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  • Thousands of university professors worldwide have signed an online petition calling for an academic boycott of international conferences in the United States. The academics are protesting U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily barring travelers from six majority-Muslim countries: Iran, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen. ... Read More

  • Students on spring break – an annual spring vacation for university students after midterm exams – posted photos this week of the usual alcohol abuse and wild partying. But this year, photos that caused viral outrage included a young college man using a shark to pierce a can before slurping up the beer. (Later, an... Continue reading Read More

  • Military MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Transitioning from the military to MBA is a fairly popular path to follow. A little over 4% of MBA applications come from military veterans. When looking at the data comparing military applicants to traditional MBA applicants, a few trends become clear:

    Military / Veteran applicants tend to be a year or two older. Scores ... Read More

  • The city of Toronto says it will not approve student or staff trips to the United States while a travel ban ordered by President Trump is pending. The travel ban was ordered on January 27 and revised March 6 by Trump on travelers from seven, now six Muslim-majority nations. The ban was suspended in federal court... Continue reading Read More

  • Dozens of parents and neighbors, on both sides school choice debate, gathered outside a neighborhood elementary school in suburban Washington to protest a visit by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday. DeVos, accompanied by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, read the Dr. Seuss classic, “Oh The Places You’ll Go” to a group of ... Read More

  • A technology company in California’s Silicon Valley is paying workers to leave the area. The startup company, Zapier, describes itself as “100 percent remote,” meaning employees don’t have to commute and work in the office each day. They can work from home or anywhere, like a coffee shop, if they like. Wade Foster, the CEO... ... Read More

  • Women remain concentrated in college majors that pay the least, say education experts. “Women [are] still concentrated in college majors that are the least paying,” said Anthony P. Carnevale, research professor and director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce at a recent educator’s conference. Those ... Read More

  • So you think poetry is: a) dull b) boring c) lucrative? Ask electrical engineering and computer science student Lilly Chin what she thinks after winning $100,000 on American television for knowing the poetry of Walt Whitman. (See below for “Who’s [Walt] Whitman?”) Chin, a 21-year-old who attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology ... Read More

  • Applications for citizenship have steadily increased in recent decades, and Asian-Americans have the highest naturalization rates in the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Thirty-five percent — or 261,374 of the 730,259 new Americans in 2015 — were Asian-American. Legal permanent residents, or ... Read More

  • Best Schools for Young MBA Applicants

    Deciding when to start applying to business school can be a challenge. Salary increases dramatically after an MBA, but schools tend to prefer applicants with more work experience. I looked at the top 25 US MBA programs’ admission data to find the best schools for young MBA applicants in terms of chance of ... Read More

  • For some medical students, getting a yes or no today is more important than finding the right life partner. Today was Match Day, the annual day of the year when medical students found out which medical institution accepted them for a residency program. It’s the step that follows four years of undergraduate work at medical school,... Continue ... Read More

  • Since the word “of” is a preposition, when we add it behind “Because” it limits what we can have afterwards to a noun.

    On the GMAT, “Because” and “Because of” are NOT interchangeable!!!

    We use “Because” to describe an entire clause. For example:

    CORRECT: Because Ft. Sumter was attacked, ... Read More

  • Updated MBA Acceptance Rate by Round

    The third round of MBA applications is notorious for having a lower acceptance rate. With the third round application deadlines approaching quickly for most business schools, you may be wondering if the stereotype about the third round is fact or fiction. I updated my analysis of MBA acceptance rate by round with ... Read More

  • A large number of community college students across the U.S. face homelessness and hunger, according to a new study by the University of Wisconsin’s Hope Lab. The study found that two-thirds of students go hungry, up from about half two years ago. And up to 14 percent of community college students were homeless, surveys in 2015... Continue ... Read More

  • What comes up in your mind when you think of spring? For me, a South Korean, it’s cherry blossoms. Many streets in South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan burst into bright pink and white blossoms each spring. In Seoul, cherry-blossom time is festival time, as people pour into the streets to celebrate the full blooms. People celebrate... ... Read More

  • Nearly four in 10 U.S. colleges and universities have reported a decline in international student applications, according to a recent survey by six higher education groups. The study of 250 American colleges and universities found the highest number of declines were from applicants from the Middle East. Universities report declines of 39 percent in ... Read More

  • Arithmetic and the GMAT

    by GMAT Rockstar on March 15, 2017

    The branch of mathematics dealing with the basic manipulation of numbers is called “arithmetic.” On the GMAT, Arithmetic questions have to do with solving equations and expressions by moving variables from one side of the equation to the other.

    Sometimes this involves conversion, or describing one variable in terms of another. Let’s look at an ... Read More

  • More than one-third of international students polled say they wish their professors would try to understand them better and provide helpful advice, a recent study says. “When I was in Ethiopia, I was taught to be more reserved, more quiet,” says Kedest Mathewos, 19, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “Whereas here, everyone tends to ... Read More

  • US News MBA Ranking 2017: The Redemption of Stern

    Photo credit: Anmar El-Khalil during graduation week 2016

    Last year when the MBA rankings came out for US News and World Report, NYU was shocked and horrified. The school that was ranked 10 when we were admitted had dropped to 20. We all invested approximately $300K* in getting an MBA and now the ... Read More

  • MBA Round 3 Application Deadline

    It is mid March and the application season for the class of 2019 is winding down. If you plan to apply for this year, you should check the MBA Round 3 Application Deadline for the school of your dreams because it is fast approaching or already past. Also, check out the MBA acceptance rate for round 3 at the schools ... Read More

  • The Student Union Quest

    by Student Union on March 10, 2017

    Hey, guys! Have you joined the Student Union quest? How did you do on the first one? Did you answer the questions correctly? Look for this week’s Quest question at 3 p.m. EST (8 p.m. UTC) each Monday. We’ll announce the winner of last week’s quest question on Mondays at 10 a.m. EST (3 p.m.... Continue reading Read More

  • Harvard Law School will no longer require Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) test scores for admission, the university announced this week. Starting in Fall 2017, applicants may submit the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or (LSAT) to be considered for admission to its three-year juris doctor, or J.D. program. This pilot program “is part of a... ... Read More

  • Mark Zuckerberg, 32, who dropped out of Harvard College in 2004 to pursue a career in social-media platforms, will give this year’s commencement speech at the Massachusetts university. Harvard, ranked among the top five American universities and typically perceived as No. 1, will address students at the May 25 main ceremony held on Harvard Yard,... ... Read More

  • Around midnight on a hot summer night at the University of Missouri, I noticed students playing soccer on a well-lit lawn. A few minutes later as I crossed into the student center, I saw a group studying together while another fell sleep on a couch without closing his textbook. Through the glass walls of Walter... Continue reading Read More

  • International Women’s Day (IWD), which recognizes the work and achievements of women worldwide, is celebrated Wednesday. The day also calls for attention and action to help push society towards gender equality. Women celebrate and march worldwide, including Aleppo (see video), Iran, India and the U.S. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange. ... Read More

  • The international-student community remained unconvinced about unrestricted travel as President Trump’s revised executive order on immigrant travel was announced Monday. The new order makes two changes relevant to international students. It removes Iraq from the travel ban, leaving six countries on the list — Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, ... Read More

  • When selecting courses, students often turn to online sites where professors and classes are rated by former students. Students rate the subject, the professor and how much they liked the class. They can also rate how much they liked the way the professor … looks. A very popular website is RateMyProfessors. As of December 2016, RateMyProfessors... ... Read More

  • Hi folks! You must have been wondering where I have been lost for all these months. Time to update you with one of the greatest news of all times in my life. I got an admit from Harvard Graduate School of Education. Yay!I have been working on my applications for last 6 months. Haven't had time to update the blog. But thanks for couple of lovely emails ... Read More

  • College students have been a powerful force for change throughout history. In the 1970s, students led protests against the war in Vietnam that influenced U.S. policy to draw down its fighting. In 1989, students in China sparked larger protests that forced political and economic reform there. And in 2015, students protested racism ... Read More

  • Privacy groups are pushing back on U.S. officials who ask visitors for their social media accounts and passwords at entry borders. “If they come in, we want to say, for instance, ‘Which websites do you visit?’ and, ‘Give us your passwords,'” said John Kelly, head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  “We ... Read More

  • President Donald Trump will visit a private, religious school in Florida on Friday, the White House said. The president will tour St. Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, where he is expected to drop in on classrooms, and meet with parents, teachers and administrators. He will spend the weekend at his Florida estate, Mar-a-lago, according to... Continue ... Read More

  •   While tuition costs spiral upward for all students, the United States continues to be the most sought-after nation for international students.  Nearly 67 percent of international students pay for tuition out of pocket from personal or family sources, says the Institute of International Education (IIE). Among international students, ... Read More

  • What could be more American? Enter a lottery, and win a chance at U.S. citizenship. Sure, the likelihood of getting the Diversity Immigrant Visa is slim — about 0.3 percent. But 14 million applicants try to win one of about 50,000 spots in the Green Card lottery each year. As of early February, though, the... Continue reading Read More

  • How much do you think college students spend on textbooks each year? $500? $800? $1,000? Four-year-college students spent an average $1,200 for textbooks last year, or 18 percent of their average tuition, according to the College Board. One reason is that the textbook market has been dominated by three publishers: London-based Pearson, New York ... Read More

  • Rahul Kolli was happy to be accepted at Michigan Tech University to complete his master’s degree in data analytics. Kolli, a 23-year-old engineering graduate from India’s Chennai city, was chasing the same dream pursued for decades by tens of thousands of Indians: studying at an American university, working in the United States, and maybe ... Read More

  • Ongoing violence in South Sudan has stymied diplomats, politicians and activists working to change the course of conflict in the young country since 2013. But some college students in Washington who study conflict resolution suggest other approaches. “I think we sometimes think of change as something that is radical, something that transforms ... Read More

  • The organization that oversees the leading college admissions test says it has cancelled the scores of several international students and is reducing future test dates overseas in an effort to crack down on cheating. The College Board, which administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), said the students whose scores are in question might not be... ... Read More

  • Tenure, or guaranteeing a college professor a job for life, is under fire in some U.S. states. A lawmaker in Missouri, Rick Brattin, has proposed a law that would ban tenure at public universities in Missouri after January 1, 2018. Similar initiatives are underway in Wisconsin and Iowa. Brattin said he feels the costs of... Continue reading Read More

  • Harvard University has named pop singer Rihanna its Humanitarian of the Year. Harvard’s yearly humanitarian award goes to “‘prominent public-spirited leaders” in honor of the late Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes, a beloved preacher, theologian and character at Harvard. Gomes was “one of the nation’s truly great preachers ... Read More

  • Imagine getting an email that said you were accepted at your first-choice college, only to be told an hour later the acceptance was … a mistake. Ouch. That’s what happened to nearly 300 applicants to Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health last week. The emails said the New York City college was “delighted to... ... Read More

  • The U.S. federal government has removed earlier guidelines that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Transgendered people don’t live as the gender they were born.  For example, a transgender man born female dresses and appears as a man. Likewise, a transgender woman born male appears female. ... Read More

  • Brown University in Rhode Island, Villanova University in Pennsylvania and Smith College in Massachusetts led U.S. schools for sending the most U.S. students abroad on the Fulbright Program, according to the U.S. State Department. Schools that sent the most the most Fulbright U.S. Scholars are the University of South Florida, California Polytechnic ... Read More

  • In a computer lab at Harvey Mudd College in California, a small robot performs the graceful movements of tai chi, an ancient Chinese meditation exercise. Student Jane Wu writes instruction codes from a nearby computer, showing a visitor a simple form of robotics and artificial intelligence. Wu is a third-year student in mathematics and computer... Continue ... Read More

  • The process of applying for college in America is long, complex and very competitive. Universities look for students who excel academically, and are passionate about extracurricular activities, like sports, music and community service. In the search for the right match, admission staff read mountains of letters of recommendation, essays and personal ... Read More

  • Seventeen universities filed legal papers Monday against a Trump administration travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations, calling it “serious and chilling” to international education. The filing says the executive order threatens schools’ “continuing ability to attract these individuals and thus meet ... Read More

  • Valentine’s Day is annual celebration day around the world for people to show their love, affection, appreciation and friendship. Look out for tons of Valentine hearts, Cupid with his arrow, roses, red and pink cards, and chocolates. Lots of chocolates. The origin of Valentine’s Day is not 100  percent clear. Many countries ... Read More

  • Some international Fulbright fellows in the U.S. say they are worried about their ability to return to their studies if they travel home during a temporary travel ban the U.S. has issued. “The only thing that helped me persevere through the notoriously harsh winter in Syracuse was the thought that I will be back home in... Continue reading Read More

  • Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will lead a new center focused on diplomacy, foreign policy, and national security for the University of Pennsylvania, announced UPenn President Amy Gutmann. The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement will be in Washington, D.C., but Biden will have an office in Philadelphia on the UPenn campus,... ... Read More

  • For most Iranian-Americans who are Millennial age, Farsi was their first language. Their first friends were Iranian. Their parents were raised in Iran. And their names are typically Persian. But this didn’t happen in Iran. It happened in the United States, the home they’ve known and loved their entire lives. Like many immigrants -– ... Read More

  • The City College of San Francisco announced that it will be the first college in the nation to provide free tuition. Anyone who has resided in San Francisco for at least one year will be eligible for free tuition, reported the San Francisco Gate.  “The initiative, made possible through a tax on properties [in San Francisco] ... Read More