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  • So March 25th was D-day for both Kellogg and Tepper, but since I pretty much knew what the outcome was going to be, I didn’t really care that much to be honest. Kellogg waived my interview and anecdotal evidence showed quite early on that once you’re waived, it’s pretty much over for you. At least, that’s how it was this admissions ... Read More

  • If you applied for your MBA degree this past year, you might (unfortunately) be all too familiar with what the word “dinged” means in the context of MBA applications.

    To put it bluntly for those who don’t know, it means that you didn’t get in – that you were rejected from your ideal school.  Turned down.  Cast aside. ... Read More

  • MBA Waitlist Acceptance Rate Rank

    At this point in the year many applicants have been placed on the waitlist for the school of their dreams. It is a frustrating experience that I personally have experienced. This articles shows the MBA waitlist acceptance rate for the top MBA programs. The data for this analysis comes from GMATClub. These acceptance ... Read More

  • Spring break – a much-welcomed week off from school for American students – is coming soon. For American students, the break offers a chance to vacation with friends or visit family. For international students, spring break is a new experience.

    Sehr Jamil Aslam, a student at Georgetown University, faces her first spring break this year. ... Read More

  • Round 2 decisions were released today. I was hoping to convert my waitlist position to an admit, but I got re-waitlisted instead. So, I’m still in the game but feels like it’s going to be a long wait. Congrats to everyone who got admitted today! Need to digest this news and plan my next move. Stay […] Read More

  • Allies in your Mistakes

    by Get an MBA on March 23, 2015

    I have been MIA…I know but between work, family and studying I have barely had time for anything else.  That and its hard for me to tear myself away from books once I become immersed in them. Its funny, I thought math was going to be hard…I remember not being so great at math in school, but it seems like the skills are there…rusty ... Read More

  • As we’ve written about before on Student Union, sports can be a significant part of the American college experience – from showing school spirit, to just enjoying a new experience.

    On Tuesday, March 17 at 1300 UTC, EducationUSA will hold a web chat with two international student athletes about college athletics, including how to watch and ... Read More

  • Went along to a women’s event in my office to celebrate international women’s day. We discussed our experience of being a women in the work place and future challenges. Thought I would share my experience here.

    Have I experienced sexism?

    Yes, but not always overt. When I was seventeen I wanted to study psychology and went along to university ... Read More

  • I’ve thought a long time about whether to post this since it puts me way out there, but I tried real hard to think how a Wharton student would deal with it. My conclusion is that the collaborative Wharton spirit would prevail and they’d share their insight with others in the same situation so here goes… As […] Read More

  • Sometimes a GMAT Primary Purpose or Main Idea question can be especially difficult. The passage may not be obviously informational or obviously persuasive, so how can we figure out the author’s point in writing it?

    To start, let’s refresh the best 5-Step method for killing GMAT RC:

    Proper RC Strategy

    Step 1 – Read the Passage —> ... Read More

  • As the business world grows increasingly global, companies are seeking professionals with global experience. Many American companies look to hire employees who have a lot of international experiences, and who have spent time studying abroad and learning new languages.

    That may explain the high number of international students enrolled in American business ... Read More

  • 1.Why did you decide to do an MBA?

    I had spent 5 intense years in Malaysia and was looking to have a change of scenery, while doing something that would challenge me. The MBA was about meeting and working with a diverse group of talented people from around the world, learning from some of the best professors and having fun while doing it.

    2.Why INSEAD? INSEAD ... Read More

  • Well, in short I didn’t get an interview for the Cambridge MBA programme. My first thought, well that means I can buy a house instead.

    I always thought applying for Cambridge would be challenging; mainly because it’s Cambridge.

    I think there were two main reasons for my ding:

    My qualifications: I have a good set of grades, but not stellar ... Read More

  • 1.Get impatient:. Most business schools will send you instructions on what to do next. It’s your decision to stay on the waitlist; the ADCOM will send you instructions and guidance that will help you steer through the process. Some business schools might provide you feedback on how you can improve your candidacy. They might recommend retaking the ... Read More

  • International students sometimes have trouble making American friends for the first time. They can assume American students don’t hang out with international students based on negative stereotypes.

    “I think my several Chinese friends are struggling to make American friends,” said Di Chen, a student at University of Arizona. “Especially ... Read More

  • I just finished my interview with a second year student from UCLA Anderson and it went so much better than I imagined it would! I think I got lucky on several counts. Firstly, my interviewer was a woman. This was actually a perfect match since a lot of my leadership stories are related to the struggles of being a woman in the male-dominated tech industry ... Read More

  • Darden MBA Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Darden, UVA’s business school, is the business school ranked 11th in the US. Darden is a prestigious school at which only 25% of applicants are accepted. I built a predictive model to see which factors are most important and least important for Darden admission. The results may surprise you.

    Darden MBA Acceptance ... Read More

  • In a follow-up to her post last week on student health insurance, Student Union writer Jeonghyun Kim interviews one of her classmates on how she dealt with an injury during her time studying in the U.S.

    When international students are sick in the U.S., they have to struggle with not only illness, but living in an unfamiliar environment without family.

    Mengzi ... Read More

  • Although most U.S. MBA deadlines have passed (though I am still taking clients for Round 3), there is still ample time to apply for an EMBA (or, Executive MBA) at some of the most prestigious and competitive schools.  With final deadlines not until late May or June for most programs, due a rolling admissions process that most EMBA programs operate ... Read More

  • America’s health care system is unique among industrialized democracies: there is no universal, government-sponsored health care plan for all citizens. Most Americans pay for private health insurance.

    Without health insurance in the United States, a surgery or illness could cost thousands of dollars; according to The Commonwealth Fund, Americans ... Read More

  • MBA Acceptance Rate by Application Round

    Some business schools have roughly the same acceptance rate during all rounds while others see a significant drop off in later rounds. With applications for round 3 due in the next month or two, this analysis may help you decide which schools to focus on and which to avoid. Here is a list of the top 20 school’s ... Read More

  • Calm before the Prep

    by Get an MBA on February 24, 2015

    Its been a couple of uneventful days. I’ve been gathering material in order to prepare for the GMAT and I have also joined an international study group-how cool is that? Amazing what the internet enables you to do. So the way it works is we will each tackle our study materials and then come together on skype or google chat once a week and just ... Read More

  • It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to report and honestly, the release of a new product has had me working 12 hours day, I kid you not. I’ve been so burnt out for the past few weeks and my eyes have begun to water as soon as I look at the screen of my laptop. Ridiculous.

    With everyone getting invites left and right, I’d ... Read More

  • Happy Lunar New Year! 2015’s Lunar New Year is February 19. Even though Americans don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year, many call the Lunar New Year “Chinese New Year.”

    However, from late January to the middle of February, China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and many Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year as national ... Read More

  • Many Asian associations at Georgetown University held 2015 Lunar New Year Celebrations with cultural events and food. International students work together cooperatively in small and large groups to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the U.S.

    Students who are involved in the Korean Graduate Students Association enjoyed a Lunar New Year party on February ... Read More

  • Felipe San Martin is currently pursuing a joint degree in MBA/MPA at Harvard Business School & Harvard Kennedy School .He shares his secrete of how he got accepted to Harvard business school.

    Why is an MBA important for your career? Why right now?

    I took the decision of the MBA program for two main reasons: First, I was in stage of my life where ... Read More

  • Tuck Acceptance Rate Analysis

    Tuck School of Business is a top MBA program with a competitive admissions process. The Tuck acceptance rate is low, at 20%. Unlike most other top MBA programs, Tuck is a self initiated interview. Anyone who visits campus can schedule an interview. In this article I will discuss which factors impact Tuck acceptance rate.

    Tuck ... Read More


    by GNPTH on February 18, 2015

    When the whole world celebrated Valentine day and enjoyed with their Love. I was hoping that Cupid will shoot his Arrow of desire/love towards me. But instead I had to stick with my GMAT preparation.

    When many MBA applicants are keen in making a decision about “Which school to attend”. I had to stick with OG and Practice for the GMAT with ... Read More

  • Books, Books and More Books

    by Get an MBA on February 17, 2015

    I love books. My brother used to tease me because I liked to smell my books, but I didn’t care. As a matter a fact I still do. I just love how new books smell and how they feel when you flip through the pages….old books can smell even better :P Give me a good old fashion book over a kindle book any day! Ok I’m digressing…back ... Read More

  • In the last few years the interest for one- year MBA programs has increased considerably. INSEAD was the first school to offer a one-year program for students, since then a lot of other schools are offering similar programs. Accelerated alternatives have considerable financial benefits the obvious-saving in living expenses for the second year and the ... Read More

  • 1.Networking: Your MBA contacts are your potential business partners, investors etc.

    2.Feedback & Test market: You can bring and test your ideas in the laboratory of your classes and use a variety of resources at your disposal.

    3.Acquire Business skills: You will learn about finance, marketing, sales and all the related function in order to successfully ... Read More

  • Those of you who’ve been following me for a while will know that I was honoured to receive MBA admits to both INSEAD and MIT Sloan. And, while it all seemed a lot clearer when I started this process, choosing between these two great institutions has taken me a lot of time. Having thought long […] Read More

  • What comes to your mind when thinking about Valentine’s Day, February 14? Do you imagine giving and getting chocolates and flowers, or you and your girlfriend or boyfriend celebrating with a romantic dinner at a restaurant?

    Valentine’s Day has long been celebrated as a day for exchanging love messages. Many people who love one another or ... Read More

  • Stalking and a Plan

    by Get an MBA on February 12, 2015

    After spending the better half of today stalking two websites (gmat club and beat the gmat) I was finally able to develop a study plan for myself! It is still a work in progress and I will probably be tweaking it as I go, but I’m confident that it will help me reach my goal and it will work for me.

    I started out the day by trying to find a ready ... Read More

  • The same is reproduced on Financial Times MBA Blog –

    The winter quarter at UCLA Anderson brings On Campus Recruiting (OCR), changing the entire mood around the school. This year, a diverse set of companies started visiting, conducting internship interviews with first-year full-time MBA ... Read More

  • An infographic

    by Get an MBA on February 12, 2015


    Found this great infographic by  Perfect starting point for those of us just starting out. You can view the original here Read More

  • The Decision

    by under prescription on February 12, 2015

    Don´t worry, I am not LeBron James, and this is not a special TV show in which I´ll waste your time for 2 hours before sharing what I am going to do next. So here we go: I have decided to become a member of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth MBA Class of 2017. […] Read More

  • Stern Interview Preparation Guide

    Stern Interviewed me back in December 2013. I am happy to say that I was accepted. I used Clear Admit to prepare, and it was very helpful. I felt ready and don’t remember being caught off guard by any questions. I have created a list of the most common questions you can expect during a Stern interview because ... Read More

  • Training for a Marathon

    by Get an MBA on February 11, 2015

    The marathon-considered the quintessential endurance race for runners. No, I am not a runner…far from it in fact and no, I have never run a marathon.  So what does this have to do with business school and the GMAT? For me, everything. You see the first time I took the GMAT I barely prepared for it. I figured I would go in there with what I know ... Read More

  • The Other Schools

    by Get an MBA on February 11, 2015

    In my last post I mentioned how Booth is the school I really want to go to. It is my #1 choice and I plan to work my little butt off to make it in. That being said, it would be crazy not to have other backups choices. I have decided to apply to 4 schools in Round 1. Two schools in the US and two schools in Canada. Without further ado they are:

    Booth Rotman Fuqua Goodman

    I ... Read More

  • Wharton MBA Interview Questions and Preparation

    Wharton is tied for the number one business school in the world. If you are fortunate to be invited to interview for a spot in Wharton’s MBA program then you are very lucky. Unfortunately, only 47% of applicants interviewed for the Wharton MBA program will be accepted into the school. Given the ... Read More