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  • Odds & Evens

    by THE GMAT DOJO on October 5, 2015

    Basic but Beautiful: Odd & Even Integers OddsnEvens Feedback & Questions can go to Ranting & Raving may be shared with our Google+ community at Fine Math Video   Read More

  • Primes

    by THE GMAT DOJO on September 30, 2015

    We’ve got a few slides going, with (almost) everything you’ll ever need to know about prime numbers Primes Feedback & Questions can go to Ranting & Raving may be shared with our Google+ community at Fine Math Video Read More

  • Knowing how to guess well on GMAT Quant questions is a tremendously important factor on the test. Most people just don’t do it – they guess of course, but not well! But even if it is something that you are not doing it is a skill that can be acquired and practiced and this post will describe some of the ways to cultivate the ability to guess well ... Read More

  • Math as a Second Language

    by THE GMAT DOJO on September 25, 2015

    WHAT IS MATH? Mathematics is Poetry. It has its strange conventions, its grammar, and its myriad exceptions, idioms, and imagery. We can see that many students were taught Math as if it were an Ikea manual or a cooking recipe – which it is not. Math is one of the jewels of humanity’s heritage, a […] Read More

  • CR(Critical Reasoning) is my favorite sub-section on the GMAT. Firstly, because I had 100% accuracy on CR. But more importantly,  I got to dissect a well formed argument.You don't have to read loooooong passages and neither do you have to correct sentences. Some say, you can't prepare or practice for CR, but that's not true. Although, you do get ... Read More

  • As I grow, I’m always thinking of different ways to expose my own personality through the site. This is partially because it is easier for me to talk about subjects where I am already knowledgeable, but it is more-so being done to help make some of these algorithms and concepts I encode more understandable, and sometimes relating ... Read More

  • 3.0? 4.0? 5.0? Your grade point average is only one part of your college application. However, combined with a transcript detailing your high school coursework, this weighted or unweighted number tells an important story to college admissions committees. Your GPA suggests how well you will perform in college, based on how you have performed in […] Read More

  • In my years as a GMAT tutor I have had many students come to me complaining that although they have done a lot of prep for the test, their scores just are not increasing. There are many reasons that this could be the case, but in this post I would like to discuss what, in my experience, is by far the most common cause and also the easiest one to solve: ... Read More


    by THE GMAT DOJO on September 20, 2015

    First Steps: Great training always starts with a diagnostic. We encourage you not to attempt the free simulations on the site. Most serious teachers will agree with us, when we say there is a shortage of good prep material. In fact, one of our tutors moonlights as an editor for a well-known GMAT sim, […] Read More

  • Introducing Dan Ryan

    Dan Ryan, our StudyGuru is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) providing PMP Exam training including the mandatory PMI 35 contact hour requirement required to sit for the PMP exam.

    Besides studying with him gives you the license to access the most realistic PMP Exam test simulators on the market today which prepares the ... Read More

  • GMAT Overview

    by THE GMAT DOJO on September 16, 2015

    THE LAY OF THE LAND As you may have heard, the GMAT is an adaptive test. That’s unlike any test you have ever experienced – unless you like sparring and street-fighting: the goal may be obvious, but the way is wide open. CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS CORE CONTENT MODULES: knowing the core content inside-out is a […] Read More

  • New GMAT Website in Amsterdam

    by THE GMAT DOJO on September 15, 2015

    GMAT Dojo is happy to announce: we open a dedicated website for GMAT in Amsterdam, effective September 15, 2015. Visit our dedicated site for GMAT Courses in Amsterdam here. Read More

  • Everything revolves around the return on investment. Ultimately, schools either can or cannot keep up with the trends. MBA programs have been evolving continuously for the past many years, but for some reason a specific crowd of applicants no longer sees 2 year MBA programs as viable.To know more about how MBA programs are at crossroads, you can read ... Read More

  • Data sufficiency - factors

    by let's GMAT on September 12, 2015

    Data sufficiencyIf N = 3x x 5y, where x and y are positive integers, and N has 12 positive factors, what is the value of N?(1) 9 is NOT a factor of N(2) 125 is a factor of NThe number of factors  is given by formula (x+1)(y+1) where x,y are the powers of the prime numbers after prime factorization.12 = (x+1)(y+1)The product of (6,2) (4,3) give ... Read More

  • All, most, none can be singular or plural depending on the countability of the nouns that follow.They are singular when followed by non- countable nouns.They are plural when followed by countable nouns.Countable nounsNone of the invites have come.None of the equipment has been shiftedNone of our resources go to our consultants.None of my friends have ... Read More

  • Is 600 good enough? What about 650? What about 700? What makes a GMAT score good? Do the qualifications change depending on the school? Can the same score mean something different from one candidate to another? Here is a breakdown of GMAT score ranges to give you an overview of the landscape and help you […] Read More

  • Keep your fears awayOne fear most test takers feel is ‘ what if the passages are totally unfamiliar’. This is highly unlikely if you have spent a good amount of time reading quality passages and have taken good number of comprehension tests.Imagine yourself succeedingBe optimistic about your preparation and success in the GRE test.  Start your ... Read More

  • Ten ways to score poorly in GMAT! If you are rich enough for retakes, that is1. I know math, so no need to go thru the same old arithmetic, algebra, geometry stuff2.  Tones of free downloads on your pc..what is relevant, what is not, even God may not know..3. Just official guide, what else, nothing official about it… 4. I will join for the costliest, ... Read More

  • So, next time you come across that guy with 750+ GMAT score or that under 100 IIT-JEE ranking, you need not fret! We, at StudyPal, after talking to hundreds of successful candidates have decided to frame the secret guide to phenomenal success exclusively for our users. We bring to you the secrets of High Scores; a five point guide to score three times ... Read More

  • Probability questions are one of the most hated kind of questions on the GMAT. After all, the "probability" of getting the answer right (if you are a Poet) is pretty low. Although, under timed conditions, many Quants struggle to get it right too.First of all, you don't need to worry too much about any one topic on the GMAT. It's just not worth the hassle ... Read More

  • The Dojo is happy to announce: we partnered with SAT.Amsterdam to offer SAT & ACT courses in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, effective October 1, 2015. GMAT Dojo is proud to bring its cutting-edge curriculum, to serious teachers the world over, and SAT.Amsterdam has made a serious commitment to training, rather than fleecing its clients. Bravo! Visit ... Read More

  • Study Spots in Boston

    by Blog on September 5, 2015

    It is not easy to find yourself a place to dig into your books. And the gravity of the situation multiplies itself when it comes down to studying for tests or any competitive exam. Exploration is the key when you need to find your very own cozy hole to study. StudyPal does the scouting part for you and brings to you a list of 5 best places to study ... Read More

  • As the technology improves and as online tutoring becomes more effective, more and more people are choosing to work with tutors remotely, via Skype or some other online meeting platform. However, finding a tutor, a daunting task under any circumstances, is all the more difficult when you are looking for someone who you will be working with remotely ... Read More

  • Yesterday, I had an extremely crucial Skype call to attend. But, for some reason technology decided to give me the slip and I wasn't even able to connect. It WAS a major setback considering that I worked for a long time just for that ONE call. Luckily, things turned out well, but even before they had turned out well, the way I reacted was amazing. For ... Read More

  • Study Spots In Bangalore

    by Blog on September 1, 2015

    It is a unique experience to live in a city; with all its fast paced lifestyle and unending rush. But, Bangalore is one of those amiable cities with widespread lawns and lovely weather that wins your heart over and over again. Test prep in itself requires a lot of attention and you need to simply shut out the noises while you concentrate on your studies. ... Read More

  • After earning a lower score than expected, MBA applicants often wonder whether they should take the GMAT more than once. Planning in advance to have at least one buffer exam date, scheduled for one or two months after the first exam date, can provide much-needed mental comfort in an already stressful process. Like a good […] Read More