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  • Limited work experience? You can still make your business school application stand out.

    Which business schools come out on top in the latest MBA rankings? How can you impress the admissions committee when you have limited work experience? Why are so many applicants still plagiarizing their essays? Learn the answers to these questions and more in our ... Read More

  • Three of the most important statistical measures on the GMAT are the mean (or average), median and standard deviation. Familiarize yourself with these terms and these questions will become much easier. Read More

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    By Sarah Christine Davis on November 23, 2015

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    As we delve deeper into adulthood, many of us are beginning to host our own Thanksgiving dinners.

    Whether it’s ... Read More

  • What will actually be on your score report? When will it arrive? Will your schools get it at the same time as you?

    In this week’s video I answer all these questions and more. Everything you need to know about your GMAT Score Report.

    Check out this week’s board!  

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  • Hey, Premium students!

    We recently launched our Praxis Core prep and we need your help spreading the word! If you refer a friend to Praxis, we’ll send you an exclusive Magoosh t-shirt! You’ll also get the $10 Amazon gift card that comes with all referrals.

    Here’s the awesome t-shirt we are giving away. It has a heart on the front, ... Read More

  • Fall is about more than leaves changing colors – it’s about savings. Big savings that could save you $1000!

    Round 1 applicants are starting to see the ROI on their investment in working with an Accepted admissions consultant; interview invites and early acceptances. Round 2 applicants…it’s your turn to get those applications ... Read More

  • Mental and physical health can prove crucial to effective GMAT prep.

    If you’re getting ready to kick off your GMAT study plan, your life is about to undergo some temporary upheaval.

    Odds are, your professors, parents, and peers have already been sharing studying tips to coach you through the two to three months of recommended GMAT prep you’ll ... Read More

  • A heart felt feedback from one our GMAT student Rajatha Prabhakar. I had to share it, as it reminds me of why I do what I do @CsquareLearnings – @RashmiPGowda"I am convinced that anything I say cannot do full justice of truly reflecting what a great learning experience it has been for me personally and of course with respect to all aspects of GMAT. ... Read More

  • What lessons are MBAs learning about income inequality and economic disparity?

    As income inequality becomes an increasingly divisive issue, many of today’s MBA students are choosing to forgo the path of traditionally coveted Wall Street jobs. Learn why in our roundup of top business school news.

    Wall Street jobs lose appeal Is Wall Street—once ... Read More

  • It’s no surprise that there are a lot of overlapping sets or Venn Diagram questions on the GMAT.

    For many people it’s incredibly difficult to figure out whether to use a diagram, a table, or perhaps simple algebra.

    The answer to this might be best chalked up to “feel,” but there are actually good reasons to use each of them.

    Two ... Read More

  • Sometimes the key in sentence correction is just a matter of knowing what to look for. Knowing how to spot parallelism and knowing when it will occur will help you to narrow in on what might be wrong in the sentence.

    This week’s video will cover the basics of parallelism: what it is, where and when it occurs, and how it works.     Here’s ... Read More

  • Are you also studying for the TOEFL? If so, we have a new free resource for you today. A practice test!

    You can view or download it here.  

    Happy studying!

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  • Put your GMAT study schedule on a calendar—and make it specific.

    As you start planning for the business school admission cycle, you may need to work on establishing new routines and habits to ensure everything is in order by the time the application deadline rolls around. Now is a perfect time to start (or restart) a GMAT study schedule. We’ve ... Read More

  • Seeking expert tips on how to get accepted to Chicago Booth?

    Tune in to Accepted’s upcoming webinar, Get Accepted to Chicago Booth, during which Accepted CEO, Linda Abraham, will teach you how to:

    Show that you belong at Booth. Demonstrate that you can do the work and excel. Prove that you’re a perfect fit with Booth.

    Reserve your spot ... Read More

  • In conversation with Abhinav Pawar who scored a 710 on the GMAT and got an MBA admit to McCombs School of Business.  

    What was your motivation behind an MBA? The motivation behind my MBA was the dream of achieving something big like working in an awesome firm such as McKinsey. To get to that level I felt that taking the GMAT and doing an MBA would ... Read More

  • Starting my GMAT preparation was really daunting. I hadn’t taken a standardized test since the SAT eons ago, and I definitely had never taken one on the computer. My GMAT math skills were questionable because, let’s be honest, who uses the Pythagorean Theorem in their everyday lives? Plus, I had a full-time job, and coming home to do sentence ... Read More

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    By Victoria Robertson on November 11, 2015

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    It’s the test of all tests, and you’re nowhere near ready to take it. Right?

    The GMAT (Graduate ... Read More

  • What does GMAT stand for? Graduate Management Admissions Test, aka the test you’ll need to take to get into business school. Most MBA programs will require prospective students to take the GMAT, although the average score for each school will vary (think: the more competitive the school, the higher the average score).

    A quick rundown of some ... Read More

  • The decision to go to business school is no joke! Getting your MBA is costly (in terms of both monetary costs and opportunity costs) and it is time-consuming. Figuring out whether it is the right path for you requires some deep introspection and hard core soul-searching. Here are some things to consider before getting your MBA.

    1. Where do I see myself ... Read More

  • The Midwest may not seem like the most obvious destination for business school graduates entering tech.

    Which top-ranked MBA program has become a favorite for Amazon recruiting? How is Northwestern Kellogg handling its recent cheating scandal? What questions should our nation’s veterans ask when evaluating business schools? Keep reading to get the ... Read More

  • It gets considerably difficult to ace the GMAT just by working hard. You need to both work hard and smart to ace this GMAT test, which tests your skills. Based on out interactions with a lot of GMAT aspirants, here is a list of potential mistakes that most people do while preparing for the test. If you are done with the GMAT, you can relate to what ... Read More

  • Every successful test-taker knows these five Test Day secrets.

    Hoping to gain entry to an elite MBA program? Admissions committees often use minimum standardized test scores to filter out candidates they think are less than competitive. In fact, matriculants at the ten leading business schools in the United States earn an average GMAT score of 720.

    So, ... Read More

  • This week we take a break from learning strategies and cover an important topic — GMAT scores. I look at the different scores you’ll receive on the test, the mean scores, and everything else you’ll need to know to better understand your GMAT score.

      Here’s this week’s board:    

    The post GMAT Tuesdays: ... Read More

  • Magoosh publishes study schedules to help folks in various situations study for the GMAT. We have plans for 1-month, 3-months, and 6-months. Three months is a good solid chunk of time to study for the GMAT, an interval that many students use, so we have four different three-month plans to focus on the needs of different students. One month is not much ... Read More

  • In conversation with Shripad Sonavay who scored a 690 on the GMAT and secured an MBA admit to the Schulich School of Business  

    What was your motivation behind an MBA?  

    So, I’ve done my engineering in Electronics & Tele-Communications, and I have about 4 years of work experience. When I started off, I joined a company called ... Read More

  • Avoid loans and secure funding with a competitive GMAT score.

    If there’s one thing future MBAs are likely to understand, it’s the value of a good investment. Even though figuring out how to pay for an MBA can present a challenge, business school applicants may be uniquely qualified to find ways—in the form of both loans and MBA scholarships—to ... Read More

  • How much weight is given to Integrated Reasoning in evaluating GMAT scores?

    It’s been more than three years since Integrated Reasoning was added to the GMAT—so while we can’t say the section is new, we can say that attitudes towards it have changed.

    This summer, as part of our annual survey of MBA admissions officers across the United States ... Read More

  • You studied for months. You had a good handle on the structure of the test. You did a bunch of practice exams before the big day. You got a 650, but you’re disappointed. A 650 is a good score, especially considering that the average GMAT score is a 550. But, you want to be in that 700+ zone, where you can sleep easy knowing that your GMAT score ... Read More

  • If you are planning to apply to full-time MBA programs next year to start classes in 2017, this is the perfect time to start preparing for the GMAT. Even if you aren’t planning to apply for another few years, it’s not too early to take the test! Test scores are valid for five years so the sooner you can get this test out of the way, the ... Read More

  • Hi there! I’m Jen and am really excited to be a new Magoosh blogger!

    I recently took the GMAT and am currently in the process of applying to business school. While studying for the GMAT, I relied heavily on blogs like Magoosh, the Manhattan book series, and my self-motivation (which, not gonna lie, is not the most dependable study tool). But ... Read More

  • Different business schools have different expectations of test takers.

    That all depends on what business school you want to go to. At the end of the day, a good GMAT score is the one that gets you into the business school of your choice. Let’s look at GMAT scoring in more detail to figure out what that means for you.

    GMAT scoring basics GMAT scores ... Read More

  • The final question for the passage on Native America reservation water rights. This last question is a classic inference question with clear wrong answer traps worth learning.

    And if you’d like a recap on the passage itself, then you can watch this video.

    Here is this week’s board:

    The post GMAT Tuesdays: Official Guide – Reading ... Read More

  • Foreign Applicants: How Will You Pay for Your MBA? Are you:

    Applying to b-school in a country that’s not your home country? Struggling to come up with funds necessary to attend your top choice program? Worried you just won’t be able to make ends meet?

    If you answered yes to any of the above, then we suggest you register for Accepted’s upcoming ... Read More

  • A perfect GMAT score is no guarantee at HBS (but it doesn’t hurt).

    Why do HBS (Harvard Business School) applicants with perfect GMAT scores occasionally get “dinged”? Which MBA programs offer the best value? What’s drawing business school graduates to Silicon Valley? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and more.

    HBS wants more ... Read More

  • Choose the MBA Admissions Exam That’s Right for You Now that most business schools and MBA programs are accepting the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as well as the GMAT as part of the application process, the question is: Which test is a better fit for you — the GMAT or GRE?

    Breaking Down the GMAT vs GRE There are several key logistical ... Read More

  • These two noun phrases can be tough to distinguish. They can look almost identical at times because their structure is similar and they can appear anywhere in the sentence.

    The real key is to understand how they are used. In this video, I hope to explain how these two different phrases are used and how to distinguish between them. It all comes down ... Read More

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    By Elana Goodwin on October 27, 2015

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    Some people choose to go all out for Halloween, even though it’s just one day a year — but for college students especially, ... Read More

  • Amidst the buzz of the NEW SAT, many counselors as well as critics of the New SAT are suggesting that students focus on taking the ACT. Yes, the current ACT test is a more established test and students know exactly what to expect, but the New SAT offers benefits to students who are having challenges getting the score they need on the ACT. Here are three ... Read More

  • What can you learn from your GMAT score?

    Hitting the GMAT score you need to get into your first-choice business school doesn’t happen overnight—it takes practice. That means spending the precious amount of study time you have before Test Day wisely. Lucky for you, we’ve got the right tool for the job.

    Why should you take a Free GMAT Practice ... Read More

  • One school of business offers its MBA students a full ride.

    Which MBA program tops The Economist’s latest business school rankings list? What’s Emory Goizueta’s new class like? Where can MBA students and alumni find the best networking opportunities? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions and more.

    Business school rankings are here! Well, ... Read More

  • Let’s face it—a lot of the GMAT materials out there are pretty rubbish.

    In fact, at least once a month, I get offers from some dodgy company or another offering me 1/3 to 1/5 my hourly rate to write something like ten questions per hour.

    (Generating fully new, good quality questions takes more like one hour per question, if you were wondering).

    All ... Read More

  • Does your GMAT score meet elite business school standards?

    A recent Forbes article titled “America’s Best Business Schools” discussed the advantages of graduating from a top MBA program. There’s no doubt that earning an elite business degree increases your earning potential and broadens your career choices. So, what can you do to increase ... Read More