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  • Both Sides Now

    by Mukaam on September 18, 2016

    A friend of mine is in love with someone who is married, Another friend of mine is married to someone who is abusive. Another friend is falling out of one person and falling for another person, and feels guilty about the first person, so not able to stand up for his heart.  And on the opposite spectrum, I have a friend who has found love in serving ... Read More

  • Learning Language With K-Pop

    by Student Union on September 14, 2016

    Korean language studies are quickly growing in popularity across the United States. The Modern Language Association says the number of U.S. college students taking a Korean language class rose by almost 45 percent between 2009 and 2013. The group notes that the increase comes at a time when the number of college students taking foreign... Continue reading Read More

  • Threshold

    by Mukaam on September 9, 2016

    I thought I will write again today. I sat down for Vipassana meditation after a long time and in few minutes my back was in severe pain of the knots that I was trying to open. When I first did Vipassana, I remember I would have a pain like this and a memory related to it. Both will rise severely and dissolve. After meditation, I felt lighter today and ... Read More

  • My sister and I decided that in order to give ourselves a break, we should do a road trip. I have been driving a red Honda Brio for last 3 years, just after I finished my Teach For India fellowship and I recently completed the loan on it. So, it was a good idea to give ourselves a break, may be grieve together or redeem from it, and may be have conversations ... Read More

  • The long and winding road

    by TopDogMBA on September 1, 2016

    It’s been 28 months since I started this blog – and over a year since my last post – so I thought it was time to update y’all. Fortunately, I’ve had time to introduce my faithful Beagle pup, Beatrice, to classmates and arrange a photo shoot on campus. Sorry for the delay! With such a long […] Read More

  • Hello, goodbye

    by TopDogMBA on August 31, 2016

    This week saw TopDogMBA clear the 15,000 unique visitor milestone – thanks! Before I get very much older – and since I don’t expect to publish (m)any more posts on this blog – I wanted to introduce myself as David C. Rolls. Here’s my polished, official MIT Sloan photo, and you can read all about […] Read More

  • The farewell

    by Mukaam on August 31, 2016

    It is last day of August 2016. I have been thinking about writing what happened. And I am not too sure if one should write something deeply personal on a public blog. But I am still going to write it anyway. I have not been able to call back to many friends who reached out to me and I am little lost in finding those connections, also little awkward ... Read More

  • For the past decade, secret donors have paid tuition for students who graduate from Kalamazoo public schools to attend public universities in Michigan. “I don’t think I would be in the same place in life right now if it wasn’t for this program,” said Emily Olivares, 22. A program called Kalamazoo Promise paid for Olivares’ ... Read More

  • It is incredibly common how many GMAT students have ZERO strategy when it comes to Sentence Correction. Most students just read (A) and try to see if something “sounds weird,” then continue on to (B), (C), (D), and (E), often reading and re-reading each of the 5 choices until they choose what “sounds right” to them, or which ... Read More

  • ITT Educational Services announced Tuesday it is closing its doors immediately. The for-profit company offered online and on-campus courses to about 40,000 students. The company accused the U.S. government of treating it unfairly. The U.S. Department of Education released a statement saying ITT had been “the subject of numerous state and federal ... Read More

  • George Washington University sits at the top of U.S. schools deemed “Most Politically Active Students” in 2016. But students at GW aren’t convinced. VOA asked several students about how politically active they were on a scale of 1-to-10. And none of the students put themselves higher than a six on that scale. VOA also ... Read More

  • Watch this webchat with a group of international students as they answer questions from around the world about adapting to American culture, maintaining religious and cultural obligations while studying abroad, differences in coursework, and becoming friends with Americans. Brought to you from our friends at EducationUSA Interactive and the U.S. ... Read More

  • When people die – especially people from a different country with different customs – in a terror attack, we typically don’t see them as warm-blooded individuals, as family or friends. We don’t know what their laugh sounded like, or remember a wisp of hair lifted by a breeze. But a victim of Wednesday’s attack on... Continue ... Read More

  • Most colleges and universities in the United States have an orientation at the beginning of freshman year, when new students learn about each other and their campus. Some schools call it “Orientation Week.” My school, Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, calls it “New Student Week,” but the basic idea is the same: Incoming ... Read More

  • Every generation creates their own language — ever hear your grandparents use “groovy”? — but it takes awhile to percolate through the culture. Can you ID these terms? Read More

  • Updated  6 AM: Afghanistan police say at least 10 people are dead and more than 37 wounded after a nearly 10-hour long attack on the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul ended Thursday. The dead include seven students, two police officers and a security guard. A foreign teacher was among the injured, Interior Ministry spokesman... Continue ... Read More

  • The Dead Sea that lies between Israel and Jordan is nearly 10 times as salty as the ocean. Not much can grow there. But Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has created a sculpture by immersing a black dress in the Dead Sea for two years, letting the salt create what looks like a sugar-coated design. “It looks... Continue reading Read More

  • Is there anything more embarrassing for an English learner than being asked to repeat what you just said? Twice, thrice (that means three times) … each pointing out that you have not mastered English. Yet. (Worse is when the American you’re speaking with RAISES THEIR VOICE as if you are deaf instead of struggling.) Mastering... Continue ... Read More

  • Cinderblock no more! The extreme dorm decorations of two University of Mississippi freshman have gone viral, showing what looks like a posh hotel room more than freshman housing.  Roommates Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson, both 18, have skillfully arranged their housing, which turns out to be more of a thing than anyone thought. Can you compete?... ... Read More

  • My great-grandfather starved to death. He died in the 50s. My dad doesn’t know the exact year, or even his name. He was one among untold millions of Chinese people who died during Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward.” It was a cold winter day; the earth was hard and frosted over. His family was so... Continue reading Read More

  • Juggling Class and Diapers

    by on August 21, 2016

    College students have plenty to juggle between classes, homework, friends and work. Some students also discover the difficulties of raising children while attending school. “It’s not hard, but compared to what life used to be like [before having a child] it’s like, ‘Man, it was so easy back then,’” junior Chris Sims ... Read More

  • Once you’ve made it to school in the United States, it’s easy to focus on schoolwork at the expense of other opportunities. And while getting good grades in college is important, U.S. universities have a wealth of other resources to enrich a student’s experience, help them develop diverse skills, and build their resume. As someone ... Read More

  • When we interviewed Iraqi-American Andy Shallal at his Washington, D.C. restaurant, we did more laughing than talking. Until the conversation turned to freedom of expression. Shallal, 60, was born in Iraq. In 1966, his father, a diplomat, was assigned to the United States. Two years later, when Saddam Hussein seized power in Iraq, Shallal’s father... ... Read More

  • Explosions and Fear in Istanbul

    by on August 20, 2016

    As I watched from the roof of my apartment building in Istanbul, the explosions and gunfire from the Bosphorous bridge got louder and more frequent. Two blocks from my apartment building, soldiers had opened fire on flag-waving crowds in popular Taksim Square. At 11 p.m., Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared on television, telling ... Read More

  • So I’ve come to realize that applications don’t end with admission into your desired MBA program.

    I have been working my tail off for about the past month (that’s my excuse for not posting on this blog in as much time, by the way ), working on applications for selective Booth and non-Booth classes that I plan to take in the Autumn 2016 quarter. ... Read More

  • Three University of California-Berkeley students were injured in Nice, France, when a man drove his truck through a crowded Bastille Day celebration for more than a mile, the university says.

    Nicolas Leslie, 20, one of the 85 UC Berkeley students attending the study abroad there, is still missing. The Los Angeles Times reports that his parents are ... Read More

  • I write this post as I feel very passionately about this question. What am I supposed to do when I first get a job?I went through a similar phase a few years back, when I started working at my first job. There were several things that rambled on in my head, as I struggled to balance life, work, and all things around it.It is only when I look at ... Read More

  • Call this a Wayback Wednesday post, but I want to post a little something from my old blog (now defunct) about what I learned from the MBA application process…granted that was from last year and I hadn’t actually applied yet — being in the research phase was more like it.

    I plan on making this a periodic series in which I reflect on ... Read More

  • As the flurry of MBA consultants begin their analyses on why schools have changed their applications or essay questions – I urge prospective applicants to keep calm. It’s easy to be ove…

    Source: Stuff to do before the MBA apps are out Read More

  • This can be such a challenging question and we want to make it easier to explore choices and to find your answer. We created ProValues, an exercise to help you explore career choices, ask questions, and have a basis for comparison when you’re considering options. If you’re starting your MBA, over the next few months you’ll face a variety of choices ... Read More

  • I’m a little delirious because I’m a little sleep deprived. But whatever. I have to write this post because…

    I’M IN!

    Funnily enough, I actually missed the acceptance phone call yesterday. After the grade from the GSAL class I took this past spring was published, I sent an email to Booth admissions to inform them of my final course grade. I ... Read More

  • Back in October, I attended an event hosted by the Kilts Center for Marketing at Booth and took advantage of the opportunity to mingle with current students, like any overzealous prospective student would.

    I met two J.D.’s who were both in the midst of getting MBA’s part-time through Booth’s evening program and had intentions to work in marketing ... Read More

  • INSEAD Acceptance Rate

    This article will analyze the model I built to predict INSEAD acceptance rate. INSEAD is a graduate business school in France, near Paris. It has two additional campuses in Singapore and Abu Dhabi. In addition to the MBA program, INSEAD also has an Executive MBA, Masters in Finance and a PHD in Management. Unlike most business ... Read More

  • For the last few days, I’ve had my head down at my computer, cranking out my share of a group paper that will be submitted as each member’s final graded assignment for a class I’m taking at Booth School of Business.

    It’s worth noting that I’m not an MBA student there…yet.

    I’m one of those MBA applicants who embarked on assembling an ... Read More

  • MBA Admission Calculator Officially Launched

    After 2 years of effort and over 1,000 hours of work, I have finally launched my MBA Admission Calculator. The calculator uses the logistic regression models that I built to write most of the articles on this website. It only requires you to fill in 10 pieces of information to get a rough idea of how competitive ... Read More

  • Final decisions are in: Berkeley: Denied with interview Tepper: Waitlisted with interview Rotman: Admitted with scholarship (withdrawn) Random French School: Admitted to MSc in Management with scholarship (matriculating…maybe) It’s been eight months since I started my MBA admissions journey and I’ve learnt so much thus far. I am glad ... Read More

  • Last year when I attended a session of Chicago’s Booth Live, I felt pretty out of place. I was surrounded by professionals from all over the world and work at major corporations, big banks, leading consulting firms, and the like.

    Then there was me. A newly-minted “unemployed” member of society, who was spending most of her time working on pitching ... Read More

  • Another App In

    by MBAble on May 26, 2016

    Yes, I am happy to report today that as of last night, I have cranked out and submitted my fourth application in a month!

    Except, it wasn’t an MBA or grad school application.

    Yesterday, I sent in package to apply for the Sundance New Voices YouTube Lab (part of Sundance’s episodic storytelling institute). I had been eyeing sending an application ... Read More

  • Why I gave up on the GMAT

    by MBAble on May 24, 2016

    I spent a good chunk of yesterday binge-watching installments of “Handicapping Your MBA Odds” that John Byrne from Poets and Quants and Sandy Kreisberg with HBS Guru host (side note: it’s a nice series to watch to get some directional insight on a diverse selection of aspiring MBA’s and where their profiles may put them in top B-school candidate ... Read More

  • All the business schools have one question in common for the applicants - "Why MBA?"It is be asked either in the application or during the interview. It is be asked either directly like "Why MBA?" or it could be asked indirectly like "Where do you see yourself after 5 years?" But it is always asked for it is very important for a business school to understand ... Read More

  • Application Submitted!

    by MBAble on May 22, 2016

    And so the waiting game begins…

    Not too long ago, I sent in my application to apply for my only B-school for the Fall 2016 application cycle — the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

    This whole process has been nearly three years in the making, from GMAT’s to job changes to campus visits to cranking out the essays. Despite my many ... Read More

  • McKinsey Emerging Scholars

    For all of you soon to be MBA Students interested in consulting, McKinsey has a great opportunity for you. Apply for the McKinsey Emerging Scholars program by May 19th 2016. If you are selected to be a scholar, then you will receive a monetary award, mentorship from McKinsey consultants and an invitation to a celebratory ... Read More

  • Few years back I was a MBA applicant with dreams to secure a coveted place in a reputed business school.It is then I created this blog to share the mistakes I was making and lessons I was learning along the path towards a business school.In fact, I kept the title of this blog as "mistake, lessons, MBA and more..."The entire journey from preparing from ... Read More

  • I sank into a sea of depression after I discovered I was waitlisted at Tepper. I had turned down my Rotman offer and only had the waitlist offer to hold on to. I panicked. I wasn’t going to let my future depend on one yes or no decision so I applied to every decent program that was still … Continue reading Haas Interview Invite! Some ... Read More

  • HBS alum talks about effective altruism and founding and ultimately closing MBAs Across America at TED:

    Casey Gerald speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED Casey Gerald’s story begins in an East Texas church on the night of December 31, 1999, as he joined his congregation ... Read More

  • By Libby Koerbel Engaging a room of more than 100 people for two straight hours is no easy task, but the Women’s Business Association (WBA), Professor Victoria Medvec, Dean Sally Blount and an all-star panel of three female alumnae pulled it off. One of the panelists summed it up perfectly afterward when she said, “I […] Read More