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Please provide me with your feedback..

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03 Oct 2007
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Please provide me with your feedback..

Post Mon Oct 22, 2007 2:37 am
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    Please help me analyse my Argument, how can I improve?. What rating would I likely get for this argument. A rating - range would be fine too.

    The following appeared in a memorandum from the new president of the Patriot Car manufacturing company.

    "In the past, the body styles of Patrioit Cars have been old fashioned, and our cars have not sold as well as have our competitor's cars. But now, since many regions in this country report rapid increases in the number of newly liscenced drivers, we should be able to increase our share of the market by selling cars to this growing population. Thus, we should discontinue our oldest models and concentrate instead on manufacturing sporty cars. We can also improve the success of our marketing campaigns by switching our advertising to the Youth Advertising Agency, which has successfully promoted the country's leading soft drink."

    The President of the Patriot Car manufacturing company has come up with a new strategy to increase the sales of his company. He has decided to target the new licensed drivers with sport cars.He has also decided to obsolete his organization's old car models. The President also had decided to enter into an alliance with Youth Advertising Agency, a sucessful soft drinks advertiser in the country. Though the Presidents reasoning to take this strategy might seem workable at first there are a lot of missing pieces to his approach.

    The President has decided to obsolete his old models since their body styles have become old fashioned and hence haven't sold well. This generalization against body styles is unfounded for as there are no relevant statistics that the cars haven't sold well because of their appearance. There could be a more fundemental reason for Patriot cars to have not sold well!. Adequate information regarding pricing of the car, customer target base, technical competency of the car,manufacturing competency and marketing strategy have all not been discussed and this makes it futile to zero in on the style of the cars as the one reason for the low car sales.

    The President also believes that a successful advertising agency that has marketed soft drinks well in the country will be able to repeat the same magic with cars. Enough evidence has not been provided my the President for choosing Youth Advertising Agency. No analysis has been done as to why the previous marketing strategies have failed. A question that the President needs to ask himself is that - Is it because of the incapability of the previous advertising agency or is it because of a more fundemental glitch in the very product itslef that the product has not sold well?. Without proper understanding of the reasons for marketing failures, choosing an advertising agency based on its proven track record in another product domain does not augur well for a person of such a high designate.

    The president has also decided to manufacture sporty cars in order to target the new liscenced drivers. The President assumes that all the new liscenced drivers are prone to buying sports cars than otherwise. No information has been collected by the organization to understand customer requirements.The President has also not given any thought to the feasibility of manufacturing and marketing sports cars. Sports cars are usually targeted at the high society - such cars are expensive for the common man to purchase. Most of the new liscenced drivers are usually teenagers and young adults who will not have the necessary purchasing power for such sports cars.

    The President does not seem to have thought out his strategy well. A proper study needs to be conducted on various facets of the strategy before embarking on one. The strategy as discussed by the President is like building castles in the air and if not properly analysed might prove to be a Frankenstein's monster.

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    Post Mon Oct 22, 2007 10:16 am
    At least a 5.0. Well done!

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