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Since its founding in 2002, more than 100,000 students have worked with Veritas Prep to gain admission to the world’s elite schools. Today, Veritas Prep is the world’s fastest growing GMAT prep and admissions consulting provider.

Why do more and more people choose Veritas Prep every year?

A Proven GMAT Prep Curriculum

Veritas Prep has completely deconstructed the GMAT and developed a method for effectively tackling each part of the exam. Veritas Prep students learn how to confidently approach the GMAT, and then apply these techniques to practice questions, inside and outside of the classroom. We update our curriculum multiple times per year, retiring questions and refreshing lessons as often as necessary to ensure that our curriculum teaches exactly what the GMAT tests today – not what it tested last year. See our GMAT prep options.

The Industry’s Most Dynamic Instructors

A great GMAT curriculum isn’t effective if it’s not taught by a terrific instructor, which is why Veritas Prep hires fewer than one out of ten people who apply to teach for the company. To even be considered for hire, an instructor must have scored in the 99th percentile on an actual GMAT (not a practice test). Once hired, all Veritas Prep GMAT instructors must complete more than 100 hours of training and serve as apprentice instructors before earning the right to stand in front of a Veritas Prep GMAT class. Learn more about our instructors.

More Preparation, Better Results

As the Graduate Management Admission Council’s own research shows, more preparation for the GMAT correlates with higher scores. Veritas Prep gives you more hours of in class instruction than any other leading GMAT prep provider. Outside of the classroom, you get 12 computer-adaptive practice tests, also the most in the industry. And, as a student you get direct access to real GMAT experts through Veritas Prep’s Live Online Office hours. Live Online Office Hours allows you to work through problems with a live instructor in a small-group setting, every day of the week. It’s no wonder that more than one third of Veritas Prep students score above a 700 on the real GMAT. See a GMAT course comparison.

Guaranteed Results

The Veritas Prep Guarantee is a simple one: You may retake one Veritas Prep course of equal or lesser value, for any reason, free of charge within one year of the course start date. Just call us and we’ll put you in another course, no questions asked. If you take a Veritas Prep Full Course, Virtual Veritas Prep Course, or Veritas Prep Intensive Course and your score on the real GMAT doesn’t improve, we will refund your entire tuition, or you can repeat the course free of charge. Learn more about our guarantee.

GMAT Prep Courses Everywhere, Even a City Near You

Veritas Prep offers GMAT preparation courses in dozens of cities worldwide and in a dynamic live online classroom available anywhere. Find a GMAT course near you, or take a look at our course options in some of our more popular cities:

The Industry’s Largest Team of Admissions Consultants

We know that you don’t just want a high GMAT score. You want to get into one of the world’s most competitive business schools, which is why Veritas Prep has assembled the largest team of MBA admissions consultants in the industry. Every Veritas Prep Head Consultant has formerly served as an admissions representative at a top MBA program — as an admissions officer, as an application reader, or as an interviewer. They will demystify the murky admissions process, offering proven techniques to help you gain admission to your schools of choice.

Hear from Veritas Prep co-founder Chad Troutwine how our MBA admissions consultants work with you to maximize your chances of admissions success:

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