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  • Lenka, INSEAD 15J, has a background in nuclear engineering and is the Owner & Editor of Nuclear Undone. She is a Forté Foundation Fellow and recently attended the Forté MBA Women’s Leadership Conference.Here’s what she has to say about the conference.

    I’m pretty used to attending professional engineering conferences that are dominated ... Read More

  • Ah yes. Funemployment. The time between when you quit your job and when you start your MBA. The promised land that many MBA applicants seek. The break that every one of my peers is a tad jealous about.

    But it isn’t all sunshine and roses. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been at work since early June. I’ve been spending my time ... Read More

  • I have graduated and haven’t started working yet. Needless to say, I am spending a lot of time pondering deeper questions of life and thinking about things I would do differently if given a chance. My MBA was one the bigger decisions I have taken in recent times. If given a chance to do it all over again, I will start with shortlisting the goals ... Read More

  • Why would anyone want to suffer day and night scrupulously editing essays, studying for the GMAT and slaving through a difficult workday for three meager letters: MBA? Despite reading every MBA blog, I felt it quite difficult to synthesize the broad array of commentary and information into a tangible plan of attack for getting into a top MBA program. ... Read More

  • It’s crazy how fast time flies.  There are still a ton of things I would like to get done before classes start in September.  However, the past month or so has been packed with putting my house on the market and everything that goes along with that, winding down at work, handing off projects, training new hires and interns, etc., oh ya, ... Read More

  • I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone that was selected to the McKinsey & Company Emerging Scholars Program.  Unfortunately I did not make it passed the semi-finalist interviews.  The being said, I was honored to be selected as a semi-finalist, and true enjoyed the process.  I was able to interview with the recruiter in ... Read More

  • Meet Monica, INSEAD 15J admit who is hoping her MBA can help her transition from a career in PR to Director of International Expansion for an American tech company.

    Tell us about yourself My name is Monica Cepak and I’ll be starting my MBA at INSEAD in the Fall of 2014. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Princeton University ... Read More

  • Hardly Working So for the past 7 weeks, I’ve been back out on the west coast living and working in the Silicon Valley for Google. It has been an out of this world experience thus far and I hardly want to come to grips with the fact that my internship will be over in a short […] Read More

  • The same is reproduced on UCLA Anderson MBA Student Voice Blog -

    “California! Here we come!” Phantom Planet – California

    I can’t remember how many times I have played this song since receiving my admission offer. I am truly ecstatic to ... Read More

  • Rupesh Bisht is an Associate Director with Admissions and Financial Aid Department at the Indian School of Business (ISB). An alumnus from the ISB class of 2009, he handles International Marketing and the Young Leaders programme (YLP) at ISB. He has extensive experience in the Sales & Marketing domain in different industry sectors.

    Poised for superpower ... Read More

  • Emily Reynolds analyzes the merits of a cohesive narrative as a keystone to getting accepted into Said Business School at Oxford University.

    Last fall when I sat down to fill out my business school applications and write my essays I was motivated by a number of different factors both professional and personal. Having worked at an investment bank in ... Read More

  • INSEAD admit, Archana Chauhan, tells us how ‘her people’ unearthed her extraordinary qualities, which helped her overcome her ordinary GMAT score.

    My story unfolds in a warm library overseeing the snowflakes in a big neighborhood park. I was sitting there with my GMAT guides amidst several other Polish fictional books. I was trying hard to concentrate ... Read More

  • MBA 2014-2015 application season has started. Last week I begun drafting my first essays (it was hard and painful, but beginnings are never easy), and so my application process officially started. Finally, I have decided that I will apply to four schools: Tuck, Kellogg, Duke and MIT. Nevertheless, it is true that the fact that Kellogg […] Read More

  • Rob Biederman, CEO of HourlyNerd, a Mark Cuban portfolio company, tells us how he got in to Harvard Business School which helped take his start-up to the next level.

    Tell us about yourself & HourlyNerd

    The idea for HourlyNerd was generated from my experience at Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Private Equity. At these companies, I observed that ... Read More

  • When setting up a Study Schedule with students, I like to leave an open slot the week before the exam, so we can decide as we get closer to your GMAT test whether you should do another “last minute” CAT. Why? Because in my experience there is no hard and fast rule. Some of my students just need a break the two days before the exam to mentally ... Read More

  • Picking a GMAT tutor can be stressful. Will I get along with this person? Will they REALLY be able to bring my score up? What if I don’t even know what my weaknesses are? Here’s five areas in which any good GMAT tutor should excel, and why I think I’m pretty gosh darn good at my job!

    Knowledge. I’ve been a classroom teacher and ... Read More

  • Preparing for tests, especially the GMAT, is no easy task! In between filling out MBA applications, applying for college scholarships, and researching the Best Business Schools, you have to carve out several months for GMAT test prep. These free GMAT tips will help you jumpstart your GMAT test prep!

    Create an Error Log. An Error Log is a spreadsheet ... Read More

  • I’ve been working in some shape or form for US Campaign Politics since I was 18 years old and many jobs in between. I worked for three US presidential campaigns, Al Jazeera English, and in international development. How do these all together separate and very different professional experiences fit for a school like INSEAD? Better than I would have ... Read More

  • Currently, my rate is $70/hr for all of my GMAT tutoring, and the question I get the most often from students is, “how can you charge so much less?” It’s important for GMAT students to consider WHAT they are paying for, exactly, when they hire a company or a tutor to help them with their GMAT prep.

    I spent many years working for private ... Read More

  • “I am done with GMAT”. Those were my words a couple days after getting a 710 on my first GMAT exam back in october. Nevertheless, now 7 months later I´ve decided that I will in fact take it again. Many people may be surpirsed that with a score over 700, I decide to spend more […] Read More

  • I’ve wanted to write a post on my blog about how I’m managing my dyslexia and stress 12 months on. But I needed to wait until I had a couple of incidents to report.

    I would say my dyslexia has changed. For instance I now mix up my b and d’s. I haven’t done that since I was I’m primary three. Let me tell you it’s ... Read More