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  • To celebrate this week’s scary holiday, we present you with a couple of (semi) themed GMAT practice questions. Electrifying!

    Need some help with tackling GMAT Sentence Correction questions? Check out our YouTube video for guidance.

    Post your answers in the comments, and we’ll share the answer explanations in a blog post tomorrow.

    1. Researchers ... Read More

  • If acquiring tastes could be considered a hobby in and of itself, you could call me an hobbyist. Here are a few hard-to-swallow bits and bobs I’ve learned to love in my life:

    Black coffee Kimchi Black metal Grammar Liver Absinthe Gertrude Stein Very dark chocolate Kombucha Distance running Free jazz Math problems

    Alright, so that’s a pretty weird ... Read More

  • Rini Bhatt, an engineer who moved into the non-profit sector early in her career, scored a whopping GMAT 780 in her first attempt. She is currently a first year student of the Wharton MBA program, which she chose over the Kellogg MBA. She also got a full-tuition scholarship to Wharton. In this conversation, she shares her tips/advice to score 780 on ... Read More

  • Are you applying for a job, internship, or teaching assistant (TA) position? We’ve got five easy job application and interview tips that you can use when applying to just about anything.

    Tuck these tips under your belt, and you’ll be strutting your way into a new job—not just an interview—before you can say, hired!

    1.       Professionalism ... Read More

  • How much will a top MBA program set you back, and how much will it pay off?

    The latest in MBA news: From a steady rise in business schools that accept GRE scores instead of GMAT scores, to the top MBA programs that will prime you for the big bucks, here’s this week’s MBA news and headlines, helping you navigate the business school application ... Read More

  • A Modest Proposal for GMAT Data Sufficiency Strategy I want you to forget everything you know about GMAT data sufficiency.

    Okay, well, maybe not everything. But let me flip things on their head for a second. This may just be the fresh look you need to dominate GMAT data sufficiency once and for all.

    I was working with a student last week who was struggling ... Read More

  • Here are five practice questions.  Remember: no calculator.

    1) A car, moving at a constant speed, covers 100 m in 5 seconds.  What is the car’s speed in km/hr? (1 km = 1000 m)

    20 km/hr 54 km/hr 60 km/hr 72 km/hr 90 km/hr

    2) Frank and Georgia started traveling from A to B at the same time.  Georgia’s constant speed was 1.5 times Frank’s ... Read More

  • Crank out a competitive MBA application and get into your top business schools.

    It probably doesn’t surprise you to hear that MBA admissions are competitive. However, it may surprise you to hear just how competitive they have recently become.

    Business schools are reporting a spike in MBA applications, and that means more people fighting over a ... Read More

  • The relationship of an MBA salary and what constitutes a great return on investment from business school are inextricably linked– for good reason.  The GMAC’s annual survey of business school alumni (21,000 graduates from 1959 through 2013) yielded some interesting results for anyone considering business school.

    Business School Value

    91% ... Read More

  • Get into the best business schools by preparing early!

    If you’ve been following along, you’re probably already familiar with the handy MBA application checklist we gave you a few weeks back. For you underclassmen out there, don’t go thinking that your business school application days are so far ahead of you that you casually file those tips ... Read More

  • Here are eight practice problems on Sequences.

    14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, …

    1) In the sequence above, each term is 9 more than the previous term.  What is the 41st term of the sequence?

    360 365 369 374 383

    2) What is the difference between the fourth and third terms of the sequence defined by

    18 23 47 65 83

    3) Which of the following could be ... Read More

  • Just wanted to share my happiness with you as I took the GMAT exam today and got the score I needed! Finally, after one year of studying and struggling, I got the score I need and I thank you and your course for it! I think the main thing that I benefitted from in your course is the self confidence it gave me. I finally overcame my anxiety and went ... Read More

  • Hello!

    Today, it’s fraction time! I am answering a question that one of your fellow GMAT-studiers asked about comparing fractions. Watch the video to learn more on this topic, and check out Mike McGarry’s blog post for even more tips!

    If you have any questions about this, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

    And as usual, here’s ... Read More

  • Setting the Record Straight, from the GMAC Dominate the GMAT recently received the following note from the GMAC (the makers of the GMAT) that they wanted us to share with our readers:

    Quote from the GMAC:

    Recently there has been some discussion and questioning about the role and place of idioms and sentence correction as they apply to the skills ... Read More

  • The answer to this question is, on the surface, pretty simple. There is almost nothing in common between the GMAT and the TOEFL. Here’s a quick breakdown of the two tests to show what I mean:



    Analytical Writing Assignment: One essay about the weaknesses in an argument that you read Integrated Reasoning: Math-based questions on reading ... Read More

  • From business schools critiquing the (new-ish) GMAT Integrated Reasoning section to a historic first at Rutgers Business School (and—you guessed it!—more business school rankings lists), here’s the latest in MBA news for prospective students applying to business school or taking the GMAT.

    How relevant is Integrated Reasoning for your GMAT score?

    According ... Read More

  • Sentence Correction is the only part of the GMAT Verbal section where you can truly acquire new skills and knowledge to improve your score.

    Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension are more a matter of the long term investment you’ve made in reading and writing critically throughout your life, supplemented by the amount of near term practice ... Read More

  • 2014 Business School Admissions Officers Survey Results According to our 2014 survey of admissions officers at over 200 business schools across the United States*,  60% say that an applicant’s score on the GMAT’s Integrated Reasoning section (launched in June 2012) is not currently an important part of their evaluation of a prospective student’s ... Read More

  • Balancing business school and life can be challenging at the best of times, but when you add parenthood to the equation, “challenging” can describe the good days.  Does that mean it can’t (or shouldn’t) be done?  Of course not!

    Getting more information is key.  Even if you don’t have or plan to have any kids while you’re in business ... Read More

  • Hear from a Yale grad about his experience with the GMAT. Thanks for sharing, Brendan!

    About Me: My name is Brendan and I’m an Electrical Engineering Major from Yale University (2010). I have been a submarine officer in the US Navy for the past four years. My job is primarily concerned with operating the reactor on board, so I am looking to ... Read More

  • Here are four reasonably challenging problems about sets.

    1) At a certain school of 200 students, the students can study French, Spanish, both or neither. Just as many study both as study neither.  One quarter of those who study Spanish also study French.  The total number who study French is 10 fewer than those who study Spanish only.   How many ... Read More

  • Improve Your GMAT Time Management & Score Higher Warning: This article is going to contain a LOT of sports analogies! (but it’ll be worth it)

    When you think about what it takes to crack 700 on the GMAT, it goes beyond just knowing the content tested on the GMAT — the X’s and O’s, if you will. Indeed, proper time management ... Read More

  • Entrepreneurial vs. intrapreneurial thought: Outside the box; within the business

    If you’re thinking about going to business school, odds are you’re familiar with the path of the entrepreneur and how many MBAs unlock the good life by launching their own startups. Maybe you even want to be a famous entrepreneur yourself, and, really, who could ... Read More

  • Get the latest in business school news

    Here are some of the latest headlines about what’s going on in top business schools today.

    From a possible major disruption in the business school education model to doctors in business school, there’s a lot to cover. Oh, and there’s chocolate!

    Topping the latest headlines…

    Does online education spell ... Read More

  • GMAT Tips to Perform Your Best on Test Day! By: Bara Sapir, CEO and Founder of TPNY/TPSF

    Picture this: It’s the day of your GMAT, and you find yourself at the testing center sitting in front of your computer, about to begin. What do you feel? If you’re like a lot of students, you may feel everything from queasiness to full blown anxiety ... Read More

  • The GMAT is not just a test of your analytical skills or reading ability. It is also a test of your focus. How long can you focus and perform at a high level. This does not come easy, and it requires practice and a plan.

    One place in particular where our focus can wain is in the Verbal section. There is so much to read, and so much of it seems uninteresting. ... Read More

  • Hello!

    Meet my friend Ocky and get up to speed on participles! This week’s video is an addition to the previous video on participles, so I hope this helps answer more questions you might have about the topic. And if you’d like to learn even more, be sure to read this post for more details.

    Here’s a still of the final board work:

    If ... Read More

  • To master the GMAT, you must learn the art of educated guessing. Many students are afraid to make an educated guess or two when taking the GMAT for fear of sacrificing a correct answer on a question. We are hardwired to try answer all questions correctly! Read More

  • Understandably, ambitious GMAT students want to challenge themselves.  That’s great.  GMAT students want to gauge their relative ease or difficulty in solving a question with what might be called the “objective difficulty” of a question: in other words, if I can solve this problem easily, approximately where does this put me in terms ... Read More

  • Forbes pulled out all the stops when they published an article called “The MBA Megabucks CEOs.”  Most of us are interested in the average MBA salary question when it comes to rating our potential return on investment from business school, but the kind of megabucks this article was talking about are above and beyond what any of us dream of making– ... Read More

  • Here’s some of the latest news and reports about business school admissions and the current MBA landscape from media outlets across the country. From a jump in the number of applications of full-time MBA programs to a troubling small decline in the number of female applicants overall, there’s a lot to explore!

    Leading off…

    GMAC reports overall ... Read More