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  • One of the more common things about this generation is the constant desire to write up (type) their thoughts. So many of the conversations from my high school days were long lasting, but quickly forgotten. Today’s generation is much more likely to blog, tweet, write status updates or simply open up a notepad file and write up their thoughts after ... Read More

  • GMAT Study Schedule Week 11

    Congratulations! Really. This is the toughest GMAT schedule on the planet. Designed for people who want to put their all into studying.  We’ve got 7 days left and we’re just going to use this time to put the icing on the cake. Let’s also use this time to let your brain expand. Let’s digest a bit. And one thing that ... Read More

  • Much of how we interact with life could be described as transitions between states. These states could be weather conditions (whether we are in a state of “sunny” or “rainy”), the places we may visit (maybe “school”, “the mall”, “the park” and “home”), our moods (“happy”, ... Read More

  • People studying for the GMAT are often completely thrown by a correct answer on a sentence correction question that just “doesn’t sound good.” In their minds they think, “there is no way that can be the correct answer – that just sounds bad.” Even if that thinking is true that does not mean that the correct answer won’t sound just downright ... Read More

  • Your Expert Guide to Self-Preparation


    By Jay Cutts

    Lead Author, Barron’s LSAT and MCAT Prep Materials

    Happy June and Summer!

    REMEMBER: The 3 Keys to Self-Prep Success:

    A well-planned study schedule High quality prep materials Peer support

    If you’re still not doing well enough, look for a qualified tutor.

    THIS ... Read More



    If nursing school didn’t already strain you enough, wait for the license exam to push you off the edge. NCLEX is a tricky test in itself and every nurse has to clear it before they could finally start practicing. So, what does it take to whizz pass those dreaded questions that hold the key to the final test of your career? How exactly ... Read More

  • Your Expert Guide to Self-Preparation For LSAT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, and PCAT By Jay Cutts Lead Author, Barron’s LSAT and MCAT Prep


                                                    REMEMBER: The 3 Keys to Self-Prep Success:

    A well-planned study schedule High quality prep materials Peer support

    If ... Read More


    Eating Your Way to The Top: 4 Recipes that can cook up a storm Basically, this comes as a healthy alternative to the baseless chips snacking we all do once in a while, ... Read More

  • I recently ranted on Quora about the sheep-fleecing practices of the test-prep agencies. It just boggles my mind that this still goes on. Today, even if no good teachers live nearby, you can still find great teachers online, using the latest interfaces – not just Skype – and charging reasonable rates. Find them on Gmatix, University […] Read More

  • French (quant) Revolution!I teach the GMAT to people from all over the world. Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, England, Kuwait, Greece, India... Ten years ago I did zero online tutoring. Today, it comprises 50%+ of my GMAT work. In terms of my GMAT tutoring, of all the places in the world, besides Africa, Europe is the most ... Read More

  • Critical reading is the process of reading that goes beyond just understanding a text.Critical reading involves:carefully considering and evaluating the readingidentifying the reading's strengths and implicationsidentifying the reading's weaknesses and flawsRead this article to know more about critical reading.. Read More

  • It is a pretty well-accepted fact that on the GMAT the early questions are slightly more important than the late ones, especially on the Quantitative section (everything I have seen in my 12 years as a GMAT tutor has confirmed this and there have been some good experiments done by others on the GMATPrep tests that seem to confirm the theory pretty conclusively…feel ... Read More

  • In this post I would like to expound upon a theory of mine that gets at the slight differences in the scoring algorithm on the Quant and Verbal sections of the GMAT. In a previous post I commented on the fact that although on the Quant section the number of questions you get right has very little to do with the score you receive, on the Verbal section ... Read More

  • If you think about it, this is a situation that calls for a new strategy, and a set of reliable techniques. You are going up against Bruce Lee. Ok, you don’t need to win, but you would like to lose gracefully, i.e. get out with 650 and above. What you need are some basic blocks […] Read More



    So, with Facebook feeds clogging your phone and the twitter updates  running crazy; you wonder why to download yet another app on your phone. So, let us get this straight. This is NOT YET ANOTHER app. It is STUDYPAL.CO; the new name trending on app lists!

                            It is here to help you ... Read More

  • The best lessons are literally designed for you. Or is it, literally are designed for you? Think about it: there are so many sites that survey the rules of American Grammar, the fine points on like, as, and idiom. So many sites… so little progress. And when you visit a test-prep company or watch a pre-canned […] Read More

  • Finding a new place to hang out with your beloved books is now made easy. Find the best StudySpot in your city with the all new app! Now available on the Apple Store!

                          What is it about?

    It is never an easy task to find a peaceful place to delve into your books. You might have a room to yourself ... Read More

  • Stuck with test prep?Need a tutor? Find one near you with the StudyGuru Feature in the all new raving App!

                                          Find a tutor today with App

    Apart from helping you find a study partner; app can help you locate a tutor near you with our Studyguru ... Read More


    So, with Facebook feeds clogging your phone and the twitter updates  running crazy; you wonder why to download yet another app on your phone. So, let us get this straight. This is NOT YET ANOTHER app. It is STUDYPAL.CO; the new name trending on app lists!

                            It is here to help you find ... Read More

  • CATs

    by THE GMAT DOJO on March 31, 2016

    The GMAT is still one of the few American entrance examination to be administered in an adaptive format. In going adaptive, the test changed dramatically. The test makers claimed to adjust the percentile rankings, so that an 800 before was still an 800 today. And it could probably be argued that a top scorer on the […] Read More

  • An adaptive test is a unique thing, a challenge, a headache, a puzzle. The Dojo’s philsophy is, that it won’t help to see a re-run of high-school mathematics. The idea, prevalent in the test prep industry, that you can learn “all the material,” see “all the problems,” and “learn all the tricks” – that idea just […] Read More

  • Exam Pack 2 Review

    by Atlantic GMAT on March 23, 2016

    Exam Pack 2Here in the GMAT-sphere we’ve had a slew of changes and a plethora of new materials released over the past several years - some duds such as the 2015 Official Guide but some gems such as exam pack 1 which now has a sequel appropriately named: Exam Pack 2. Unlike the new stars wars movie (and OG 2015) exam pack 2 is fresh, packed to the ... Read More

  • A GMAT score of 750 looks nearly as easy to reach as a 700. But the 750 is nearly in the top 1% of a population of well-educated and experienced people. Meanwhile 700 is just the 89th percentile. Assess whether to concentrate on quant or verbal. While the verbal score has greater weight, it takes […] Read More

  • Well, this is the Nth year that I've been admitted to a business school, but with my family recovering from near bankruptcy, it wasn't easy to say no to great business schools that I was admitted to in the past. However, I finally decided that enough was enough, and told this particular school that I would be going. Although, I am still a little short ... Read More

  • Topological Sort

    by on March 1, 2016

    One of the things I generally say about myself is that I love learning. I can spend hours upon hours reading papers and algorithms to better understand a topic. Some of these topics are stand alone segments that I can understand in one sitting. Sometimes, however, there is a need to read up on some preliminary work in order to fully understand a concept.

    Lets ... Read More

  • Mindful GMAT

    by THE GMAT DOJO on March 1, 2016

    Few will nowadays debate  that it is good to be mindful. There is even a company in the Netherlands that calls itself Mindful GMAT – though it isn’t immediately obvious what mindfulness has to do with GMAT. How can I be mindful? Of what ought I to be mindful of? And were you mindful of […] Read More

  • There are a lot of rumors floating around about which section on the ISEE is the most relevant to schools when considering admissions applications. Some educators profess that the Reading Comprehension section is the most important since reading skills translate across multiple subjects. Others indicate that the Quantitative Reasoning section is more ... Read More

  • I’ve taken the GMAT twice, so I know what you are going through – a month to test day, 70 hour weeks at work, struggling to keep up with your Manhattan GMAT OG tracker. The second time around I studied with a partner, which helped me achieve 720. I will narrate the successful experience to give you insight on the benefits of studying with ... Read More

  • Another NYC Quant Battle to a 690 GMAT Score! But is it good enough?A 640, a dubious quant score, a 690 on the horizonLara sent over a sweet, detailed email looking to schedule a consultation. I always appreciate prospective students taking the time to relate their GMAT war stories. This info really helps get the ball rolling. Lara had under-performed ... Read More

  • Studying all by yourself is an uphill task in itself and when you have tests to prep for; the whole struggle takes itself to an entirely new level. And of all things, the biggest problem remains of that of finding yourself a good place to study, especially if you’re not one of those lucky ones with the privacy of a solitary room. In the series of ... Read More

  • Studying doesn’t always need to be boring. With a lot of study prep to be done for those hugely competitive tests, it is always advisable to find yourself a change of location, all for your good. Caffeine addict or an outdoor person; we have something for you on our list of study spots for Austin. So grab your books and walk out to explore the 5 absolutely ... Read More


    by on February 18, 2016

    The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) is an examination for investment professionals to a designation of the same name and is conducted by the CAIA Association. Individuals aspiring to become alternative investment professionals need to take these tests after completing their course of study to earn the designation of a CAIA. The exam ... Read More

  • The exam for Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA is notorious as a test will a very tiny pass rate and a large chunk of examinees are known to fail to crack it in most attempts. CISA is termed as one of the most difficult and toughest exams in the domain of IT Security and involves a lot of hard work on the part of the examinees. ... Read More

  • It is never very easy to sit for long hours on end, trying hard to concentrate on those endlessly boring piles of books day after day without fail. It takes immense amount of willpower to continue doing so.

    In these cases, a few things come to your rescue, which essentially involve listening to music. The right kind of music can soothe your nerves; ... Read More

  • A sleepless night with a cup of coffee is perhaps what study sessions are all about to many. But, there is a hoard of such super foods which are crucial to a great performance in the tests. The human body requires a balanced meal consisting of a right portion of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fluids to function optimally. And to design ... Read More

  • There are 2 different kinds of guessing that test takers should apply on the Quant section of the GMAT – both of them are crucial to success on the GMAT. But in my years of tutoring, I have found that most people just aren’t aware of how different guessing techniques apply on the test…and as a result their scores suffer.

    Unstrategic Guessing

    When ... Read More

  • The RSA Algorithm

    by on January 21, 2016

    I can remember back when I was in school, still deciding whether I wanted to study pure or applied mathematics. One of the common questions I would receive from those in applied mathematical realms would sound like “What’s the point of doing mathematics with no real world applications?”. Generally my response to these questions was ... Read More