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02 Jun 2008
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Please rate my essay

Post Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:12 pm
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    "All Groups and Organizations should function as teams in which everyone makes decision and shares responsibilities and duties. Giving one person central authority and responsibility for a project or task is not an effective way to get work done"

    The author states that effective way to execute a project/task is to allow everyone in the team, to share responsibilities and take decisions instead of a central authority. To me, it is a very effective strategy and i am going to argue in the favour of the statement.

    The most important reason for my belief is the wide variety of inputs when the team thinks as a whole. This is certainly the biggest advantage over a team where there is only person who does the thinking and rest others follow. When working as a team, the team meetings are bound to be more fruitful and produce effective results. Even though, such teams are bound to have conflicting views, the decision of the majority should be the final decision.

    The next reason for my belief is the morale of team in a environement, where every individual can express his/her ideas. Such a work culture will increase the team spirit and increase cohesiveness amongst its members. The ultimate goal of any organization is to maximize the productivity and a high morale acts as an invisible helping hand in increasing the productivity of the work force and hence effecitve execution of projects whereas the team where a central person takes decision has a high probability to make culture autocratic and harm the team prductivity and the team spirit.

    Furthermore, another advantage of involving most of the members in decision making is that in case a team player leaves the team, then other members of the team can cover him up, thereby the impact to the project is minimal. This may not be possible in the team where a single person is the decision maker and if he/she leaves the organization, the impact could be very high.

    An interesting example in which most of the members of the group take decision is "Democracy". for e.g. United States is a democratic country where every one has a right to express themselves. Decisions are not taken by individuals rather by Senate and then approved as laws. Its every one to see that United States is the most developed coutry of the world. Thereby proving the effectiveness of the model.

    As it sums up in the end, the authority to take decisions and share responsibilities have a positive effect on the team and if the processes are followed in the way they should be, its bound to produce more effective and good results.

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    Post Wed Jul 09, 2008 3:40 pm
    Assuming this is an "analysis of an issue" essay, you've got a great start here. My only comment is that you should back up your points with specific, real world examples. You're on the right track by citing the USA as an example in the last body paragraph - aim to have such an example in every paragraph. This will strengthen your argument.

    Also, try not to use "I", "me", "my", etc. in your writing.

    As it is, I'll give you a 4.

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