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  • So you’ve submitted your application and someone from the school of your dreams called back to schedule an interview.  Frightened? Overwhelmed? Don’t be... we’ve broken down the three main areas that admissions officers evaluate when interviewing potential applicants. The majority … Continue reading → Read More

  • When we’re helping students prepare for the GMAT, we tend to find that the most stressed out students are those that are really struggling with the quant section. But paradoxically, those that are truly lacking math skills can be the easiest students to help. Why?

    It’s because the quantitative portion of the GMAT is much easier to teach. You can ... Read More

  • Accepted Interview

    by Pro GMAT on December 8, 2014

    A quick update for this week. I got interviewed by accepted a few days before and it got published this week. You can read it here. MBA Applicant Interview with ProGMAT — Linda Abraham (@Accepted) December 3, 2014 I also did some research on the final list of the schools. I published my first list of selected … Continue ... Read More

  • Today I took another GMATPREP test and scored 690 (Breakup: IR 5, Q 49, V 35). Another failed attempt to touch 700. By the time I finished my Quant section, I thought I would be touching 700 today, but as Verbal part initiated throwing confusing options, my confidence went from ups and downs and I ended … Continue reading → Read More

  • Most puzzles are fun in their own right. Some puzzles are so fun that they have the added benefit that they are likely to come up in unexpected places, like maybe in a job interview. I was recently reading a paper by Günter Rote entitled “Crossing the Bridge at Night” where Rote analyzes such a puzzle. Upon finishing the paper, I decided ... Read More

  • Back to the School Ground

    by Pro GMAT on November 27, 2014

    After so many confusing thoughts, I decided to write this post. I am yet to finalize the list of B-Schools I am applying to. For a background check, I have not taken GMAT yet(still not scoring up-to the mark. I still think I need more practice to crack RC passages), lowering my chances of admissions next year. … Continue reading → Read More

  • Magical Squares Game

    by on November 26, 2014

    Whether introduced as children in elementary school, as adults in the workplace, or somewhere in between, the concept of magic squares has fascinated people for centuries; The Wikipedia article has discoveries of magic squares dating back to 650 B.C. in China.

    Magic Squares of size n (for n >= 3) are n by n grids where the numbers 1, 2, …, n2 ... Read More

  • Scholarship Winner!

    by LA Tutors 123 Blog on November 11, 2014

    We at LA Tutors are passionate about sparking the creative genius in students and would love to commend those outstanding students who have a made a difference in the lives of others in some innovative or technological fashion. In order … Continue reading → Read More

  • QR Decomposition

    by on November 7, 2014

    Suppose we have a problem that can be modeled by the system of equations Ax = b with a matrix A and a vector b. We have already shown how to use Gaussian Elimination to solve these methods, but I would like to introduce you to another method – QR decomposition. In addition to solving the general system of equations, this method can also be used ... Read More

  • Ethan Sawyer ("The College Essay Guy") provides resources and coaching to high school Juniors and Seniors who are experiencing writer’s block on their college essays or simply not sure how to structure their stories. He also provides free resources to counselors … Continue reading → Read More


    by Pro GMAT on November 5, 2014

    Again after an extensive study session, hard work and a lot of paper work, I took another practice test and this time it was 660. Breakup is Q 50, V 30. Well I am not totally disappointed with my score, I am not satisfied though. I was looking for a 700 but the score is moving … Continue reading → Read More

  • Taking the SAT with Accommodations             Taking the SAT is a daunting task for anyone, but it can be especially challenging if you are a student with a disability. The good news is that, in the professional world, you will … Continue reading → Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day - Data Sufficiency - DivisibilityWhat is the greatest common factor of positive integers k and m?

    (1) When integer k is divided by two the result is an integer with no prime factors.

    (2) m = 25

    AnswerSelectShow C.GMAT Question of the Day SolutionThe post GMAT Question of the Day - DS - Divisibility appeared first on Atlantic ... Read More

  • As an independent tutor, I pride myself in taking unorthodox approaches to meet my clients’ needs. Sometimes, this requires creativity in how I teach a concept, how I structure a lesson, or how I assign homework to my students. A good GMAT tutor will target your specific needs, and if that requires breaking from convention, then that’s ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day - Data Sufficiency - InequalitiesIn a certain forest 1/5 of the trees are Walnuts and 1/6 of the trees are Birches. What is the number of birch trees in the forest?

    (1) The difference between the number of Walnut trees and the number of Birch trees is greater than 10

    (2) There are fewer than 350 total trees

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  • Which of the following sets has the same standard deviation as the set that contains k, k + 2, and 2k?

    A. k-2, -2, 0

    B. 2k, 2k + 4, 4k

    C. 1, 2, k

    D. k, k-1, k-2

    E. k/2, k, 2

    AnswerSelectShow A.The post GMAT Question of the Day - PS - Standard Deviation appeared first on Atlantic GMAT. Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day - Data Sufficiency - Overlapping SetsOf the leopards at a certain zoo, 20% are both spotted and mature. If all the leopards at the zoo are either spotted or not spotted, or mature or immature, is the ratio of the number of immature leopards who are spotted to the number of immature leopards who are not spotted greater than 1?

    (1) ... Read More