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  • The GMAT Khan AcademyWe are hit over the head over and over again about how the GMAT is not a content test and how you only need the most basic quant skills to do perfectly well on the GMAT. That’s true. And in fact most of the essential GMAT Quant skills you probably learned by the time you were 14 years old. But, the fact is that it’s been ... Read More

  • Although City A produces three times as much power as City B does, the cities produce and equal amount of power from coal fired power plants. If M% of City A’s power comes from coal fired power plants then in terms of M what percent of City B’s power comes from coal fired power plants?

    A. M/3

    B. M/2

    C. (3/5)M

    D. M

    E. 3M

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  • The perimeters of square region Z and triangular region S are in a ratio of 1:2. If all the sides of triangular region S are equal then what is the ratio of the area of square region Z to the area of triangular region S?

    A. 5/16√2 B. 7/15√2 C. 7/16√3 D. 7/15√3 E. 9/16√3

    AnswerSelectShow E.

    The post GMAT Question of the Day – Geometry ... Read More

  • At all Happy Child daycare centers, the ratio of the number of adults to the number of children must always be greater than 5:62. What is the maximum number of children at a Happy Child daycare center that has 7 adults?

    A. 66 B. 67 C. 85 D. 86 E. 87AnswerSelectShow D.Solution:

    The post GMAT Question of the day – Ratios – April 14th ... Read More

  • Brief Intro to GMAT FocusGMAT Focus is a set of GMAT computer adaptive Quant quizzes. GMAT Focus is an official GMAT product sold by GMAC and uses official GMAT questions.

    24 questions45 Minutes per GMAT Focus QuizComputer AdaptiveAnalyticsExplanationsYou can take up to four Quizzes without seeing repeated questions$29.99 per Quiz$109.98 for four QuizzesIs ... Read More

  • A lock company will be installing a new security system with a 3 digit code made up of the numbers 0, 2, 4, 5, and 6. If the numbers cannot be repeated and the first digit of the code cannot be zero then what is the probability that the code will be divisible by 5?

    A. 2/5

    B. 4/9

    C. 5/12

    D. 7/16

    E. 3/5AnswerSelectShow D  

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  • 6 Months to study for the GMAT?Let’s tackle this oft misunderstood GMAT question: Should someone spend 6 months or more studying for the GMAT? That may not be the ideal study time for most people but it could be completely fine or even necessary for you. Why should someone spend that long on GMAT Prep?

    1. The first GMAT prep was compromised in some ... Read More

  • Set M contains a set of consecutive integers. What is the standard deviation of set M?

    (1) Set M contains 17 numbers

    (2) The median of set M is 23

    AnswerSelectShow AApril 9th GMAT Question of the Day Solution:Consecutive sets have special properties.

    1.  Median = Mean = (Max + Min)/2

    2. Any consecutive set with the same number of numbers has the ... Read More

  • Bill’s Burger shop’s profit from the sale of its famous “Billy Burger” was what percent greater this year than it was last year?

    (1) The ratio of this year’s “Billy Burger” revenue to last year’s was 3 to 2

    (2) The price of the “Billy Burger” was the same this year as it was last year


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  • GMAT Question of the Day: GMAT Work Problems5 painters, each working at the same rate, together can paint a certain fence in 25 days.  By what percent must the rate of each painter increase so that they can complete the job in ten days?

    A.  125%

    B.  150%

    C.  200%

    D.  250%

    E.  275%


    Answer: B


    The post GMAT Question of the ... Read More

  • (if you are just starting out with these GMAT study plans then you might want to check out the intro to the GMAT Study Schedules)

    Ready ready for this week’s GMAT study plan?!Yep – we are 4 weeks into this GMAT preparation. The GMAT (and this GMAT study plan) has really started to be your life. Your friends and family are starting to wonder ... Read More

  • More and more business schools allow you to choose whether to take the GMAT or the GRE for your application.  It’s true, and, it means that you have some decisions to make.

    In fact, whether to take the GMAT or the GRE is a question we get asked a lot in the process of discussing private GMAT tutoring or private GRE tutoring options with potential ... Read More

  • GMAT Registration: When Should you Schedule your GMAT?Good question. This comes up with every GMAT student and the answer is that it depends. First off, if you haven’t done any GMAT preparation and you don’t have the GMATprep software yet then it would be a good idea to start your study program by completing your GMAT registration with GMAC so that ... Read More

  • Here is a link to my sample Python code.

    One of the somewhat unforeseen consequences of taking a career in applied mathematics, particularly in this day and age, is that you will eventually need to write computer programs that implement the mathematical algorithms. There are several languages in which one can do this, each with its own positives and ... Read More

  • United Kingdom Visa

    by let's GMAT on March 28, 2014

    The new, improved UK visa centre in ChennaiBusiness or studies UK is a destination  that attracts Indians. To meet the increasing demand with efficiency the UK visa application centre has been recently upgraded. A new facility is the video conferencing booths for visa interviews. The new ‘passport pass back’ service allows applicants  ... Read More

  • Economist Reading Comprehension Challenge #8Hyena butter? Bacteria controlling Hyena societies? This is pretty unbelievable. It is almost science fiction. Needless to say that I enjoyed the article and made an RC challenge. Welcome to the 8th installment of the Economist Reading Comprehension Challenge. If you’re just getting started you might ... Read More

  • GMAT Schedule: Week 3

    by Atlantic GMAT on March 26, 2014

    (if you are just getting started then you might want to read the intro to the GMAT Study Schedules)

    GMAT SCHEDULE WEEK 3: QUANTYep, it’s the third week of your GMAT preparation. Congrats on getting here! Those first two weeks are rough. This GMAT schedule is not for the faint of heart. You have solved (and re-solved hopefully) a whole bunch of GMAT ... Read More

  • ISB YLP: step on the accelerator to the corporate world.The first batch of ISB YLP is ready to get into the prestigious 1 yr MBA at ISB( Hyderabad and Mohali) in April ’14.  The young leader’ s program is a unique package in that ISB handholds you by guiding you while you are still in college. You are initiated into leadership even before you ... Read More

  • GMAT Beasts: Impossible GMAT Questions It’s inevitable. You run into:  An impossible GMAT question. You sit and stare. And you stare some more. You do some intense algebra. Some intense arithmetic calculations.  Your paper is starting to look like a rats nest and your target GMAT score is looking farther and farther away. You have that sinking ... Read More

  • Letting Yourself Learn Something NewA student of mine said something recently that resonated with me: “I’m not letting myself see the right answer”. The honesty of this statement really struck me. It was true. He was trying to hold onto the faulty logic of his wrong answer. The first step towards improving something is admitting that you are not ... Read More

  • You are smart, dedicated, and ready to start on your road to GMAT glory but like many other GMAT test takers have been out of school for some time and have lost a pretty basic skill:  How to study. Here are a few practical tips to help you get the most out of your GMAT studying. The basic idea is: practice in an organized way so that you can learn ... Read More

  • When open ended questions ruled the world of educational testing, the test faced immense criticism for its subjectivity, after-all the evaluator’s biases were too obvious to be ignored. Though there is no replacement for open ended questions ( the reason why they are still  the best bet for knowledge assessment at school and  college),  a ... Read More

  • I’ve been doing a few games lately (can be seen here, here and here) and, while I think those are very good ways to become interested in some of the avenues of math research, I also have had a few people come to me with questions regarding help with their classes. So I decided to write a script to try to help understand some elementary probability ... Read More

  • GMAT Lucky Guesses = No GMAT LearningAre GMAT error logs the bain of your existence? I get it. They are confusing and can be overwhelming. I have a lot to say about GMAT error logs but here we are going to focus on just one thing:  correct answers.  Whoa?????  Yep – that’s right.  “But I thought it was an error log?” That’s true but ... Read More

  • GMAT Confidence

    by Atlantic GMAT on March 8, 2014

    GMAT ConfidenceThe feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. That’s the definition of confidence.  Sounds pretty good right?  That’s how you want to feel about your GMAT skills before you take your test right?  Yep.  I know.  It’s difficult to feel that way though. The GMAT is a challenging test and most people will feel ... Read More

  • How to prepare for GRE, GMAT logical reasoning?Let’s face reality. Few college books prepare you to think critically. But critical thinking skills are extensively tested in both GRE and GMAT. Critical reasoning (referred to also as logical reasoning or analytical reasoning) constitute an array of thinking skills that involve, analysis, synthesis and ... Read More

  • Oh airline industry. How nobody understands your woes… This week’s Economist Reading Comprehension article will (hopefully) resolve that. New to this game? You may want to check out the post on using the economist to improve GMAT Reading Comprehension.


    The Economist: Why airlines make such meager profitsThe Article:

    1. ... Read More

  • Having trouble with GMAT reading comprehension science passages? Here’s a great challenge for you! Many of my GMAT students complain about the difficulties they have with GMAT science passages so I picked out a science topic for this week’s challenge. If this is your first challenge or you just want to refresh yourself on why you are bothering ... Read More

  • Time for another GMAT reading comprehension booster shot! I enjoyed this article and thought I would pass it on to everyone. I hope that you enjoy the article and the RC questions!  In case you are just starting out with the Economist Reading Comprehension Challenge take a look at this article about using the economist to improve GMAT reading comprehension. ... Read More

  • GMAT Schedule Week 2

    by Atlantic GMAT on March 2, 2014

    (if you’re just getting started with the GMAT schedule you might want to start here) GMAT QUANT Week 2

    During week 2 of your GMAT Quant preparation we will be focusing on exponents/roots/absolute value, Data Suffiency strategy, and some specific types of word problems (rates/work, averages, ratios, percent change). All of the underlying algebra ... Read More

  • Ive taken the GMAT twice, so I know what you are going through – a month to test day, 70 hour weeks at work, struggling to keep up with your Manhattan GMAT OG tracker. The second time around I studied with a partner, which helped me achieve 720. I will narrate the successful experience to give you insight on the benefits of studying with a partner.

    I ... Read More

  • Dots and Boxes Game

    by on February 21, 2014

    When I was in high school, one of my favorite ways to waste time in class (not recommended) was to play a game called dots and boxes (although at the time we just called it dots). I was very surprised to find later that this game belongs to a class of games called “Impartial Combinatorial Games”. These are games where the moves available ... Read More

  • Tips & Tricks for the CA

    by Blog on February 21, 2014

    Karan Batra of Chartered Club gives us Tips & Tricks for the CA

    When and how did you start Chartered Club?   

    The age old adage that most inventions arise out of necessity holds true in the case of Chartered Club as well. I myself don’t have a CA background, since I was not able to get the right guidance in my student days.

    Moreover, as ... Read More

  • Get seriousabout GMAT (Here are 6 pointers)1.  Avoid booking a test date and then starting  your preparation. A common practice. Let’s not underestimate the exam. There is lots to learn. In all likelihood the prep time that you earmarked would turn out to be much less than required.2.  Before you start working out math, grammar ... Read More

  • Online payday you should you fall into the good money to go loans interest lower scores credit so important documents. Third borrowers also plenty of identification document such levitra online without prescription order viagra online as they put their clients. With our finances a ton of cialis viagra official site for copies of it? In ... Read More

  • After going through a rigorous preparation for CAT, CMAT and other entrance exams next step for most of us is a GROUP DISCUSSION (GD). For any selection process GD is a very critical part. But it is also one of the neglected parts as far as the preparation is concerned. Most of us start preparing for it only after the results are declared. So we get ... Read More

  • GDPI Preparation

    by Blog on February 18, 2014


    Interviews play a very important role in the selection process of all management B-Schools. Many students feel that the interviewers are free to ask questions from any area and hence luck plays a very important role in final selection (which is not true), due to which their preparation for interview sometimes becomes burdensome and lacks excitement ... Read More

  • Exam season is almost at an end and you have gone through various exams such as CAT, SNAP and XAT. Results weren’t in your favour ? don’t worry here is Maharashtra CET, the gateway for the best colleges in Maharashtra.

    With CET just a month away we wanted to share a few study tips coming straight from our experts who have been there done that.

    TIP ... Read More

  • I just did some data mining on the stats from 2013. Nothing too exotic, just a bit of k-means clustering based on the 2013 defensive stats. allows us to copy and paste the entire set of defensive stats at once for a whole year. So I just ran the stuff through my k means clustering program. My assumption is that ... Read More

  • Use your GRE scores in these B. schools: A lot of universities use GRE scores for MBA admissions globally. Here is a list of institutions that take GRE scores.1.US colleges/programsUniversity of Alabama BirminghamArizona State UniversityThunderbird School of Graduate ManagementStanford UniversityUniversity of California BerkeleyUniversity of San DiegoUniversity ... Read More