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  • Harvard University has named pop singer Rihanna its Humanitarian of the Year. Harvard’s yearly humanitarian award goes to “‘prominent public-spirited leaders” in honor of the late Rev. Professor Peter J. Gomes, a beloved preacher, theologian and character at Harvard. Gomes was “one of the nation’s truly great preachers ... Read More

  • Imagine getting an email that said you were accepted at your first-choice college, only to be told an hour later the acceptance was … a mistake. Ouch. That’s what happened to nearly 300 applicants to Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health last week. The emails said the New York City college was “delighted to... ... Read More

  • The U.S. federal government has removed earlier guidelines that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Transgendered people don’t live as the gender they were born.  For example, a transgender man born female dresses and appears as a man. Likewise, a transgender woman born male appears female. ... Read More

  • Brown University in Rhode Island, Villanova University in Pennsylvania and Smith College in Massachusetts led U.S. schools for sending the most U.S. students abroad on the Fulbright Program, according to the U.S. State Department. Schools that sent the most the most Fulbright U.S. Scholars are the University of South Florida, California Polytechnic ... Read More

  • In a computer lab at Harvey Mudd College in California, a small robot performs the graceful movements of tai chi, an ancient Chinese meditation exercise. Student Jane Wu writes instruction codes from a nearby computer, showing a visitor a simple form of robotics and artificial intelligence. Wu is a third-year student in mathematics and computer... Continue ... Read More

  • The process of applying for college in America is long, complex and very competitive. Universities look for students who excel academically, and are passionate about extracurricular activities, like sports, music and community service. In the search for the right match, admission staff read mountains of letters of recommendation, essays and personal ... Read More

  • Seventeen universities filed legal papers Monday against a Trump administration travel ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations, calling it “serious and chilling” to international education. The filing says the executive order threatens schools’ “continuing ability to attract these individuals and thus meet ... Read More

  • Valentine’s Day is annual celebration day around the world for people to show their love, affection, appreciation and friendship. Look out for tons of Valentine hearts, Cupid with his arrow, roses, red and pink cards, and chocolates. Lots of chocolates. The origin of Valentine’s Day is not 100  percent clear. Many countries ... Read More

  • Some international Fulbright fellows in the U.S. say they are worried about their ability to return to their studies if they travel home during a temporary travel ban the U.S. has issued. “The only thing that helped me persevere through the notoriously harsh winter in Syracuse was the thought that I will be back home in... Continue reading Read More

  • Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will lead a new center focused on diplomacy, foreign policy, and national security for the University of Pennsylvania, announced UPenn President Amy Gutmann. The Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement will be in Washington, D.C., but Biden will have an office in Philadelphia on the UPenn campus,... ... Read More

  • For most Iranian-Americans who are Millennial age, Farsi was their first language. Their first friends were Iranian. Their parents were raised in Iran. And their names are typically Persian. But this didn’t happen in Iran. It happened in the United States, the home they’ve known and loved their entire lives. Like many immigrants -– ... Read More

  • The City College of San Francisco announced that it will be the first college in the nation to provide free tuition. Anyone who has resided in San Francisco for at least one year will be eligible for free tuition, reported the San Francisco Gate.  “The initiative, made possible through a tax on properties [in San Francisco] ... Read More

  • Features Sport + Entertainment reported that global viewers’ favorite sporting event in 2014 was the FIFA World Cup Final. Most international students might be familiar with the FIFA World Cup – it’s watched by billions around the world. But another championship is capturing attention in the U.S.: the American football championship ... Read More

  • Considered an unofficial holiday in America, Super Bowl Sunday is a sporting event unlike anything else in the world. Tickets to this sporting spectacle are hard to come by and  cost an arm and a leg, so attending the game is often just as elusive as playing in it. So Americans have made the event... Continue reading Read More

  • Young Republicans are more hopeful. Young Democrats … not so much. A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics (IOP) shows young Republicans are looking up about the future of America by a margin of 10-to-1. Young Democrats, on the other hand, are fearful. Independents are ... Read More

  • For the first time in its 130 years, the prestigious Harvard Law Review has elected a black woman as president. Imelme Umana, a Nigerian-American from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will oversee the student-run organization that publishes the prestigious journal of legal scholarship. Student editors at the Harvard Law Review  make all editorial ... Read More

  • Jerry Falwell Jr., president of the Christian-based Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, has been asked to lead a task force about higher education in the U.S. The news was reported by the Chronicle for Higher Education, a publisher of education news since 1966. Its website has a monthly online readership of nearly 2 million unique... Continue ... Read More

  • A Senate committee has approved Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos — wealthy philanthropist, political donor, and advocate of private and charter schools — for education secretary. The nomination now goes to the full Senate for confirmation. If confirmed, DeVos would oversee about 50.4 million students who attend about 100,000 public schools ... Read More

  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said increasing diversity on college campuses is key to diversifying society at large. “And why is diversity important? … For me, the answer is quite simple: It’s because until we reach that equality in education, we can’t reach equality in the larger society,” she said. “It ... Read More

  • Join Student Union as we bring you the #Inaug2017 events from Washington, D.C. Our correspondents Fran Akua and Aisha Henderson are milling among the crowds on the National Mall. Join the conversation! Facebook –  Twitter – Instagram Read More

  • Happy New Year everyone!Before I get started on this post, and well, restarted on this blog in general, I wanted to mention something. For the past several months, I have thought about how to approach what I am putting out in this space. Do I write about b-school, career, life, etc. as an “expert,” or do I just tell my story? In fact, I have written ... Read More

  • Joan of Arc…preparing for the GMAT exam

    Sometimes I read explanations for GMAT Sentence Correction questions that state something like this: “Choice X cannot be the correct answer because it changes the meaning of the original sentence,” or, “Choice Y cannot be right, because it is not the intended meaning of the sentence.”

    Let’s ... Read More

  • While foreign languages are critical to U.S. diplomacy and national security, fewer U.S. college students are learning a second language, says a new report. Americans are failing to learn other languages, says the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) report, “State of Languages in the U.S.: A Statistical Portrait,” including ... Read More

  • Looking for some more places to visit in D.C. that may be more interesting than the normal tourist favorites? Meridian Hill Park  Called Malcolm X park by locals, Meridian Hill Park houses a memorial to President James Buchanan (1857-1861), as well as statues of Dante and Joan of Arc. The statue of Joan of Arc... Continue reading Read More

  • Boston too cold in the winter? New York too crowded? Why not D.C.? Washington, D.C. was built on a strategically chosen plot of land on the Potomac River.  Contrary to popular belief, it was not built on a swamp. It was designed by French-born, American designer and engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant, whom says, ... Read More

  • Educating Americans in a language other than English is failing, according to a new report. “The United States has neglected languages in its educational curricula, its international strategies, and its domestic policies,” concludes the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. More than 230 million English speakers in the U.S. have failed ... Read More

  • “How are you?”“Good. You?”“Pretty good.”“That’s good.” This was an actual exchange between two students sitting at my table in the dining hall. When I heard it, I burst out laughing and quipped, ”Well, that was a meaningful conversation.” Maybe I was being a bit insensitive, but, although ... Read More

  • It’s amazing how something as simple as a (!) symbol can throw us all for a loop, even when really we’re just looking at a very simple divisibility question. This is my own question designed to mimic a GMATPrep question.

    Start by setting a timer for 2-minutes and try this one on your own, then scroll down for the explanation!

    Which of ... Read More

  • Want to explore a new city in the States that isn’t the Big Apple? Try Boston. Why Boston? The historic city of Boston in Massachusetts is one of America’s favorite college towns. With over 50 institutions of higher education, including the prestigious Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this small ... Read More

  • The photos:  feeding a bear candy at the Barnaul Zoo; with a Siberian tiger cub at the Barnaul Zoo; in the Altai Mountains; standing by the Brother and Sister Mountains in Nahodka; in front of the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky; and an interesting photo I took of St. Vasily’s Cathedral.    I was a shy girl, ... Read More

  • Have you been fooled by a fake news site recently? Can you tell which one of these webpages is from a fake news site, and which one is from a real news site? American Politic News The Hill The Hill is the real news site. American Politic News is the fake news site! Politifact describes it... Continue reading Read More

  • New York City is known for many things: Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, holiday displays at Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, cheesecake and Times Square. NYC tops the list as the “most populous city” in  the United States with 8.5 million people residing in its city limits of 305 square miles.  The metropolitan region ... Read More

  • Finals week in college is one of the most demanding during the semester. Believe me, I’m going through the 10 Stages of Finals Week Acceptance right now. And it’s my fifth finals week. From the papers, group projects and presentations, to comprehensive exams, finals week is a breeding ground for stress and anxiety. Many college ... Read More

  • It’s midnight. Your paper is due in eight hours. You stare at a blank document with no idea what to write. Anxiety only makes it worse. If only you could write something. In frustration, you bury your head on your desk. The first paragraph of a college essay, or any essay, is usually the most... Continue reading Read More

  • Re-introduction

    by MBA Afterlife on December 6, 2016

    It’s quickly approaching two years since I last wrote anything on this blog. A lot has happened since then. When I last posted, I had just gotten back from spending time with family during the holidays and was entering my second quarter of my first year at UCLA Anderson. Classes, b-school social life, and internship recruiting were in full swing...Two ... Read More

  • Whether you are a first-year international student or first-semester senior, there is no way to avoid the arguably worst part of college: Finals Week. Here are the top 10 stages of Finals Week from a Finals Week veteran to a freshman like you: ONE: You go home or to a roommate’s house for Thanksgiving break and... Continue reading Read More

  • It’s Finals Week. (Give or take a week in either direction.) Or maybe you are taking those standardized SATs and ACTs, again, trying to boost your scores and make yourself a more attractive candidate to the college of your choice. Either way, we feel for you. And we are here for you. Be prepared.  If... Continue reading Read More

  • Whether you’re a foreigner or American, you’ve encountered some form of racial stereotyping or have witnessed it. You’ve either been a victim of it, or you’ve dished it. Racial stereotyping is a growing issue on college campuses in the U.S., as well as overseas. A key contributor is social platforms, like Yik Yak, and that ... Read More

  • This summer, a group of girls in Grade 8 took part in an unusual protest in Maryland. When the girls — students at Urbana Middle School in Frederick County — walked into Urbana’s dining room in yellow, baggy T-shirts, everyone cheered. The yellow shirts were punishment for violating the school’s dress code.  But the girls... ... Read More

  • Movies and television often show American college students at wild parties,  chugging alcohol and letting the lid off their inhibitions. Now, a new study suggests that the picture might be more unhealthy than previously thought: Some college students are skipping meals so they can get drunk faster on an empty stomach. Researchers call this ... Read More

  •  The test is in one hour and you suddenly feel sick. Or, you may find it difficult to concentrate. Perhaps you don’t get nervous until the proctor starts passing out the exam papers and score sheets. Then, your hands go clammy and you start to sweat. Maybe you are the type of person who gets... Continue reading Read More

  • The federal government is expected to forgive at least $108 billion in student loan debt, according to congressional investigators. The plans calculate the monthly payback payment as part of a borrower’s income.  And it extends the term of the loan from 10 years to up to 25 years. After that, the remainder is forgiven. ... Read More

  • With Weaken questions, we need some flexibility with the answer choices, since there are several ways to weaken an argument:

    -Provide an explanation -Prove the assumption is wrong -Undermine a piece of evidence

    I find the easiest “default” for a Weaken prediction is to identify the Evidence, Conclusion, and Assumption of the argument, ... Read More

  • A new website is calling on students “to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom.” Professor Watchlist displays a photo gallery of professors and educators the website says have an anti-conservative bias. The website was created by Turning ... Read More

  • Ashok Goel uses the internet in almost all of the classes he teaches. Every term, more than 300 graduate students take his class on artificial intelligence (AI). The students never meet in person. All of the classes take place online — through a website. The site lets students ask questions and complete their work ... Read More

  • More than a dozen nude students joined thousands of Filipinos in a protest against the burial of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a heroes’ cemetery. A few thousand activists joined a “Black Friday” protest on November 25 in the rain at Manila’s seaside Rizal Park, where they carried Marcos’ effigy in a mock coffin. ... Read More