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  • Is it too late to send your MBA applications in the third round?

    From a possible silver lining for third-round MBA applicants, to how Chinese proverbs may identify problems in U.S. MBA education, to bragging rights about startups, here’s the latest in MBA news from media outlets around the world.

    Third-round may no longer mean third-rate The conventional ... Read More

  • Don’t let another year pass without diving into your GMAT or GRE test prep for business school.Photo Credit: Tim Pierce via Compfight cc

    If you’re anything like us, you probably started out 2015 with a long list of New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you wanted to:

    get a better job earn more money learn a new skill better yourself 

    Sound familiar? ... Read More

  • Example: If medical researchers are correct, then the human microbiome, made up of the microorganisms in our body, may hold the cure to diseases that have long plagued humanity, amounting to a major oversight in Western medicine that has, until recently, all but ignored any such role of the microbiome.

    (A) humanity, amounting to a major oversight in ... Read More

  • In conversation with Joydeep Das who speaks about the x-factor that helped him crack an MBA admit to ISB with a 730 on the GMAT!

    The journey begins….GMAT! Why!?

    I graduated from VIT in 2010 and have been in the automotive domain ever since. In the past, I’ve worked with Robert Bosch and am currently with Geometric Ltd. as a consultant ... Read More

  • Hello!

    It’s the perfect day: you wake up and realize you have 3 free hours to use for GMAT prep! In addition to that, you also have a Magoosh premium account–lucky you! Now, how do you make the most of this study session? Where should you begin to maximize the time you have?

    That’s what I’m addressing in this week’s ... Read More

  • 1) A librarian has 4 identical copies of Hamlet, 3 identical copies of Macbeth, 2 identical copies of Romeo and Juliet, and one copy of Midsummer’s Night Dream. In how many distinct arrangements can these ten books be put in order on a shelf?

    (A) 720

    (B) 1,512

    (C) 2,520

    (D) 6,400

    (E) 12,600  

    2) A librarian has a set of ten books, including ... Read More

  • Ready to Crack 700? Test Yourself Against These Challenging GMAT Questions Some of my students come to me just needing an above-average GMAT score to be accepted to their target business schools. But many of them are shooting for the upper 600’s — or even to crack 700! — to have the best chance of getting in to the top-tier MBA programs.

    If ... Read More

  • Jobs in health care aren’t just for doctors and nurses. There are plenty of engaging opportunities—with respectable average salaries—for MBAs.

    In 2014, there were two important milestones in health care in the United States: the enactment of several key provisions under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the youngest ... Read More

  • If you haven’t been following our series on RTD tables, take a few minutes to catch up:

    Using Diagrams to Solve Rate Problems: Part 1 Using Diagrams to Solve Rate Problems: Part 2 A Different Use of the RTD Table: Part 1 A Different Use of the RTD Table: Part 2 Using the RTD Table for a Complicated Problem One More RTD Table Problem: Average ... Read More

  • Want to attend a top MBA program abroad? Check out high-ranking European business schools

    When it comes to choosing a business school, the majority of people (56.4%) cite ranking and reputation as the most important factors in selecting their MBA program or specialized masters. While you may be familiar with the top MBA programs in America, at schools ... Read More

  • My last several posts have been devoted to the use of a table to answer rate problems. Today’s post will assume familiarity with that table, so please take a look back at these posts is you’re not already familiar with the RTD table:

    Using Diagrams to Solve Rate Problems: Part 1 Using Diagrams to Solve Rate Problems: Part 2 A Different Use of ... Read More

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    It is big in the cheap louis vuitton monogram ... Read More

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    A friend of mine invented an ode to Fashion Valley Mall, that she would sing aquatic treadmill he came into the city and we went shopping. And why wouldn’t he? Fashion Valley most certainly deserves its own song. If there was awards for malls, it would deserve those as well. Now mind you, I’ve never met a mall I didn’t like, but some ... Read More

  • Hello!

    Ever wonder who the man behind Magoosh is? On this edition of GMAT Tuesday’s with Kevin, I’m treating you to an interview with Magoosh CEO Bhavin!

    Watch this week’s video to learn about Bhavin’s life leading up to business school, his advice for how to thrive in b-school, and of course, his spirit animal.

    Be sure to ... Read More

  • Kaplan GMAT instructors will tell you that we hear common refrains from our students and friends. In my years of teaching, I have compiled a list of three of the most common mistakes my Kaplan students and personal friends have made while they are prepping for the exam. Test takers beware: avoid these common GMAT prep mistakes on the road to GMAT success.

    Mistake ... Read More

  • My last few blog posts have involved rate problems about simultaneous movement. In each of these problems we discovered exactly two travelers who either (1) moved at their own constant rates for the entire time period covered by the story, or (2) moved at their own constant rates  and started and stopped simultaneously.

    If you’d like to review ... Read More

  • What should you consider when choosing your MBA program and the best business school for you?

    When is the last time you were faced with the (possibly debilitating) question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Was it at a job interview? A discussion with mom and dad about your academic or professional future? If you’ve ever had to answer ... Read More

  • Outsourcing is the practice of obtaining from an independent supplier a product or service that a company has previously provided for itself. Since a company’s chief objective is to realize the highest possible year-end profits, any product or service that can be obtained from an independent supplier for less than it would cost the company to provide ... Read More

  • Photo Credit: matsuyuki via Compfight cc

    I take notes.  I write things down.  Those statements may sound less than novel, but more and more such actions seem to be just that.  In the classes I teach, both for Kaplan and at DePaul, it is the rare student I observe actually taking notes and it is the rare student who clamors for pen and paper to ... Read More

  • Let’s recap where we left off yesterday.  We were working with this diagram:

    We wanted to solve for Mary’s time, t.

    In every row the relationship among rate, time, and distance is the same: RT=D. In this diagram the bottom row looks the most promising, since it alone contains only the variable for which we’re solving. (Why mess around with ... Read More

  • Choosing the right MBA program for your needs can be challenging. How do you identify the best one for your specific personal, educational, and professional goals? Get help choosing the right business school with our MBA class profile infographic.

    An important element of your business school experience will be your fellow students—the other aspiring ... Read More

  • Top B-schools that admit through the GMAT decided that to see potential and future leadership, they could look at 3 broad things:


    Academic Potential:

    What are your GMAT Scores – including your split in Quant & Verbal? What is the reputation of your Undergrad school & the course that you took? (They have a pretty good idea of the Indian ... Read More

  • In my last couple of posts (Using Diagrams to Solve GMAT Rate Problems Part 1 and Part 2) I used a Rate-Time-Distance table, (or RTD table) to solve the most common sort of rate problem: a combined-rate problem in which two travelers move in opposite directions simultaneously.  (If you haven’t read those posts and aren’t otherwise familiar with ... Read More

  • Have you ever wondered – What is the deal with CAT? Firstly, you have hundreds of thousands of aspiratns vying for a few hundred seats. Heck! It is easier to get into a 7pm Virar Fast than make it to the top IIMs (Mumbaikars will know what I am saying! :)). Add to it the “normalization” bit that has a logic which confounds even the wisest economists. ... Read More

  • Are business school graduates from top MBA programs about to light up Wall Street once again?

    From a possible comeback for an MBA-starved Wall Street to the vocal disapproval of one Harvard Business School student, as well as the announcement of the top MBA program in Europe, let’s dig in to recent MBA news!

    For decades, MBA graduates of a certain ... Read More

  • In Part 1 we used what is called an RTD table to solve a fairly typical rate problem. Today I want to revisit the problem in Part 1 to make a simple point:  

    There’s more than one correct way to use the table.

    If you keep in mind a few simple truth about the RTD table and it’s application to simultaneous travel problems, your correct approach ... Read More

  • Accept the challenge to master GMAT math.

    Start the year off strong by diving in to your GMAT prep with vigor (or renewed vigor, as the case may be.) The math section is often the most feared, but the quantitative content on the GMAT is definable and conquerable. Brush up on the math skills that the exam tests and pair this knowledge with solid critical ... Read More

  • Put your GMAT study schedule on a calendar, and make it specific.Photo Credit: photosteve101 via Compfight cc

    It’s a new year, and many of you are working on establishing new routines and habits. Now is a perfect time to start (or re-start) a GMAT study schedule. We’ve got some advice to help get you on the right track.

    Studying for the GMAT is ... Read More

  • In conversation with Kinjal Das who is a multiple CAT taker and has a GMAT 760 score!

    Could you tell us about your profile?

    I have 8 years of work experience in software development and work as a Project lead with Oracle.

    How did you know about CrackVerbal?

    I am also a moderator on Pagalguy, a discussion forum for CAT and GMAT test takers. Arun, ... Read More

  • Happy New Year!

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on January 1, 2015

    Happy New Year, dear blog readers!

    2015…Can you believe it?

    All of us here at Magoosh would like to wish you a happy start to the new year. If your New Year’s Resolution is to improve your test scores, let us know and we can help!

    And if that isn’t your resolution, we still want to know about your plans for the coming year — ... Read More

  • Diagrams are great! Like all types of scratch-work, diagrams can forestall cognitive fatigue because working a problem out on paper is much less demanding than doing all the work in your head. Diagrams can also help you to visualize relationships, and can make problems more concrete.

    Generally though, we use diagrams to generate equations, which we ... Read More

  • You are now just a week away from your MBA application deadline. As you pore over your essays for the umpteenth time, your eyes glazed over, your hair standing on end… you are worried. You have spent months writing and rewriting your MBA essays – they seem pretty good to you. But are they good enough for the admissions committee? Or, you may feel ... Read More

  • Don’t buy into the myths about your GMAT score. Practice the strategy and critical thinking skills you need to dominate the test!Photo Credit: Peter Van Lancker via Compfight cc

    At Kaplan Test Prep, we talk to future MBAs every day, so the GMAT is a hot topic of conversation. Those conversations come with their share of myths that are just begging ... Read More

  • Hello!

    Today’s GMAT Tuesday follows up on a previous theme: How to Improve Reading Comprehension. Today, we’ll recap that video’s tips for active reading, then we’ll practice these skills by reading an article together. That way, you can test to see if you’re reading as actively as you think you are.

    Before we begin, ... Read More

  • GMAT data sufficiency questions test your ability to analyze a quantitative problem and recognize which information is necessary to figure out the solution.  What a data sufficiency question does NOT test you on is your ability to calculate and number-crunch.  A simpler way of addressing this might be to ask yourself a question as you work through ... Read More

  • 1) Jennifer can buy watches at a price of B dollars per watch, which she marks up by a certain percentage before selling. If she makes a total profit of T by selling N watches, then in terms of B and T and N, what is the percent of the markup from her buy price to her sell price?

    100T/(NB) TB/(100N) 100TN/B ((T/N) – B)/(100B) 100(T – NB)/N

    2) ... Read More

  • Let’s first note the two reasons why we read in everyday life:

    1)    We read because we are required (for real-life purposes) to be knowledgeable about the content we are reading: studying for a history exam, delivering on a business proposal, etc.

    2)    We read because we have a natural interest in the topic at hand, as in leisurely reading: ... Read More

  • “I have a 100 percentile in CAT Verbal!” Every time I say this to someone, I see eyeballs popping. “Wow!” they chorus, “Which IIM did you go to?” The answer is none.

    I was born with a severe case of Quantophobia and my CAT Quant percentile was (and is) “undisclosable”. So, despite having an overall percentile of 99.47, I did not clear ... Read More