• Franklin Kuok

    Franklin Kuok

    Purdue University - Krannert School of Management - MBA Student

    West Lafayette, Indiana
    UC San Diego (BA in Economics); Purdue University - Krannert (MBA)
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    My work experience consists of 3 years in the healthcare industry where I handled healthcare related claims for two years and did IT consulting and general consulting for hospitals around the nation for a year.  I chose to pursue my MBA to pursue a career in marketing due to my background in website development and internet marketing.  I chose Purdue University as my MBA program since I have roots from Indiana as well as Purdue’s reputation as a technology school.  As an MBA student, my concentrations are in Marketing and Finance.  I’m actively involved in the Krannert Graduate Marketing Association and I’m chair of the Krannert Branding Task Force.  I also spent my second semester working at a marketing agency where I assisted them with web analytics, market research, marketing consulting and brand management.  This summer for my internship I’ve been working at an auto manufacturer where I’m responsible for their overall internet marketing strategy that consists of website optimization, search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), social media and competitive analysis.