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  • Wine industry management? We’ll drink to that. Photo courtesy Daniel Lee

    As we’ve mentioned previously on the blog, business school graduates are no longer limited to jobs in traditional fields like investment banking, consulting, and financial services. In recent years, there’s been increasing opportunity for business students to pursue MBA ... Read More

  • What is Tuesday without GMAT Tuesdays? That’s right! Not a Tuesday!

    This week Kevin covers a useful strategy for multiplying that will save you time and energy on test day. We all know that we don’t get a calculator on the test, so we have to better understand what we are doing when we multiply to make it easier.

    Here’s a close-up ... Read More

  • What do the latest U.S. News rankings mean for top business schools?

    From U.S. News & World Report’s 2016 rankings and its discontents, to a resurgence in banking industry jobs, to networking like an American, let’s dig into the latest headlines in MBA admissions and business school news. Please leave your comments below … we know aspiring ... Read More

  • If you’re interested in pursuing your MBA at a top business school, then you’re in luck.

    The lovely people at the US News and World report recently released their Best Grad and Business School rankings for 2016.

    “But, we’re barely three months into 2015,” you say. “How do they already have the 2016 rankings?”

    Well, ... Read More

  • In conversation with Akshay who scored a 720 on the GMAT and bagged an MS MBA admit to Boston University!

    Could you tell us about your profile?

    I am a Chartered Accountant and have been working since 2011. I worked in an audit consulting firm named Grant Thornton for one year. Now, I work as a Senior Financial Analyst with Eaton Corporation.

    How ... Read More

  • Do you have GMAT preparation strategies in mind? Or are you planning on just “winging it”? The GMAT is one of the most critical building blocks of a successful MBA application, and any serious application will begin studying and preparing for the test several months in advance. In this blog post, I will provide you with tried-and-true GMAT tips ... Read More

  • Tech companies are turning to business school to find new hires.

    If free meals, rides to and from work, and nap pods sound like an attractive addition to your career after business school, then you might consider management opportunities in the tech industry. Working for such companies as Google, Apple, or Amazon can include some amazing perks. In ... Read More

  • Whether you’re planning to take the TOEFL exam, or you just really appreciate beautiful graphics, take a moment to enjoy our new TOEFL Speaking infographic!

    You’ll learn all about the the Speaking section of the TOEFL exam, and discover some helpful strategies to help you improve your TOEFL Speaking score.

    Click the image to see the full-sized ... Read More

  • Hello!

    It’s Tuesday again, and today Kevin dives into more Idioms.

    In this weeks video, he covers idioms involving the words suggested, consistent, chance, and reluctant. Do you know how to use these words correctly and what prepositions to pair with them? If not, you’ll know in the next few minutes.

    Here’s a close-up of this ... Read More


    From skewed MBA data to foreign GMAT test takers: top stories in MBA news.

    From one business school getting busted for fudging data to others looking toward non-U.S. applicants to bolster their class figures, there’s plenty of buzz in MBA news … and stay tuned for the latest in US News and World Report’s MBA rankings on Thursday!

    Numbers ... Read More

  • 2015 MBA applicants – have an opinion to share? Then take the MBA Applicant Survey before March 31. The anonymous data will be shared with admissions officers from top MBA program!

    Ever heard of AIGAC? Well, they are the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants, and one of their main goals is to improve the entire process ... Read More

  • From biking to hiking, what is the best MBA program to satisfy your drive for outdoorsy adventures?

    Your sneakers are the staple of your wardrobe, your fitness tracker buzzes three times a day, and your idea of leisure is a five-mile hiking trip. From mountain biking to geocaching, your lifestyle is all about the great outdoors. You have a passion ... Read More

  • Many will probably think my job unenviable. Each day, over the last couple of months, I’ve sat combing through the GMAT OG, analyzing questions and writing my questions—questions I hope are as similar as possible to official GMAT questions.

    After weeks of this, I found myself wondering just how representative of the test these “official questions” ... Read More

  • Are you planning on applying to a top b-school next year? Think you’ve got plenty of time before you need to start worrying about applying?

    Think again!

    Those applications will be published before you know it, and if you want to complete them efficiently and effectively – and stand out from the highly accomplished crowd – you need to start ... Read More

  • Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today, I bring you GMAT knowledge straight from beautiful Austin Creek State Park.

    The question of the week: How much time should you study for the GMAT?

    The answer: It depends on how much you want to increase your score.  

    General Outline

    10-20points: Approximately 1 month 50-100 points: 1-3 months 100+ points: You ... Read More

  • Tech industry buffs looking into MBA programs will find plenty of career ventures in these startup cities.

    You’d rather go without water than WiFi, Google Glass is an integral part of your wardrobe, and you’ve become the de facto tech support for your family and friends. You’re a total technophile … and you’re going to business ... Read More

  • 2-Part Webinar Series: Verbal & Math Strategy is one of the major differentiators between those who score well on the GMAT and those who don’t. It’s one thing to know how to solve problems; it’s another thing to be able to solve the most difficult questions accurately and efficiently so that you get more right answers and don’t ... Read More

  • In the following problems, remember: no calculator!  Difficulty levels range from medium to hard.

    2) Maggie is 15 years older than Bobby.  How old is Bobby?

    Statement #1: In 3 years, Maggie’s age will be 50% larger than Bobby’s age.

    Statement #2: Years ago, when Maggie was 25 years old, Bobby was 10 years old.

    3) By abc we denote ... Read More

  • Preparing for your MBA interview? Then don’t let the common “walk me through your resume” question catch you off guard!  

    Reason for asking the question: 1. This question (or some version of it) is very often the first question asked in an MBA interview, since it should be a fairly easy question to answer and provides a foundation ... Read More

  • If you’re in the “GMAT zone” working hard to prepare for the test, then you probably want to maximize every moment you get to study.

    Enter our new GMAT Tuesday podcast!

    Each week, we’ll add in a GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin video to the podcast so that you can prepare for the GMAT while you walk, jog, drive, and maybe even sleep.

    Click ... Read More

  • American business school applicants are increasingly opting to go abroad for their MBAs, and with good reason - there are many advantages to overseas MBA programs. However, there are also drawbacks, and there are numerous factors you will need to consider before making this choice. Read More

  • Are you applying to a top MBA program? Think you need to earn a 760 to do so? Think again.

    If you have a strong business school application, you likely won’t need a near-perfect GMAT score for admission into a top MBA program. But how do you know if your GMAT score is up to par? Below is an infographic that details the GMAT scores for the best business ... Read More

  • You can taste the difference between regular and smoked paprika, you’re strongly opinionated about molecular gastronomy, and you have your finger on the pulse of the food truck scene. You’re the most adventurous and discerning eater you know … and you’re going to business school.

    How to incorporate your love of food into your business school ... Read More

  • The road to business school is not an easy one.

    Along the way, there are many ups and downs, and major doses of discouragement mixed in with the fleeting highs and successes. So it can be tough to stay motivated and remember what all the hard work is for.

    But as someone wise once said, “If you fix your eyes on the goal, the journey there will ... Read More

  • Hello and Welcome to GMAT Tuesday!

    Today, we are going to talk about how to study for the Verbal Section of the GMAT.

    Some high-level highlights:

    1) Structure

    Know the format of the GMAT Verbal Section before test day. For example, you need to know:

    The number of questions (41) How long the section lasts (75 minutes) Whether it’s computer ... Read More

  • Check us out for interviews with the Magoosh team, including this one with Magoosh CEO, Bhavin Parikh! You’ll learn more about Magoosh’s mission and the people behind your prep.

    We hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends.

    Video suggestions? Leave them in the comments, below.

      Read More

  • A lot of GMAT test-takers vaguely remember a rule from high school, that it’s possible to solve for two variables if and only if you’re given two equations, and generally that it’s possible to solve for n variables if and only if you’re given n equations. Unfortunately, that rule isn’t quite correct as written, and even the correct rule isn’t ... Read More

  • Boot up that laptop; it’s time to compile your MBA applications for R3.Photo Credit: whitefield_d via Compfight cc

    Still considering applying to business school programs for the fall of 2015? Have questions about your chances at top schools in the third round (R3) of MBA applications? Are you worried that all hope for business school admissions ... Read More

  • We’ve got a treat on the blog for you today! Allison Jamison, Director of Admissions at the full-time MBA program at Duke, is answering your frequently asked MBA application questions.   Q) What are the main components of a Duke MBA application?   A) The Duke MBA application requires the following materials:

    A completed online application ... Read More

  • Hello! Happy Tuesday!

    Today we are talking about the big picture stuff that you’ll need to know in order to improve your GMAT Quant game. Things like:

    1. Structure

    Know the format of the GMAT Quantitative section before test day. For example, you should know:

    The number of questions in the section (37) How long the section lasts (75 minutes) Whether ... Read More

  • Should you cancel your GMAT scores on test day? Probably not.

    So you’ve just labored through the 3.5 hour GMAT. You’ve determined your answer for question #41 on the verbal section (the last question), confirmed the answer, and you’re feeling darned good.

    Then …

    You see a question flash on your screen: “Do you wish to cancel your score?”

    For ... Read More

  • Problems range from easy to hard.

    1) On a ferry, there are 50 cars and 10 trucks.  The cars have an average mass of 1200 kg and the trucks have an average mass of 3000 kg.  What is the average mass of all 60 vehicles on the ferry?

    1200 kg 1500 kg 1800 kg 2100 kg 2400 kg

    2) In Plutarch Enterprises, 70% of the employees are marketers, 20% are engineers, ... Read More

  • A lot of GMAT test-takers vaguely remember a rule from high school, that it’s possible to solve for two variables if and only if you’re given two equations, and generally that it’s possible to solve for n variables if and only if you’re given n equations. Unfortunately, that rule isn’t quite correct as written, and even the correct rule isn’t ... Read More

  • Love the music industry? Choose an MBA program in an area with a lively music scene and this could be your dream school experience.

    You use only the highest quality headphones, you’re the go-to friend for new music recommendations, and you have a curated playlist for every occasion. Music is in your blood … and you’re going to business school. ... Read More

  • Watch the Recording of This Free Webinar Today! Did you miss it?

    I was recently hosted by to deliver a content-packed webinar providing a three-part game plan for dominating the GMAT. In it I gave a detailed look at the format of the GMAT with two key strategies for boosting your score based on understanding how the test is scored; I talked ... Read More

  • Hello, and welcome back to GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin!

    In today’s video, I’ll help you determine how long you need to study for the GMAT, in order to achieve your goal score. Here’s a quick breakdown of the criteria I’ll discuss:

    1. How do you handle standardized testing?

    If you’re not blessed with natural test-taking ... Read More

  • Learn a handful of GMAT math concepts by rote to boost your GMAT score.

    There is  more than one way to solve almost every GMAT math problem you will encounter on the exam. On most problems, you have a choice. You can either:

    do the straightforward algebra, or use a strategy, such as picking numbers for unknowns.

    On GMAT number property questions, ... Read More