty to serve society.

    From yout perspective, how accrurate is the above sttement? Support your position with reason and/or examples from your own experience, observation or reading.

    Will an organization or industry whos primary objective is to make money survive in today's world? The answer is a big NO. In an era when collaborative relationships and synergy plays a very important role, a corporation with such a selfish motive will not be able function very well and should expect conflicts with its society. The next few paragraphs will support this view with some examples.

    Industrial waste has always been a problem to the society. For example - manufacturing, chemical and leather industries are known to release significant amount of harmful wastes into land and water. Can an industry function well by releasing such industrial waste into the nearby river without giving a thought to the repercussions? The society would never let such an industry survive. Such an event once happened in Japan in the 1950s. The chemical wastes released into the ocean by the industries became part of the food chain. The fishes that the Japanese consumed had these chemicals and caused a disease called minimata. The number of victims were more than 10,000. Subsequently, a lot of industries were later shut down.

    Every corporation needs people with different levels of skill and this depends on the nature of the job. Some firms might not be able to find people with the required skill in its own "society" (i.e) locally and hence will have to recruit people from other parts of the country and sometimes from different parts of the world too. However, certain jobs like janitors, watchmen, gardeners, junior level technicians, etc. can be offered to the local people. This is a win-win situation to the company and to the local people. The companies get cheap labor and people get a steady income.

    To conclude, a corporation and society is like the hub and spokes of a wheel. One cannot run independently without the support of the other.

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    Post Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:01 pm
    Hi Bala_sivaji,

    First off, good job with the use of a specific, real-world example in your first body paragraph involving Japan. It'd be great if you used more examples like it.

    I'd recommend thinking up one more example (in another body paragraph), and lengthening your conclusion (it seems a bit short at the present); this will really strengthen your essay!

    I'd give this a 4. Good luck!

    Jim S. | GMAT Instructor | Veritas Prep

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