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  • So it’s been nearly 20 days since I submitted my Round 2 applications and so far it’s been radio silence. I’m a little antsy but I’m dealing with it… it helps that work has been extremely busy and that my social life has been on overdrive. It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m hoping some birthday luck comes my way ... Read More

  • So things have been quite dull ever since I submitted my applications. I wrote the TOEFL yesterday and it was such a breeze – I actually enjoyed the exam! It’s scheduled to be about 4h 30m long but I finished it in about 3h 15m, following which I got the stink-eye from the remaining test takers. All in all, I think I’m going to manage ... Read More

  • International students coming to the US to study can face problems such as being home sick, dealing with the language barrier, and getting accustomed to their new home. One of the most daunting tasks is finding a place to live – especially if you’re searching from overseas.

    But as the number of international students coming to the US has ... Read More

  • I submitted my Cambridge MBA application in on time. But do have to say I took a laziez faire approach to the whole submission thing. Even went to the cinema the night before for a movie preview. I have to say reapplying is just much easier, done most of the thinking and have a better understanding of the process.

    The process Overall the application ... Read More

  • Congratulations to all the aspirants VLMPians on getting selected in this Prestigious program. I plan to come up with a series of articles aimed for PGPEX-VLM candidates. More like the Do`s and Don’ts that I derived out of my experiences in this program. Warning : These are strictly derived from my own personal experiences and characters in these ... Read More

  • I finally submitted all four apps in the past two days and let me tell you, it was exhausting. Here are my thoughts on each application:

    Booth: I absolutely loved the Booth application. It gave me enough space to talk about everything (and I mean everything!). The prompts within the app allowed for enough detail and I even used the optional essay ... Read More

  • Check out this awesome article about Anderson on Poets & Quants,  Anderson is a great place!  Sorry for the lack of updates recently.  I promise there is a new post coming soon! Read More

  • I was getting late for my flight and rushed to the lift. As if the lift wasn't descending slowly enough it stopped on the 9th floor. An aged lady entered the lift and stopped the doors from closing. She was waiting for someone. I started getting restless and didn't say anything for 30 seconds or so but then i couldn't resist'can you please let ... Read More

  • Boston or Hanover?

    by under prescription on January 1, 2015

    It´s January 1st. I have had almost two weeks now to digest my admission news. It´s is an amazing feeling, after so much effort and planning to finally know that I will indeed become an MBA candidate at one of the top business schools in the US after all. During these couple weeks I have received […] Read More

  • I engaged the services of prolific MBA blogger ‘MBA Over 30′ – aka Mr. Lawrence Cole – to help me with my applications to two b schools (MIT Sloan and Wharton). One of the reasons was because I enjoyed his blog a lot in between getting dinged (x5!) last season and my decision to re-apply this time around. Lawrence also […] Read More

  • The following consultant review is similar to my existing review on GMAT Club. I’ve also reviewed MBA Over 30 here. I first learned about Admissionado as their founder, Jon Frank, hosted a free webinar about ‘Dealing with a Ding’. I was one of the lucky few chosen to be critiqued in the webinar and, while not […] Read More

  • Fixing a hole

    by TopDogMBA on January 1, 2015

    The following posts are personal reviews of Admissionado, a professional consulting firm, and MBA Over 30, a current Wharton student and prolific blogger of his own application journey. Both these consultants helped me strategise, develop ideas, edit my essays and generally gave advice to make my applications to (and subsequent interviews with) INSEAD, ... Read More

  • Here, there and everywhere

    by TopDogMBA on December 29, 2014

    Merry Christmas everyone! I’m currently enjoying some time off, catching up with family and friends I’ve largely ignored during the past year, and taking some long walks in the countryside! I’m also working through my options having secured admits from INDAWG, MIT Woof and been put on the waitlist at UBark (Wharton). It’s a great ... Read More

  • And now the good stuff. Forgot how good it feels to study for a few solid hours! The feeling is akin to that of sweating it out for a few hours on the gym! Love it!

    Now, for the actual details: I’ve decided to start off my prep with the MGMAT Guides.

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  • Despite having a bucket load of GMAT prep material on my hands, I quite predictably wasted several hours online looking for additional material to supplement my prep (despite that fact that I hadn’t started) – Figures!

    I stopped short of purchasing any, and decided instead to focus on the material that I already have (purchased previously). ... Read More

  • Hi Folks, First off, a Belated Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year to everyone here. After a sabbatical of  3+ years, I've been bitten by the MBA bug (again!). I will be retaking that GMAT in Q1 of next year, and have already put in 2 days of GMAT prep.I'll be sharing my daily GMAT prep plan and will also be penning down my thought process ... Read More

  • Booth Admissions Rate Analysis

    University of Chicago is a fairly selective business school with an acceptance rate of 22%. Similar to Kellogg, Booth has one of the higher acceptance rates for a top 10 school. While building an MBA admission calculator, I uncovered some insights on how Booth evaluates MBA applicants.

    Booth Admissions Rate by GMAT The ... Read More

  • Hi Folks, First off, a Belated Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year to you. After a sabbatical of  3+ years, I’ve been bitten by the MBA bug (again!). I will be retaking that GMAT in Q1 of next year, and have already put in 2 days of GMAT prep. I’ll be sharing my daily GMAT prep plan and will also be penning down my thought process on bschools ... Read More

  • So I guess the title says it all. I knew the Quant section went well, wasn’t too sure about the Verbal but yeah, clearly didn’t go as expected! I’m not too disappointed because I knew this was a long shot. It would have been nice to be applying with a higher GMAT but now that it’s done, I guess I’ll just focus on the other ... Read More

  • Duke MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Duke’s Fuqua School of Business is one of the top 20 MBA programs in the US. The Duke MBA acceptance rate is 25%, which makes being admitted a big accomplishment. The next question is obviously what characteristics does the Duke admissions committee look for in Fuqua applicants? Not only are GMAT and GPA important ... Read More

  • Cornell MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Many MBA applicants wonder what their chances of getting into a top school is. This analysis looks at Cornell MBA acceptance rate based on data such as GMAT, GPA, undergraduate major, and age at application. The average acceptance rate at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management is 22%, which is higher ... Read More

  • It’s been a long time since i posted!!!

    It feels good to be back in town. I had a wonderful to trip to United States of America. Hope there is more to come in future and ultimately, i wanted to join one of my favorite B-Schools. During this trip, i had the privilege to meet my colleagues and work with them. It was wonderful to meet those people ... Read More

  • Admitted to Duke

    by under prescription on December 21, 2014

    On friday afternoon I received the call from Duke Admissions to tell me I was in. The person calling me was a member of the admisssions team I had already met when she came to Madrid to host an event, so it was a really nice chat and she congratualted me for my great job […] Read More

  • Admitted to Tuck

    by under prescription on December 18, 2014

      Yesterday I received a call from Dawna Clarke, Director of Admissions at Tuck. She told me that I was admitted to Tuck School of Business and that I had been granted an scholarship!! It was a very exciting moment and I liked the personal touch of actually calling the applicant. Today, I will have […] Read More

  • Admitted to MIT Sloan

    by under prescription on December 17, 2014

    I was ready to F-bomb like Tom Brady after losing against the Packers in Lambeau Field. It was late in the evening and I had not yet received a call from MIT Sloan admissions. Living in Madrid, I did not really expect to know anything before 6 pm. I had spent a quite morning for […] Read More

  • GPA Trivial to Stanford Business School Acceptance Rate

    Stanford business school has the lowest acceptance rate of 6% out of all MBA programs in the US. I am sure everyone wants to know the secret to increase their Stanford business school acceptance rate. Shockingly Stanford GBS does not care about your GPA. I built a statistical model to predict ... Read More

  • This week my feed has been a blur of amazing news. Congratulations to my friends Naija MBA Gal, TopDogMBA, Vandana and Finance Furry for getting into some of the best schools in the world! We’re talking INSEAD, Kellogg, Booth, Sloan, Wharton… the list is pretty insane. You guys should be so proud! I couldn’t be happier for you ... Read More

  • Yes, Yes, YES!! Enough said! Congratulations to anyone else who got the call today. My call only came a short while ago so there is still hope for y’all! Off to take the real Top Dog for a long walk to calm myself down. Will be in touch! :)Filed under: General stuff Read More

  • After a long and stressful wait today, I’ve been offered a place on the waitlist at Wharton. Not sure what to make of it, but obviously a lot still depends on MIT Sloan’s decision tomorrow.

    Trying to enjoy myself at Christmas parties this week – so much to think about and (thankfully) so many distractions – but the wait begins ... Read More

  • Kellogg Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Kellogg’s acceptance rate is on the higher side for a top 10 MBA program at over 20%. But don’t be fooled, getting into Kellogg is still very difficult. In addition to high expectations for GMAT and GPA, Kellogg allows all applicants to interview. This allows Kellogg to find candidates with the best interpersonal ... Read More

  • For my Cambridge essay I have to write down by short and long term career objectives as a part of the personal statement. Easy enough I said, done it all last year. Wrote the essay, gave it to my friends to comment. The end result: I need to go back to the drawing board on career objectives.

    The long term The short term I’m fairly clear on, but ... Read More

  • Here comes the sun

    by TopDogMBA on December 14, 2014

    So, this is shaping up to be one of the most important weeks in my – and most of my fellow applicants – lives! MIT Sloan and Wharton, along with a host of other top U.S. b schools, are releasing their decisions for R1!

    The blogosphere has been very quiet lately as we all wait patiently, perfectly calm and keeping busy with other things ... Read More

  • Advice for Improving your Resume

    A few months back I interviewed several summer intern candidates at work. While reviewing these candidates’ resumes I saw a lot mistakes that you should never make on a resume, whether you are applying for a summer internship or a top ten MBA program. They did not do very well in the interviews and I was not surprised. ... Read More

  • Stern Interview Acceptance Rate Analysis

    I know that the final decisions for applicants who were interviewed for New York University’s business school are expected soon. I decided to perform a Stern interview acceptance rate analysis to see if I could predict the chance of acceptance for applicants who were invited to interview. From my data ... Read More

  • Ross Interview Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Earlier today I posted the Ross acceptance rate analysis which shows how GPA and GMAT scores affect your chance of admission at University of Michigan’s MBA program. I received a request to see if GMAT and GPA can still predict acceptance rate out of the applicants who were selected to interview. I would ... Read More

  • Ross Acceptance Rate Analysis

    I received a request from the0ther0n3 to analyze the Ross acceptance rate after he saw the Stern acceptance rate analysis. I had not been planning to look at Ross for a few weeks, but if you request data analysis from me, I will do my best to finish that analysis as fast as possible. I plan to post the Ross admission ... Read More

  • Harvard Business School Acceptance Rate Analysis

    How can anyone ensure that they will be accepted to Harvard Business School? Unfortunately there are no assurances at the number one ranked business school which has an acceptance rate of 12%. This analysis will show you what the Harvard Business school acceptance Rate is based on key stats such as GMAT ... Read More

  • As we’ve talked about before, studying in the United States can lead to misconceptions – about school, about peers, and about American culture. But the misunderstanding can come from both sides: while foreign students might have unfounded beliefs about the United States, some in the United States have their own misconceptions about foreign ... Read More

  • Stern Acceptance Rate Analysis

    I just finished building the Stern acceptance rate prediction model. I will post the admissions calculator as soon as I have time to finish learning PHP and then build that portion of the website. I’ll probably have time to work on it over Christmas break, but right now I am too busy applying for interviews for ... Read More

  • Originally posted on Financial Times MBA Blog –

    Day-on-the-Job events are onsite visits to companies to learn about MBA opportunities and get a sense of work culture. A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit tech companies in Seattle and Silicon Valley. I was surprised by ... Read More

  • Follow Up on Wharton Acceptance Rate for Indian Applicants

    Last week I posted an article discussing the Indian application disadvantage at Wharton. I received a request to go into more detail about how GMAT impacts the Wharton acceptance rate for Indian applicants. Given that only 5% of applicants identified as Indian and the acceptance rate is low, ... Read More

  • Today I had my interview with a Duke alumni here in Madrid. It is my third so far and I think that fact helped, since I already knew what to expect and came to the meeting much less nervous than to the other two. The interview itself was very friendly and conversational. As expected, the goal […] Read More

  • A Formal Introduction

    by MBA Reapplicant on December 2, 2014

    Well, it's been awhile.  Almost two months since my last blog.  I never realized just how busy with classes, recruiting, and everything else that goes into the MBA experience I would be.  It's been nuts! But in a good way :)I have tried to stay active on the GMATClub and answer as many questions as I can.  Over the past couple months, ... Read More

  • Student Union writer Gwen Mugodi recently traveled to the US state of Maine for Thanksgiving, which took place on November 27. In this post, she talks about the experience of learning about the US from our holidays, traditions, and food – and seeing snow for the first time!—————————————————————–

    Thanksgiving ... Read More

  • Not for the first time, I met with an Admissions Director in Europe.

    We actually had a great conversation.  I had met my interviewer during Sloan‘s ‘On The Road’ event in my home city earlier this year, so we were already quite relaxed in each others presence.

    This was a seasoned interviewer and, all in all, a tough person to ... Read More

  • Indian Application Disadvantage at Wharton’s MBA Program

    Recently I discovered an Indian application disadvantage at Wharton’s MBA program while reviewing their admissions data. I have been busy over the past few months at business school and haven’t been able to post. I am attending NYU Stern school of business and loving it. I have ... Read More