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  • The hard lessons are always the ones you remember the longest. For me that lesson was related to questions that my ego just wouldn't let me quit!Its the smart thing to do, to just guess a question and move on to another one. But, quitting is so against the nature of most "competitive" people that leaving a question becomes "out of the question".Believe ... Read More

  • Studying is an exercise of the brain and it needs a proper gym. So, you should choose your place to study wisely. Here are some suggestions: 1.Home: It is indeed the first place that comes to mind. You are nowhere more comfortable than your own home. You can lie down, hang yourself upside down or just walk around shouting the formulae out loud. It’s ... Read More

  • There are many things that tend to give people trouble on Data Sufficiency, but one of the most common issues that people face is the problem of “information overload.” One of the skills that Data Sufficiency tests is a person’s ability to simultaneously juggle multiple pieces of information. If you forget that the question restricted you to positive ... Read More

  • First of all, if it weren't for consultants, a lot of deserving people would not have made it to business school. MBA Admissions is a maze and it makes sense to find the right consultant for the job. I am applying this year too, and I am looking for a great consultant. Let me be clear. I did hire a major consulting firm a few years ago, and I got stuck ... Read More

  • The primary way for most Adcoms to know who you are is by reading your essays. First impressions are everything. So how many times should you edit? What should you put in and what should you leave out of an essay? Who determines the quality of your essay? Does it even answer the question? Does it read like a senate bill or a Shakespearean play? How ... Read More

  • When I tutor I often like to ask my students, “what makes a hard question hard from the point of view of the test writers?” Invariably I get answers that point to specific techniques that are used to dial up the level of difficulty, such as abstraction, complicated Math, etc. All true. However, at a more fundamental level hard questions are designated ... Read More

  • HBS has come out with its approximate deadlines for the new admissions season:September 2015, January 2016 and April 2016.Essays and Exact deadlines to be released on May 15,2015.The application will go live in early June! Read More

  • The most important aspects of your profile relates to your social contribution. Your MBA application needs to touch upon these 3 aspects: ·                     Professional (Promotions, Recognition, Referrals/Recommendations, etc.)·                     ... Read More

  • Hey, Last week I started a few new things in my life. That includes shifting from daily targets to weekly targets, 45 minutes of exercise including 15 minutes of yoga, making flash cards instead of notes. I am experimenting with my lifestyle & studies, and these changes are really helping me out.  I have also made a few tweet […] Read More

  • FRM, as the name suggests, involves ‘managing risk’. To ‘manage’ a risk, it is very important to ‘measure’ the risk and hence, the term, Risk Measurement. So coming to the exam preparation, the method is very clear and involves three things: 1. Practice 2. Practice 3. More practice The reason for so much emphasis on practice is the fact ... Read More

  • If you're preparing for the GMAT, so that you can apply in the first round, you need a lot of focus. And if you're facing a problem like this guy, then you need to read what I have to say.Its very normal to go through what you're going through. We're surrounded by distractions. So you need to put away your phone, shut down your mail clients, stop any ... Read More

  • Entrepreneurs, family business members and self-employed professionals are a completely different set of applicants who have their own unique application-related challenges. One of the most daunting of these challenges for an entrepreneur is finding recommenders would not be disregarded by the admissions committee. So how do entrepreneurs get their ... Read More

  • This week went in reviewing all the topics that I have covered in my previous study session. I reviewed all the notes that I have made and started reviewing the Quant topics. I have started with triangles and made few flash cards and they are really helping me remember the formulas and tricks. Each time I get something […] Read More

  • If you wanted to score an 800 and studied exactly as you have always done, do you think you'd be able to score an 800?Can you truly predict your exact score on the Gmat even after hundreds of hours of preparation?The fact is that you might not score exactly what you want. So what's the point of setting a target score? Instead you should be focused on ... Read More

  • A score of 800/800 on GMAT If you ask 100 GMAT aspirants of their target score, you’ll get less than 5 students giving an answer of 800/800. Is it impossible? No! No way, is my answer! Look at the word ‘impossible’ from a different perspective. It can be made to say ‘I m possible’.

    A score of 800 on 800, in fact, has been achieved by GMAT ... Read More

  • As already mentioned in a previous post, one of the most important Tactics to keep the mind fresh during the Gmat is to LIMIT your choices. As you know, the paradox of choices says that the more choices you have the less likely you are to focus on the important things and less likely you are to achieve your goals. The same applies on the Gmat. Although ... Read More

  • This an overview of my journey till now! I started bloging in August last year. I had a nice list before getting started for GMAT studies. I took my first GMAT prep on 26th Feb last year and scored 540. I took my second GMATPrep after studying for 2-3 months and scored 10 points lower! I was studying according […] Read More

  • To get back what I lost

    by Pro GMAT on April 16, 2015

    A few days before I contacted GrantMeAdmission after reading his post and asked him that how he motivated himself to get back to work and his awesome reply forced me to go back to my study table and gather all the knowledge that I left there a few months before. I would like to put some […] Read More

  • Time to Lace Up!

    by GMAT Mind Games on April 15, 2015

    If you're thinking about getting into one of the top tier B-schools, and you haven't taken the GMAT, NOW is that moment when you should register for the test!Although I prefer that before you join any course, you should try to study on your own and see how you do on the GMATprep tests that are available free of cost - here.Of course, if you're interested ... Read More

  • FlashCards

    by Pro GMAT on April 7, 2015

    Flash cards are very basic study material to get to the point information. Most of the students use flash cards to study, but using them effectively can bring charms. The choice of making flash cards is very personal, someone would like them, or someone would not like making them. How to make: Choose the most important formulas/tricks you get […] Read More

  • I had been meaning to write a script and blog post on descriptive statistics for some time now, but with work and winter weather and the extra work that winter weather brings, and now that the winter weather is over trying to get back into an exercise routine (running up a hill is such a challenging experience, but when I get to the top of that hill ... Read More

  • Pick up the list again

    by Pro GMAT on April 3, 2015

    It’s been more than 2 months that I have posted here. This blog was meant to be my GMAT/MBA journey book but I was not able to continue it as I shifted my GMAT/MBA goal to next year. I have not posted anything because I was not making any progress on this lane. What I […] Read More

  • Stamina on the GMAT

    by GMAT Mind Games on April 2, 2015

    Whenever I talk about test preparation or the psychology related to test preparation, I try to be as specific as possible about what you need to do and why you need to do it. But, what I rarely talk about is the importance of stamina on the GMAT. As we know it's a four-hour long test during which you will not get an opportunity to rest your mind. This ... Read More

  • GMATers, especially newcomers to the test, tend to spend on average less time on Data Sufficiency questions than Problem Solving ones. This is in part because Data Sufficiency questions don’t require an “answer” in the same way that Problem Solving questions do, so it is a little harder to achieve the same level of certainty when doing a DS question. ... Read More

  • The most common question on everyone's mind is whether they should retake the GMAT or not. Sometimes we feel we would be able to score higher if we could retake the test. That's not accurate. Firstly, your approach to test preparation must be modified ever so slightly so as to help you score better. Secondly, you must know which are your target schools ... Read More

  • Spring break is right around the corner, and students are eagerly anticipating a week or two off from school. While this vacation can be a well-deserved chance for some R&R, it is also a wonderful opportunity for college-bound students to boost their academic resumes and put themselves in the right frame of mind. Here are […] Read More

  • Understanding the “Spectrum of Sufficiency” is a key advanced strategy on Data Sufficiency questions and yet very few people seem to be aware of the technique. Nevertheless, understanding the concept and how to apply it can really help you answer some of the most difficult DS questions correctly and can also help prevent you from falling into traps.

    First, ... Read More

  • By: Eliza Chute, from:

    Many people set their GMAT goal score as 700+. This is a good benchmark since it means that you have done better than 90% of other test takers and sets you up in a good position for admittance to a top business school. Since your score is based on how well you do in comparison with others, however, not ... Read More

  • Practice tests are a crucial component of GMAT preparation, but people often don’t understand how or when to use them or even which tests to use for which purpose. So which tests should you use and when should you use them? Well first you need to understand the differences between the tests that are out there and the fundamental purpose of doing a ... Read More

  • When preparing for the GMAT you will often hear people say that you should spend 2 minutes per question on Quant questions, yet this advice is misleading and I have seen it hurt many test takers. Of course with 75 minutes and 37 questions you do have on average 2 minutes per question, but that does not mean that should aim to spend 2 minutes on each ... Read More

  • GRE vs GMATWith many full time MBA programs embracing the GRE and with the percentage of people accepted to top universities using only GRE scores climbing rapidly (though the absolute numbers are still relatively low), the GRE vs GMAT debate comes up ever more frequently. The big question: Which test will make it easier for you to get into your desired ... Read More

  • What Does the GMAT Test?

    by ReasonGMAT on February 27, 2015

    Since this is my first official blog post on this site, I thought I would start off with a very general topic that gets to the heart of everything that I do when preparing people for the GMAT. So here it is: What does the GMAT test? Simply put, the GMAT is a test of quantitative and verbal reasoning (with stress on the word reasoning).

    Trying to think ... Read More