meters in x minutes

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meters in x minutes

Post Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:20 pm
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    At the rate of m meters per s seconds, how many meters does a cyclist travel in x minutes?

    A) m/sx

    B) mx/s

    C) 60m/sx

    D) 60ms/x

    E) 60mx/s

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    Post Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:36 pm
    One approach is to plug in values. Another is algebra. My preferred approach is to setup direct proportions. since the rate does not change, and rate is distance/time, we can write d1/t1 = d2/t2 where the distances are m and d, and the times are s seconds and x minutes (60x seconds). We're looking for "how many meters", the second distance.

    Setup: m/s = d/60x and solve for d => d = 60mx/s. The full solution below is taken from the GMATFix App.



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    Post Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:01 pm
    LulaBrazilia wrote:
    At the rate of m meters per s seconds, how many meters does a cyclist travel in x minutes?

    A) m/sx
    B) mx/s
    C) 60m/sx
    D) 60ms/x
    E) 60mx/s
    Here's the INPUT-OUTPUT approach.
    Choose some values that work for m, s and x.

    If m = 1 and s = 60, we are saying that the cyclist travels at 1 meter per 60 seconds, which is the same as 1 mile per minute.
    Now, let's say the cyclist wants to travel 2 miles (i.e., x = 2)
    At a speed of 1 mile per minute, it will take the cyclist 2 minutes to travel 2 miles.
    So, when the INPUT is m = 1, s = 60 and x = 2, the OUTPUT is 2 minutes

    Now, we'll plug m = 1, s = 60 and x = 2 into the answer choices and see which one(s) yields an output of 2

    A) m/sx = (1)/(60)(2) = 1/120 Nope
    B) mx/s = (1)(2)/(60) = 1/30 Nope
    C) 60m/sx = 60(1)/(60)(2) = 1/2 Nope
    D) 60ms/x = 60(1)(60)/(2) = 1800 Nope
    E) 60mx/s = 60(1)(2)/(60) = 2 PERFECT!

    Answer: E


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    Post Sat May 28, 2016 3:02 am

    question stem says rate or speed is m meters per s seconds ie m/s (per means divide by)

    time =x minutes, convert it into seconds=60x

    now plug in


    I believe this is not a 650+ question but somewhere around 350 to 400 kind of a range.

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    Post Sun May 29, 2016 3:31 am
    'm' meter in 's' seconds means-> 'm/s' meter in 1 second.
    x min = 60*x seconds.
    Therefore in 1 second = distance traveled is 'm/s'.
    In 60*x seconds = '60mx/s'

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