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  • Use critical thinking to optimize your GMAT problem-solving strategy.

    While making your way through the Quantitative Reasoning section, it’s easy to forget that the GMAT is a critical thinking test, not a math test. Using strategies to save time and minimize errors is rewarded on Test Day.

    Use backsolving for Quantitative Reasoning efficiency One ... Read More

  • Use your interview or personal statement to sell the admissions committee on your candidacy.

    Imagine that you are standing in the lobby of a large building. You’ve just pushed the button to go up to the 10th floor for an appointment you have in a few minutes. As you wait for the elevator to arrive, you strike up a conversation with the person waiting ... Read More

  • By Francine Fluetsch,

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    If you are planning to go to business school to get your MBA somewhere down the road, you want to make sure that your undergraduate major is going to help you ... Read More

  • Your undergrad major may not matter as much as what you get out of it.

    While Darden MBAs look to consulting, Midwestern business school grads are taking their startup dreams to Silicon Valley. Here’s what’s trending on the business education landscape.

    Consulting bonanza at UVA Darden Graduates of the top-ranked University of Virginia Darden ... Read More

  • I recently told you about Kaplan’s free online GMAT practice test and how you can use it to simulate Test Day. In this post, I’ll share some tips for maximizing the practice test experience.

    The value of a GMAT practice test score report When you take a Kaplan GMAT practice test, it comes with a full score report. This includes explanations for ... Read More

  • Business school is experiencing a refreshing surge of diversification.

    We hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. There’s a lot to discuss as we kick off the new year. Here’s what’s trending on the MBA landscape: Business school deans are making 2017 resolutions. MBA students are predicting changes. Some female MBA’s have unique challenges ... Read More

  • Learn to Dominate the GMAT [Free Master Class] I’m excited to announce a free webinar event that I’m going to be hosting on Tuesday, January 10th at 8:30pm EST (5:30pm Pacific) where I’ll be demystifying the GMAT for you and teaching you exactly how to create a winning game plan for dominating the GMAT.

    I’d love for you to ... Read More

  • It’s 2017. You have 12 new chapters and 360 fresh chances ahead of you. The year is yours… to squander or to make the most of. If you see business school in your future, let 2017 be the year you make it happen.

    Our friends at Stacy Blackman Consulting want to help you reach your most ambitious professional goals by giving you access to ... Read More

  • Don’t believe everything you hear about your GMAT score.

    At Kaplan Test Prep, we talk to future MBAs every day, so the GMAT is a hot topic of conversation. Those conversations come with their share of myths that are just begging to be busted. It’s time to set the record straight so you know what to focus your energy on.

    1. The GMAT math ... Read More

  • The GMAT is a tough exam, even for those who have been speaking English their entire lives. Another degree of difficulty is added for those who are non-native English speakers. Here at Magoosh, we’re proud to have helped many students from around the world who speak English as a second language. There’s no denying that this endeavor is challenging. ... Read More

  • A good study plan requires actual planning. Not so profound, but there it is. Yet many applicants do themselves a big disservice by trying to rely on study splurges— lengthy cramming sessions with long periods of no studies in between—not a study plan so much as an attempt to squeeze the typical amount of (substantial) study effort into the smallest ... Read More

  • Find out which ‘Business School Insider’ posts this year were most popular among our readers.

    With so much vying for your attention as an undergraduate in 2016, you may have missed some of the helpful admissions, test prep, and lifestyle posts Business School Insider had to offer this year—many of which bear repeating.

    With that in ... Read More

  • Get down to business by learning the latest MBA trends.

    Chinese applicants have different motivations to get their MBA than their global counterparts. Consider crowdfunding to pay for your MBA. Top business schools often have the highest yield rate. The music world needs MBAs. Here’s what’s trending on the MBA landscape:

    What Chinese applicants ... Read More

  • The best GMAT prep will help you maximize your time on Test Day.

    At Kaplan, we don’t really believe practice makes perfect; we have found that practice makes permanent. Much like practicing a sport or a musical instrument, GMAT prep makes performing on Test Day feel almost automatic. Being prepared begins with understanding the test, best accomplished ... Read More

  • How is the GMAT scored?

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on December 28, 2016

    This is a funny question because it could be interpreted in several different ways:

    (1) What do you receive in a GMAT score report, including the scales of the individual scores?

    (2) What is the mechanism by which the answers you enter on the GMAT are interpreted and scored?

    (3) What skills does the GMAT measure and how can you prepare for a solid ... Read More

  • Invest in your future this holiday season by preparing for business school.

    Winter break is a much-deserved holiday for all students, and it’s important to enjoy it and recharge. That said, if you’re planning to take the GMAT this spring, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the extra time to plan ahead. Here are a few productive ways to ... Read More

  • Virtually all GMAT Reading Comprehension questions fall into these 6 categories: main idea, detail, inference, out of context, logical structure, and author’s tone. Familiarizing yourself with each type of reading comprehension prompt will allow you to think more like the test-writers and root out common traps.

    GMAT Reading Comprehension Question ... Read More

  • Learn how taking a GMAT practice test differs from the actual GMAT Test Day.

    In my last post, I provided an overview of Kaplan’s free online GMAT practice test, which is a computer-adaptive exam. Taking this practice test is very much like taking the actual GMAT, with some important distinctions to bear in mind:

    Analytical Writing Assessment During ... Read More

  • Many of our GMAT students are very intimidated by the quantitative section of the GMAT.  But they really don’t need to be.

    We are quick to explain that it can often be easier to make rapid improvement in your score on the quantitative section of the GMAT, as a significant portion of the facts and concepts you need to know are easy enough to ... Read More

  • Great question!  The short answer is that you get most of your GMAT score right away, as soon as you are done with your test, and the rest, the whole kit-and-caboodle, about 20 days later.  Before we can clarify that answer with greater detail, we need to discuss a couple other questions.

    What are the sections on the GMAT? As you may know, after ... Read More

  • Which MBA programs offer the quickest return on investment?

    Tensions run high for Round One applicants this week, some business schools’ return on investment is more immediate than that of others, and programs look to invest in real estate and technology. Here’s what’s trending on the MBA landscape.

    Decision week for early applicants For those ... Read More

  • One of the best ways to begin preparing for the GMAT is to take Kaplan’s free online practice test. The format is the same as the actual GMAT you will see on test day, consisting of four sections: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning.

    Simulate Test Day conditions with a GMAT practice test Taking ... Read More

  • For years the MBA has built up its reputation as the go to degree for individuals wanting to make a move into the management field.

    What's more, it has fared exceptionally well by equipping various graduates with skills to move forward and enter prestigious positions in MNC's or create organizations of their own.

    However, with all the rewards ... Read More

  • British business schools best their European counterparts in the latest MBA rankings list.

    Admissions officers discuss the best recommendation letters they’ve read, Simon Business School sees a surge in applications, and the latest MBA rankings land in the United Kingdom. Here’s what’s trending on the MBA landscape.

    More MBA rankings are here The ... Read More

  • Free MBA Admissions Webinar 12/7/16 – Register Now! You don’t want the admissions committee at your top choice b-school to like you…you want them to LOVE you. Get the keys that will unlock their hearts when you attend Accepted’s upcoming webinar, 5 Ways to Make Top B-Schools Love You.

    In this one-hour webinar, Linda Abraham, CEO of Accepted, ... Read More

  • Knowing when to approximate is key to building confidence in GMAT math.

    While getting ready for the GMAT, you may need to devote some energy to re-learning math concepts for the Quantitative Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning sections. But no matter how much of a “math person” you are, one skill you MUST be comfortable with is estimation. A good ... Read More

  • By Elana Goodwin on November 27, 2016

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    No matter if it’s your first presentation or your hundredth, it’s natural to have some nerves and anxiety before you stand up and make ... Read More

  • Paying for the GMAT when living outside the United States can be somewhat confusing, as prices are only listed in USD. Below, we look at GMAT fees in India in terms of the rupee (₹). (Note that this post was written in November 2016 using an exchange rate of $1 = ₹68.2)

    The Minimum GMAT Fee in India At minimum, everyone taking the GMAT will have ... Read More

  • A recent Kaplan survey shows that more MBA programs than ever are accepting the GRE as a GMAT alternative.

    More business schools are accepting the GRE than ever before, cancelled GMAT scores are on the rise, and Donald Trump’s top strategist is remembered at HBS. Here’s what’s trending on the MBA landscape.

    GRE gaining wider acceptance According ... Read More

  • Meet Angela, the winner of this autumn's Brightest Minds MBA Scholarship Contest who beat thousands of contestants around the world to claim our $25,000 MBA scholarship prize. Angela is 28 years old, lives in Los Angeles and is a Certified Public Accountant. She moved to the United States from Hong Kong 10 years ago to attend UCLA and plans to apply ... Read More

  • In conversation with Mahesh Yalamanchilli, who bagged an ISB admit with a 710 on the GMAT    

    Can you tell us a bit about your profile?   I graduated from NIT Warangal in Mechanical Engineering and got placed in Oracle Financial Services soon after that. At the same time, I got my start-up up and running- we’re an e-commerce site that ... Read More

  • One business school hopeful reflects on lessons learned as a college student.

    I may only be a junior, but there are a lot of things that I wish I had known before starting my career as a college student. Here are some key takeaways that I’ve gathered from my experience:

    Tips from a business school-bound college student  

    Use your campus ... Read More

  • This blog post builds upon the article on the usage of pronouns ‘it/they’   We have seen the general usage of ‘it’. Now let us look at one special usage of ‘it’ – the placeholder or the dummy ‘it’.   There are some rules that we must be aware of when dealing with ‘placeholders’.    

    Rule #1 – Placeholders ... Read More

  • Pronouns are one of those underappreciated concepts on the GMAT. If you are not careful with them or do not understand their nuances, they will trip you. ‘it/they’ are those pronouns that you must be especially careful of.   How can one be more careful of these traps you ask?   One simple way to accomplish this is to substitute what ‘it’ ... Read More

  • To begin, four GMAT SC Practice Questions.


    1) Buying tradition growth stocks at the low points immediately following periods of sharp decline are not guaranteed in producing long term gains.

    (A) are not guaranteed in producing

    (B) is not guaranteed in producing

    (C) is not guaranteed for producing

    (D) is not guaranteed to produce

    (E) are ... Read More

  • Average starting salaries are up at one top business school.

    One top business school reports record-breaking compensation for its graduates, another MBA rankings list lands, and applicants look to change the world through social entrepreneurship. Here’s what’s trending on the business school landscape.

    MBA rankings are here! Bloomberg Businessweek ... Read More

  • In Conversation with Avinash Satish who bagged admits to Oxford and ISB with a 700 on the GMAT…  

    Could you tell us a bit about your profile?   I graduated from the Vellore Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology degree in 2011. I worked as a software developer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for about 2 years. During ... Read More

  • There are many questions on the GMAT relating to verb tense (though, as we've mentioned in the past, only six tenses are tested directly). The use of tenses in English is one of the more complicated areas of English grammar for native speakers and non-native speakers alike. However, by familiarizing yourself with fundamental rules pertaining to the ... Read More

  • This is an extremely difficult question category that appears only infrequently on the GMAT. First, a couple of practice problems.


    1) The dark purple region on the number line above is shown in its entirety. This region is delineated by which of the following inequalities?

    (A) 10 < |x + 10| < 80

    (B) 10 < |x – 100| < 80

    (C) ... Read More

  • One college student says thanks to her mom for everything she’s done.

    We say thank you so often and casually that we sometimes forget why we say it. Yes, of course it’s polite to say thank you—but what does it really mean? Being thankful perhaps matters most when someone has guided you through life. In that respect, I cannot express how thankful ... Read More

  • GMAT Critical Reasoning Tip: Identifying Conclusions The methodology for answering GMAT critical reasoning questions sounds pretty simple and straightforward on the surface. You read the question first to make sure you know what you’re supposed to zero in on, and then you read the argument prompt reductively to identify the parts of the argument, ... Read More