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  • I’ll follow the sun

    by TopDogMBA on September 28, 2014

    Hello and I’m sorry for being so quiet these past few weeks.

    First of all, I’ve submitted my three applications in Round 1 for INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton.

    As usual, it was a mad dash to the finish line, tweaking essays and getting feedback, chasing recommenders and myriad other tiny things that have made the last month or so almost ... Read More

  • As the new school year gets underway, we’re pleased and excited to announce the brand new VOA Student Union blog!

    In addition to highlighting valuable information for students looking to study in the United States, we’ll be showcasing experience and advice from students who are currently studying or have studied in the US. If you’re ... Read More

  • Well, posting the second part of my research about Fuqua took me some time. Writing an application process is a rigorous and time consuming job. Even after going through so many round of modifications and checks, one feels anxious to hit the submit button. I've submitted my application for early action round on 16th Sep'14. So here is rest of the part ... Read More


    That was me literally seconds after I hit submit a day before Fuqua’s EA deadline.


    That was me a minute after I hit submit a day before Fuqua’s EA deadline.

    I realized that the application process was a bit too smooth. I hadn’t entered any credit card or payment information, and yet, my application ... Read More

  • Yes!!!! Yesterday I took the GMAT for the second time and I nailed it! Okay, not nailed, but you understand what I mean. The exam This I time I had reserved and afternoon spot, in case I needed to catch some sleep in the morning, and also to avoid arriving at the test center feeling […] Read More

  •  Writing a strong application always requires lot of hard work, dedication and concentration. As we are getting close to round 1 deadline pressure to stand out of the crowd, to convince ad-com of your story and, at the same time, to write a compelling application is enormous. With my rigorous work load I'm not able to give much time to application ... Read More

  • My interview with is finally live!

    Another busy week for me, juggling work and home commitments and still trying to find time for MBA applications. Just like the rest of you I know!

    I’m really starting to feel positive about my applications for MIT Sloan, Wharton and INSEAD. I have drafts for pretty much every bit of each application, ... Read More

  • Just as the NFL preseason enters its fourth and final weekend, I have also come to the end of my particular GMAT preseason. Yet again I freed my scheduled for 3,5 hours in order to take the last practice exam before tuesday when I will be facing the real exam. This time I took a […] Read More

  • A tough story to tell

    by Mukaam on August 29, 2014

    It is going to be a tough story to tell today. I have delayed telling it because it required a breakdown to happen. It required something to break on the surface to ooze out something from within. May be I was bleeding internally, and now only I have decided to allow it to come out.I have gone underground in a way that all I can look at is a basement ... Read More

  •  This is second post about my research on B-schools I'm applying into. This research is very crucial in selecting the right B-school for me, for finding the ideal cycle to apply and for preparing a competitive application. I'll describe how my research is organized so that if you want to read only a particular aspect of my research you can jump ... Read More

  •  With almost every schools application going online for round 1, every prospective candidate is rushing to prepare a competitive application. I'm also planning to apply to most of my shortlisted schools in round 1. Applying into earlier round will not give one edge over an equally eligible candidate, who is applying in round 2; however, there are ... Read More

  • Duke, Fuqua is one the top B-school around the world but is it right fit for me? I still don't have a solid answer but the program seems to be very enchanting and attractive. In my research I identified few points that gave me positive vibes about the program but there are few points on which I've to do more research  to come to the ultimate conclusion ... Read More

  • Let me ask you this question first- directly- and try to answer this honestly from your heart, please.

    Why the MBA? Why?………………………………………….THINK before you continue any further.

    Don’t worry if your real answer can’t be said to your friends, family…etc. ... Read More

  • I have just taken my third practice exam, a weekly ritual lately. I have taken one of the exams I already took last year. Of course I donñt take this results as seriously as the ones from “new” exams because, in the end, you see some questions you have answered before, and even if you […] Read More

  • School at Johnson is now in full swing, and I can confirm that what everyone says about bschool is true: There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do. I thought I could still maintain some semblance of normalcy once school started, but no. EVERYTHING has changed! I’m sure that’s not true for everyone ... Read More

  • A(nother) taste of honey

    by TopDogMBA on August 22, 2014

    Another thousand hits, another opportunity to say thank you to my fans(!) and post a picture of the real ‘Top Dog’.

    This time she’s looking a little sad as she thought she was getting a walk but I got distracted with my essay drafting …yet again!

    Please also check out my Twitter feed (@topdogmba). It has lots of current ... Read More

  • The art of writing essays

    by on August 21, 2014

    Anyone who has been through the long and painful process of writing essays knows that it is art. Writing, analyzing and rewriting again and again the same few hundred words makes us feel like Michelangelo, chiseling a hard stone every day a bit more, until he created David. Our essay is our piece of art and we want (need) it to be a master-piece!

    Why ... Read More

  • I hope the following resources will be useful for anyone attempting to draft their essays for INSEAD, MIT Sloan and Wharton.


    Admissionado – Insider’s Guide (Article)

    Admissionado – Insider’s Guide (YouTube video)

    INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum (Presentations from May 2013 event)

    MIT Sloan

    Admissionado  – ... Read More

  • Hello everyone! It’s been nearly 10 days since I last posted and a lot has happened since then. It’s amazing how 10 days can be a lifetime in this process, because I feel like a lot has changed in such an insignificant amount of time. First off, I attended a Fuqua information session last Sunday, hosted by Jake Kiser and I was not disappointed. ... Read More

  • Today I took my second practice test. This time I chosed to do one of the “new ones” to better assess my current level. Besides, to  make it the most similar to an actual exam experience, I also completed the AWA. The exam: - AWA: it was not difficult. It served as a great practice […] Read More

  • Revolution 1

    by TopDogMBA on August 16, 2014

    A long time has passed with radio silence on my side (I’m picking up a bit of a theme among applicant bloggers at the moment!). Like most of you, I’m deep into my applications and – I’m sorry to say – even a few minutes typing a post had been demoted while I worked on getting my first essays drafted.

    Fortunately, my ... Read More

  • Voice of America is pleased to announce that we’re re-launching the Student Union blog! Check back in the next couple of weeks for brand new posts from students studying abroad in the United States.

    We’re also looking for new contributors who want to share their stories. If you’re a student currently studying or working in the US, ... Read More

  • As promised, I am here to share now how I am preparing to take the GMAT again. So far, I have focused mostly on quant, as I tend to make more mistakes and more often in this section than ithe verbal section, which eventually are paid in points. Last year I mostly used the OGs but, if you […] Read More

  • It’s official. I’m removing Darden from my list of schools and putting Fuqua into the mix instead. Darden did tick a lot of boxes for me, but as good as it is for consulting, I don’t want to put myself under an undue amount of stress and pressure. I’m not saying that an MBA should be a breeze, but I don’t want to spend ... Read More

  • I know, long time no see… but July has been a very busy month: studying for the GMAT, writing essays and all dose days on-call at the hospital. Good news is I have almost finished my MIT application. Of course there is one last essay that I have to polish, and I have somethings still […] Read More

  • Not much blogging activity from me these past ten days, but trust me I’ve been rocking my application research in the meantime!

    Since my last post, I’ve worked on the following:

    School 1 – met marketing director for Exec MBA (they reached out to me!); spoke with senior member of alumni fund (relative of a friend – good to have ... Read More

  • Some specific feedback from a senior (and very active fundraising) alumnus and a 2009 graduate (who has also interviewed a dozen or so candidates when invited to interview):

    Given desire to switch career and geography, will get a lot more out of full time MBA (rather than Exec MBA) INSEAD is a lot more broad-minded [than other European schools], rewards ... Read More

  • It feels like it has been a while, even though it hasn’t really. Work has become super hectic, we’re working on a new release of this app and I happen to be the team lead on this. I’m drowning in bugs and test cases — which is why an MBA is going to save me from this endless drudgery. Okay, it isn’t as bad as I’m making ... Read More

  • The same is reproduced on Financial Times MBA Blog

    The shortest I have lived in a city is six days and the maximum is five years. I was only six days old before my parents moved from Karnal, a small town in northern India to Bangalore, also known as the Electronic City of India.

    Since both my parents were working, I would spend my day with three different ... Read More

  • I had a lot of things planned for my day off, since I work 6 long days every week. Yes, including Saturdays. I have it rough. But I went out Saturday night and I spent most of Sunday sleeping it off. Yeah, 22 and I already feel like I’m too old for this scene. This is not good! Anyway, I’ve been working on the outlines for my essays and ... Read More