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Manhattan GMAT: high-end GMAT test prep

Manhattan GMAT

For people considering a GMAT prep course: As far as GMAT prep companies go, Manhattan GMAT is among the very best in the industry. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a Manhattan GMAT course:

1. Amazing GMAT results

Take a MGMAT course if you’re serious about getting the highest GMAT score possible—especially if you are targeting elite MBA programs with demanding candidate expectations. See what real students have to say about their MGMAT experience by reading their reviews on Beat The GMAT’s Verified Course Reviews Directory.

2. Laser-sharp focus on the GMAT.

As the name implies, Manhattan GMAT is only focused on teaching the GMAT exam. Many competitors offer classes for a wide variety of standardized tests and attempt to apply the same cookie-cutter strategies across different tests. However, the people at Manhattan GMAT have realized that oftentimes the strategies and skills required to beat the GMAT are specific only to the GMAT. MGMAT tailors its curriculum to address all the nuances of this test.

3. Teaching quality can’t be beat.

Manhattan GMAT has one of the most selective teacher selection processes in the market. To be an instructor for Manhattan GMAT, you must (1) have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT, and (2) have actual teaching experience and expertise. Manhattan GMAT works hard to retain their talented teachers; as a result, MGMAT compensates their teachers up to four times what some of their competitors pay.

Every Manhattan GMAT class features nine sessions and focuses on teaching content and skills (ex. algebra, pronouns, probability, logic, etc.); some competitors focus on teaching tricks and tips (ex. process of elimination, guessing strategies)—unfortunately, these competitors fail to realize that learning content is the most effective way to truly understand the GMAT and obtain a high score.

If you don’t live near a Manhattan GMAT test prep center or live outside the United States, you can still take the Manhattan GMAT Live Online course. These online classes are taught live using a unique e-learning platform and Voice-over-IP technology—Manhattan GMAT will mail you the headset and microphone. All the features of the in-person class are present in the Live Online course. You can ask questions to your teacher, interact with other students, and see solutions written on a whiteboard. And, you’ll have the added bonus of taking the classes from the convenience of your home! If you miss a Live Online class session, don’t worry about it. All the sessions are recorded and you can review the missed classes later when you have the time. The Manhattan GMAT Live Online course option is highly recommended by the Beat The GMAT community; check out the testimonials below as well as the discussions on the Beat The GMAT forum.

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Why Manhattan GMAT test prep materials are simply great

For people considering self study: Quite frankly, as a self studier you don’t have much choice but to purchase at least some Manhattan GMAT study material. As far as GMAT prep books go, there are only a handful of companies you can trust to effectively prepare for the GMAT on your own, and Manhattan GMAT is definitely one of them.

According to a Beat The GMAT community poll that began in January 2007 and still runs through the present, Manhattan GMAT was voted as having the best GMAT practice tests. It can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to have high-quality GMAT practice exams during your preparation. By practicing with poor-quality practice exams, you run the risk of becoming familiar with questions that do not represent the actual GMAT accurately, thereby wasting your time. Thus, buying these MGMAT practice tests is a wise investment for the self studier since these tests feature questions that will actually prepare for the real test.

The Manhattan GMAT study guides are exceptionally strong as well. Since Manhattan GMAT is one of the few prep companies on the market that focuses exclusively on the GMAT, they truly understand the subtleties of this test. These guides consistently get excellent reviews from the Beat The GMAT community. One guide in particular, the Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction Guide is an absolute must buy.

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Here’s what the community says about Manhattan GMAT

The Manhattan GMAT class provides a great mix of strategy, theory, and practice problems. Each session had a mix of math and verbal topics and the session incorporated student participation, practice problems, and lectures.
– SigGolfer

I would take a look at the Manhattan GMAT Live Online course…I think that [it] is by far the best GMAT prep course. Manhattan GMAT definitely covers all of the bases when it comes to the material that they offer for someone who wants to do well on the test.
– GCHall840

Today I had a private tutoring session with a Manhattan GMAT tutor in Manhattan. If you decide to take the self-study route and are serious about improving your score, I would highly recommend working with one of MGMAT’s private tutors during the final month of your studies.
– zjung

My advice for self-study: USE THE MANHATTAN GMAT GUIDES. Manhattan GMAT’s study guides are the best in my opinion since they do a thorough review of most GMAT topics and explain a variety of strategies in plain english
– gmatz

The Manhattan GMAT books are awesome…they have great suggestions on pretty much every topic!! Definitely a great and must buy!
– itobean

For SC [Sentence Correction], Manhattan GMAT’s book is the Bible! Study that and the OG [Official Guide to GMAT Review] explanations, and that’s all you’ll need for SC.
– rajesh_ctm

…many more testimonials can be found on the Beat The GMAT forum!