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  • Say hello to our friends at TopMBA! They’re offering Magooshers free attendance to their World MBA Tour, and they’re sharing tips to improve your b-school applications.

    The GMAT is often seen as the ‘gatekeeper’ for top-tier business schools around the world – such is its importance to the MBA admissions process.

    Nine million tests ... Read More

  • This week, lawyer Druva tells us about how he overcame his rustiness in math to do well on GMAT test day. And he echoes a sentiment many students share: Don’t give up, even though the GMAT can be demoralizing! Read on for more.

    About me: I’m a Lawyer, Thinker, Runner, as I describe myself on Twitter. I was born into a family of a rocket ... Read More

  • If you’re looking for an answer to the question you’ve probably asked yourself a million times— why get an MBA? —you can add this to the list of responses: Because you’re likely to get hired!

    The continued upward momentum of MBA holders in the global labor market is especially encouraging in light of the overall grim employment trends for ... Read More

  • Hello!

    Today, after a little Shakespeare monologue, I’m sharing a very important tip you’ll need to know to tackle sentence correction problems: the difference between a clause and phrase.

    In the video, I mention “subordinate conjunctions” as one way to identify clauses. Here’s a list of key ones to know:

    only, if now, ... Read More

  • Free Webinar 8/19: How to Get in to Wharton Are you applying to Wharton or another top MBA program and:

    Struggling to create an application that will make you stand out from the thousands of other highly qualified applicants, while simultaneously demonstrating your fit with the school? Worried about how you’ll stay organized and get it all done ... Read More

  • Does any official GMAT Critical Reasoning question demand outside knowledge?  The frustrating answer to this question is: for the most part, no, but in a way, yes.  I will explain.


    Self-contained It is absolutely true that if a GMAT CR question concerns, say, toxins in wood smoke, you need to know absolutely nothing about the biochemistry ... Read More

  • Official GMAT questions reveal that only six major tenses are tested directly:

    3 Present Tenses: Present Simple, Present Progressive, and Present Perfect; 3 Past Tenses: Past Simple, Past Progressive, and Past Perfect Read More

  • Following up on our prior post about the new 2015 GMAT Official Guides, we now review the online study tools that accompany the printed books. Registration is quite easy. Once you register one book, you can select Profile to add the access codes for additional Official Guide books rather than starting the registration process anew. Your online account ... Read More

  • Why get an MBA?  One of the major reasons is salary; an MBA puts you in a position to earn more.  But in order to get the monetary benefits that stem from an MBA degree, you have to make an investment.  The real question may be how to pay for an MBA.  All of you future MBAs know that return on investment is everything, but you want to make a smart ... Read More

  • Before you get to business school, you’ll need to make a choice: should I take the GMAT or the GRE? Today, our friends at The MBA Exchange explain what factors you should consider that will help you make the best decision!


    Many MBA applicants wrestle with the question of whether to take the GMAT or the GRE in order to improve their chances for ... Read More

  • “What does a great business school app look like? Where do I even start?!?!?!”


    As I mentioned in my application journey last year, I applied to one top school and was waitlisted.

    Since then, I have gotten feedback on my application, and now understand how I could have been better. I hope that my lessons learned will help you determine ... Read More

  • What is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test)? If you’re thinking of going to business school but haven’t yet looked into GMAT test dates or taken a GMAT practice test, not to fear! You’ve come to the right place to learn about the format, timing, and scoring of the GMAT test and GMAT practice test, the latter of which we offer free on ... Read More

  • Is there any benefit to choosing a concentration in business school? Is it just the same as choosing an undergraduate major? Today, our friends at Stacy Blackman answer these and other questions you’ve probably asked about MBA concentrations!


    The MBA degree is general by nature, as its purpose is to train students for careers managing any ... Read More

  • The Good Life. What does it mean to you? For some, it’s earning enough money to lead the life they want to live: a nice home, a big family, or the ability to travel the world.  For others, it means creative freedom, supporting a cause, or dedicating life to helping others.

    Every path is different.  Whether you have your eye on a certain company ... Read More

  • Rates and Ratios

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on August 11, 2014

    Rates are just ratios.  Here are a four problems exploring rates.  Remember: no calculator!

    1) Someone on a skateboard is traveling 12 miles per hour.  How many feet does she travel in 10 seconds?  (1 mile = 5280 feet)

    60 88 120 176 264

    2) At 12:00 noon, a machine, operating at a fixed rate, starts processing a large set of identical items.  ... Read More

  • If you saw the title of this article, clicked through, and now hope to find a few tips and tricks for breaking into a 700, you are in the right place! You have done yourself a great service, deciding to read this article. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be in a better place than you were before.

    So let’s get started!


    There’s ... Read More

  • This week, John S. tells us about his experience with the GMAT. Read on to find out which resource he wish he’d found earlier in his prep!

    About me: I’m from San Diego, where I graduated from UCSD with a Political Science degree. I manage the IT department for a non-profit research institute here in San Diego that studies immunological ... Read More

  • As I am studying to take the GMAT and improve my 710, many of my friends are asking me for GMAT tips. As I was speaking to one friend in particular, I emphasized how important a strict study regiment is for a top GMAT score. After my long drawn out explanation, they replied, “Oh, it’s basically like dating someone.” After thinking about it for ... Read More


    Simply put, the only want to boost your GMAT verbal score is to read more (of basically anything, including novels), read more intentionally and actively, and then practice lots of GMAT reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning questions.  Of course, there are some specific strategies to employ for each of the GMAT ... Read More

  • Hello!

    This week, I’ve packed two exciting tidbits into the video: best tips for maximizing your GMAT studies AND a gorgeous view of the ocean in Mendicino!

    If you have any questions about the tips, or the ocean for that matter, don’t hesitate to ask. Leave any questions in the comment box below this post!

    See you next week. Read More

  • This blog concerns not the GMAT Official Guide itself, but two supplementary volumes.  The recent second edition books were

    1) The GMAT OG Verbal Review

    2) The GMAT OG Quantitative Review

    This year, with the publication of the OG2015, GMAC released even newer editions:

    3) The GMAT OG Verbal Review 2015

    4) The GMAT OG Quantitative Review 2015

    This ... Read More

  • 1. A box contains exactly five chips, three red and two white. Chips are randomly removed one at a time without replacement until all the red chips are drawn or all the white chips are drawn. What is the probability that the last chip drawn is white?a. 3/10b. 2/5c. 1/2d. 3/5e. 7/102. How many positive integers not exceeding 2001 are multiples of 3 or ... Read More

  • Difficulty: Easy1. Both loquacious and shy, Mr. Smith was an obscure personality for the employees. While he was  _____(i) ___in the public relationship seminar, organized by his company, he was so _____ (ii) ______when he had to detail the tax policy to the officers. This ___ (iii) ____personality ultimately led him to the downfall. (i)boaster ... Read More

  • A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

    -Lao Tzu


    Why I want to go to a top business school I moved to the East Coast with a singular vision: “Be a rock star in a new division and go to a TOP business school.” The reason why I want to go to a top business school is a very personal one. The ability to network and surround ... Read More

  • This year, only 6% of applicants gained acceptance to Stanford Graduate School of Business. How can you optimize your application so that you can join the 6% that into next year’s class? How should you present your qualifications effectively to the GSB adcom? How can you demonstrate that you’ll both fit in at this top b-school AND stand out?

    Join ... Read More

  • Free Webinar 7/29/14: Get Accepted to Stanford This year, only 6% of applicants gained acceptance to Stanford Graduate School of Business. How can you optimize your application so that you can join the 6% that into next year’s class? How should you present your qualifications effectively to the GSB adcom? How can you demonstrate that you’ll both ... Read More

  • GMAC has recently published a brand-new version of the GMAT Official Guide.  This is in fact the 14th edition of the GMAT OG, but that’s not what GMAC is calling it.  They are calling it: The Official GMAT Guide 2015.  How does this differ from the OG13?


    The printed copy = virtually identical The OG13 has a teal cover, and the teal-colored ... Read More

  • What is an argument? An argument, in the context of the GMAT, doesn’t involve screaming, yelling, name calling, or any shenanigans of the like. Simply, an argument is the presentation of an idea. The point of the argument is to convince someone of this idea—or at least make it sound feasible.

    To know what an argument is, you need to know what it ... Read More

  • Hey everyone, say hello to Eric this week! Eric has a lot of great advice for fellow students, and even makes a basketball analogy to make it all more understandable for you.

    About Me: I’m from Westchester County, N.Y. and now live in Manhattan. As an undergraduate, I studied both Economics and Chinese – and spent a year living and studying ... Read More

  • Keys to Dominating GMAT Integrated Reasoning Sample GMAT Integrated Reasoning Question. Click the photo to see how to solve one of the questions.

    My dad used to tell me that if you’re going to bother to do something, you might as well do it right.

    That advice certainly applies to the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT. We all know that ... Read More

  • Sometimes the simplest, smallest study tricks make the biggest difference.

    They can boost your confidence, improve your focus, and dissipate your exam anxiety. They can even open your eyes to a new method of organization that will boost your academics for years to come.

    Today, we share our favorite unexpected lifehacks to improve your score. Enjoy!  

    Share ... Read More


    Introducing Grant Brooks, GMAT Blogger by Night! Hello everyone! My name is Grant Brooks, and I am very excited to share my journey with you. I am a MBA applicant veteran (Fortunately or unfortunately? We’ll find out!).


    My background I graduated from California State University, Long Beach on a full-ride, and got a finance job in ... Read More

  • Hello!

    It’s true: there’s just something about dangling modifiers that makes them difficult and hard to spot! So this week, we’re practicing with examples so you can learn how breeze through, whiz through and do questions really fast.

    If you’ve got questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below! And, you can ... Read More

  • This is a scenario I have seen countless times in the forums. Some student has been preparing for months, diligently doing practice questions and taking practice GMATs (whether GMAT Prep or some other practice tests). The student felt the scores on the practice GMAT were either acceptable or pretty good. Then the student sits for the real GMAT, and ... Read More

  • 2015 GMAT Official Guides

    The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) released new editions of all three GMAT Official Guides last week. To our dismay, the new editions are almost 100% identical to the editions that they replaced. Other than some very minor wording changes and corrections, the content and questions are the same. This breaks ... Read More