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  • We've recently discussed GMAT Reading Comprehension question types and patterns in detail, so it's time to try your hand at identifying question types and answering some difficult practice questions. GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice: The Passage "Strange Bedfellows!" lamented the title of a recent letter to Museum News, in which a certain Harriet ... Read More

  • If we look at statistics, we will come to know that a small number of GMAT test takers, only 21%, spend up to 100 hours or more in order to prepare for the test. Are you looking for a few, easy tips to prepare for the exam with ease? If so, you have come to the right place. Below you are going to discuss top 10 GMAT preparation tips. If you follow properly, ... Read More

  • Now that we’ve discussed how to write an introduction, it is time to turn to writing a body paragraph. What follows is a layout, a map if you will, of what to do in your body paragraphs. If you include each of these pieces in two to three body paragraphs, you’ll be on track for a strong score on the writing section of the GMAT.


    I. Identification: ... Read More

  • Last time I talked about anticipation stress and how it can impede your preparation for the GMAT. Keep working on conquering that kind of stress.

    Now, let's talk about the other type of stress that I mentioned in my previous blog entry - test day/performance stress. On test day, there is a chance that you might experience one of the following situations:

    Getting ... Read More

  • For many students, the benefits of earning an MBA far outweigh the costs – that is, until they consider the complications of quitting their jobs to go back to school full-time. Enter the Online MBA, which alleviates many of these complications. Today, is here to discuss the pros of Online Business School.

    If one side of a scale ... Read More

  • An SAT Prep class is the best way to help you prepare for the SAT. In a class, you will learn exactly what to expect on the SAT and how to answer the different types of questions. You will also learn testing strategies to help you work through the test. The class also presents a learning environment you are familiar with and it offers you interaction ... Read More

  • Are you dealing with any of these potentially stressful situations?

    1) Paying on student loans 2) Trying to secure an impressive job 3) Making time to network with friends 4) Attempting to date in the Google Glass world

    You get the idea. Now, you want to go to business school and all the admissions officers and literature talk about how important ... Read More

  • Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreTriangles are everywhere on the GMAT. It is important you master them. Today’s GMAT triangle data sufficiency problem is a good one. Review our answer explanation to see how you did….GMAT Triangles Problems - 1 What is the ratio of the area of the triangle ... Read More

  • According to Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the creators of the GMAT exam, the percentiles of the GMAT score points to the relationship between percentiles of the test takers and GMAT score. Below is a detailed description of it. After this, we will get an insight into what is a good GMAT score. 545.6 = Average score, over this is ... Read More

  • Most people would say that the GMAT is hard, and indeed, it’s no walk in the park, but I would argue that the hardest part of this topic lies in the first three words of this blog post.  Teaching is an art that develops with experience.  I was fortunate to have done classroom teaching in high schools for more than two decades before I started ... Read More

  • As I mentioned in my previous exploration of GMAT Reading Comprehension, most of the questions focus on the author’s purpose, so if you can at least identify her main idea as you slog through the passage, the author will guide you to the right answer in three out of four of those main question types:

    The correct answer to a Global question is ... Read More

  • We all know that acing the GMAT is an important step on the road to business school. But the role of your GMAT score really depends on where you plan to study, and what the rest of your application has to offer. Today, our friends at are here with more details.

    Your GMAT Score is a simple number that will have a tremendous impact on ... Read More

  • There are some fortunate beings among us who seem to thrive on GMAT Reading Comprehension problems. The rest of look on with veiled mirthless smiles at these blessed souls, all the while muttering under our collective breaths, “what, are ya nuts!” If you’re like most of us mere mortals, Reading Comp is a complete pain: long, nearly incomprehensible ... Read More

  • Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreTodays problem is a GMAT Functions problem. Functions problems can be scary but they are just fancy equations. Test yourself and then review our answer explanation of todays problem….GMAT Functions Problems - 1f (x − y)= f (x)− f (y) for which of the following ... Read More

  • You may think you’re doing everything right, but you could be making one of these big mistakes. Today, our friends at Stacy Blackman are here to get your b-school applications on the right track.

    When it comes to making mistakes on a business school application, there are so many places where candidates can run afoul and ruin their chances at admission. ... Read More

  • With approximately six months to go before first-round deadlines for the 2014–2015 MBA application season, many business school aspirants are considering ways they might enhance their candidacy. While candidates can take a variety of steps to accomplish this—from boosting their community and personal profiles, to pursuing additional classes, to ... Read More

  • Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreTest yourself on today’s GMAT Weighted Averages problem, a type of average that can be solved with ease with right approach. Make sure you review our answer explanation and method of solving, saving you time on test day….GMAT Right Triangles Problems - 1 ... Read More

  • Educational models are shifting. High school students do homework at school and watch lectures at home. Tens of thousands of students can all enroll in a class and take it at the same time. Top universities are giving away information for free. If there is something that we want to know, all we need is a semi-stable Internet connection.

    But there are ... Read More

  • Undoubtedly, the GMAT can be a frustrating test to learn how to beat. Most who find themselves in battle with it end up following a red herring by questioning what the heck this test has to do with business. Entertaining this line of inquiry is a fool’s errand and takes the focus off the necessary work. Further, getting distracted by a why-do-I-have-to-what-does-this-have-to-do-with-anything ... Read More

  • Do These Five Things Before Your GMAT Your GMAT is right around the corner. Maybe it’s tomorrow, maybe it’s later this week, but either way it’s almost game time. And you’re looking for that edge, that little extra something you can do to separate yourself from your peers and put yourself in the best position to succeed on test ... Read More

  • Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreToday’s GMAT Positive and Negative numbers problem is a data sufficiency. Test your skills and review our answer explanation after for tips that will raise your score….GMAT Positive Negative Numbers Problems - 2If a and b are integers is (a+1)(b+1) a positive ... Read More

  • Time management is a very important element of the GMAT. Those of us who have chosen this path are juggling so many different deadlines and time constraints, and effective time management is critical to ensuring your success. Here are my top 3 GMAT time management strategies while preparing Test Day!

    1. Be specific Early in my career, I was introduced ... Read More

  • In previous blogs, I have spoken about what constitutes a good GMAT score, how hard is the GMAT, and the possibility of a GMAT retake.  In some sense, almost every article on this blog is about getting a good GMAT score.  In this blog, I want to address one important paradox that eludes many folks studying for the GMAT.  To discuss this paradox, ... Read More

  • GMAT Sequences – 1

    by GMAT Prepster on April 7, 2014

    Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreOn the GMAT Sequences problems tend to give test takers a tough time because of the way they are written. Test your skills and check our solution for a time saving tip when it comes to sequences on the GMAT…GMAT Sequences Problems - 1 A sequence is defined as ... Read More

  • Data Sufficiency (DS) questions are unique to the GMAT. When first encountered they are cumbersome, confusing, and generally frustrating. Admittedly, Data Sufficiency questions often remain cumbersome, confusing, and generally frustrating, but such is the nature of the GMAT. After all, the better you do, the harder the test gets! However, thorough understanding ... Read More

  • Today, I’m excited to share this post from our friends at The MBA Exchange. If you can’t decide if now’s the time to pursue your MBA, read on for some helpful tips.

    One of the most distinctive and beneficial aspects of MBA education — compared to most other graduate disciplines — is that the most prestigious schools prefer ... Read More

  • Looking for GMAT help? Innovative Prep, backed by a 50-Point Guarantee*

    Learn MoreConsecutive numbers are those that are evenly spaced. These are also known as arithmetic sequences, On the GMAT thinking in terms of consecutive sequences can make problems easier. Review our solution for todays problem for helpful tips with consecutive numbers…..GMAT ... Read More

  • Business school candidates who have an obvious weakness in their profile—such as a low GPA or GMAT score or a prolonged gap in work experience—often worry that they are destined to attend a virtually unknown business school. Whenever such applicants ask admissions officers how their weakness might affect their candidacy, they hear this straightforward ... Read More