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Wharton MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Last year, Wharton didn’t change its essays after years of shrinking its application. This year it’s steady state, at least in terms of the essay questions. However, Wharton has made significant changes to its recommendations. It asks recommenders to choose from two lists of positive adjectives the three that best describe the applicant. ... Read More

Writing About Overcoming Obstacles in Your Application Essays

What does the adcom actually want to know about the challenges you’ve overcome? In this short video, Linda Abraham shares the answer to this often-asked question:

Do you have questions about addressing obstacles you’ve overcome in your application essays? Leave a comment below and we’d love to help you out.

Get one-on-one guidance ... Read More

Indiana Kelley MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

These questions are a straightforward mix of professional and personal. The adcom wants assurance that you have a clear professional focus and a solid plan for making productive use of the Kelley MBA resources. Beyond that, they’re looking for engaging applicants who are willing to share their life experiences and understand what they have to contribute. ... Read More

Good first drafts aren’t written. They’re assembled.

by EssaySnark on July 21, 2017

Wanna know the longest route to a solid first draft?

Open MS Word and start typing.

That’s guaranteed to end up making this process rocky and difficult.

When you begin the task of answering the question that a particular school is asking, there is NO WAY you will know what you want to say.

Sure, you can start typing, and see what comes out. ... Read More

Copying Other Business School Applicants’ Essays Will Get You Rejected

by EXPARTUS on July 21, 2017


A client of ours had brainstormed her essay with her consultant and come up with a strong outline based on her brand and overall profile.

However, when she went away to write the first draft of the essay she gave in to the pressure that many applicants endure—copying the format of an existing ... Read More

Bringing It All Together

by Smurfit MBA Blog on July 21, 2017

In early summer 2017, the Full Time MBA class and first year EMBA class travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland for Smurfit’s first MBA International Consulting Project.

There is far more to an MBA experience than what you absorb in a classroom and it is learning from the experiences and skills of your peers where the MBA is most valuable. The consulting ... Read More

… the sweetest thing?

by Smurfit MBA Blog on July 21, 2017

In early summer 2017, the Full Time MBA class and first year EMBA class travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland for Smurfit’s first MBA International Consulting Project.

“…And these are the team’s recommendations for market entry with your new product”. This was the end of what can only be described as a fantastic, informative whistle-stop journey ... Read More

MBAnalysis: Exceptional or Meaningful?

by Stratus on July 20, 2017

My colleague Susan, will frequently point to Maya DiRado as the “perfect” MBA candidate. For those of you who don’t know Maya, she is a 3.6 Stanford grad, having studied both management science and engineering. Her father is from Argentina and she is now working as a McKinsey consultant… And by the way, she won... View Article

The post MBAnalysis: ... Read More

Quote of the Day

by EssaySnark on July 20, 2017

  “No compulsion in the world is stronger than the urge to edit someone else’s document.”

– H. G. Wells

source — and for further reading: “Friends don’t let friends…” Read More

The Do-Over: 5 Tips for Business School Reapplicants

by Stratus on July 20, 2017

If you did not get the news you wanted last year in the MBA Admissions process, you may be wondering how to approach the reapplication process. Once you have allowed yourself time to accept the disappointment, here are five tips for approaching this next application cycle to get the desired result. 1. Confirm Reapplicant Requirements.... View Article

The ... Read More

A Proven Strategy to Get Accepted to Wharton

Wharton. It’s one of the top-ranked business schools in the world – with the rigorous curriculum and amazing resources to help you accelerate your career in nearly any direction you can imagine.

It’s also very selective. When you’re up against the hard reality of stats like Wharton’s – an acceptance rate under 20% – it’s easy to be ... Read More

Can You Get Into a Top Grad School if You Didn’t Attend a Top University?

Abhishek from India recently asked on our blog what Indian applicants who graduated from undergraduate programs not among the elite Indian IIT’s can do to gain acceptance to the top global MBA programs. While Abhishek was particularly focused on Indian MBA aspirants, this question applies to all applicants who did not graduate from an elite university ... Read More

($) Optional essay for low GPA: “I have proven myself since then by excelling at my job.”

by EssaySnark on July 20, 2017

We see statements like that quite a bit in optional essays about poor academic performance in college and we had thought we’d done a post explicitly discussing it, but it appears that we have not. This one on “My abilities did not match my performance” touches on it. However it deserves a post of its…

——————————- While ... Read More

The Complete Hassle-Free Guide to the GRE Test

by on July 20, 2017


The GRE test (Graduate Record Examination) is a computer-based exam many American graduate programs use in the admissions process. Scored between 130 and 170, the GRE exam comprises six sections and takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete. In those six sections, you ... Read More

When Should You Take the GRE? Guide to GRE Test Dates (2017-2018)

by on July 20, 2017



If you’re pulling out your hair wondering when to take the GRE, don’t get out the calendar, blindfold, and darts just yet. Yes, you do have a ton of options when it comes to picking the best GRE test dates, especially ... Read More

Success for UCD Smurfit School Alumni at AMBA Excellence Awards

by Smurfit MBA Blog on July 20, 2017

Pictured L-R: Professor Pat Gibbons, UCD Smurfit, Hang Thu Vu, MBA Alumnus (Full Time MBA 2015-2016), Michael O’Dwyer, MBA Alumnus (Executive MBA 2013-2015), Orla Nugent, UCD Smurfit

In keeping with the auspicious occasion of AMBA’s 50th anniversary, its 2017 Golden Awards, celebrating the great successes in MBA education over the preceding ... Read More

Kellogg Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Kellogg’s EMBA application essay questions may seem deceptively simple. They’re short – but complex, and together they draw out a holistic view of you as a person and as a professional, including both what you’ve done and how you think and perceive. To the extent possible, ground your essays in detail and concrete experience, and use reflection ... Read More

“An MBA from School X will give me credibility.”

by EssaySnark on July 19, 2017

“Additionally, I want the clout of the Columbia MBA to establish credibility…”

So ended the first paragraph of a BSer’s career goals essay.

Let’s step back a moment.

Why do three initials after your last name mean you’re credible?

All it means is that you jumped through enough hoops to get an adcom to say yes ... Read More

Enjoy Summer Vacay while Upleveling Yourself for Application Season: A Reframe with 10 Directives

While summer vacation provides an opportunity to kick back, unplug, and enjoy the big slow down, it’s also an ideal time to contemplate your life, reevaluate the upcoming year, plan, and do some goal setting. No, I don’t mean to harsh your buzz, but upgrading your time off before the more pressure-filled days of high-stakes test taking and application ... Read More

UCLA Anderson’s Dean Alex Lawrence: Not About the Status Quo

Come learn about UCLA Anderson’s full-time MBA program with Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid Alex Lawrence.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Alex Lawrence, Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at UCLA Anderson School of Management, which just happens to be where I earned my MBA. Alex is a fellow Anderson alum, ... Read More

3 Ways Data Science Can Boost Your MBA

by Business School Insider on July 18, 2017

Learning data analysis skills can make you more attractive to employers.

There’s no doubt that getting an MBA or graduate business degree will expand your career options. Whether you pursue economics or high-tech, you can also significantly increase your marketability by combining your graduate education and business experience with advanced data ... Read More

How to Find Any Assumption in GMAT Critical Reasoning

by Your GMAT Coach on July 18, 2017

Hey GMATters,

This post is 3200 words (nineteen flippin’ pages, yo). Want a PDF instead? Grab one here:

Critical Reasoning is a tricky subject, no doubt about it.

First, you need to learn to break apart the arguments.

Second, you need to be able to eliminate the objectively incorrect answers (that’s a subject for another guide).

While ... Read More

($) Word choice matters.

by EssaySnark on July 18, 2017

We had a BSer send in an essay last season where they were trying to convey how they’re ready to pursue their stated future career goals based on current work experience. They had a statement that said: “My participation nearly from the start of the deployment was very helpful to become acquainted with the business…”…

——————————- While ... Read More

One Change MBA Applicants Can Make to Transform an Average Recommendation Letter to a Wow!

by EXPARTUS on July 18, 2017


Recommendation letters are an important part of the MBA application. They give the admissions committee an outside perspective of your candidacy, and represent a “vote of confidence” from someone with first-hand knowledge about your ability to handle the rigors of business school.

However, ... Read More

Part 1: Why an MBA for Future Entrepreneurs?

by The MBA Exchange on July 18, 2017

You’ve already decided that a traditional career in finance, consulting or industry is not for you. No way, no how. And you already have the unshakable confidence, boundless energy, strategic vision – and perhaps even initial funding -- to create your own business. Family and friends unanimously encourage you to jump in and go for it. 

So, ... Read More

Maximizing US Tax Breaks When Financing an MBA

by Fortuna Admissions on July 17, 2017

By: Shannon Vasconcelos, guest writer and Director of College Finance, College Coach

Getting an MBA is expensive. A typical 2-year full-time program is likely to run you over $100,000, with many of the most selective programs costing in the $200,000 ballpark. And we haven’t even accounted for lost wages yet! If you’ve been thinking about returning ... Read More

MBAnalysis: Cornell Tech, The Best of All Worlds

by Stratus on July 17, 2017

What do you get when you combine a blue chip business school with a Nobel Prize winning foreign university? A piece of start-up nation in the middle of Silicon Alley? Technical know-how with Ivy League business sensibilities? Plus a $2 billion glimmering new campus? You get the Cornell Tech MBA. An MBA program that takes... View Article

The post MBAnalysis: ... Read More

What is CBS Really Looking for in Your Application?

Is it us, or does summer seem to go by in a flash? Especially when you’ve been telling yourself, “No worries – I have plenty of time to work on my Columbia MBA application over the summer.” Well, here’s an opportunity you really don’t want to blink and miss: our video AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Columbia Business School’s Director of Admissions, ... Read More

Explaining the Essay Ideas App Accelerator

by EssaySnark on July 17, 2017

We came across an interview on Knowledge @ Wharton with a speechwriter from the Obama White House who had this to say about her writing process:

“A colleague once said to me, ‘You know Sarah, you just kind of spill out a bunch of total nonsense on a page and then spend a week editing it,’ which was harsh but he was right to some ... Read More

Reykjavik “High Fliers”

by Smurfit MBA Blog on July 17, 2017

In early summer 2017, the Full Time MBA class and first year EMBA class travelled to Reykjavik, Iceland for Smurfit’s first MBA International Consulting Project.

Stu Garrett, Yasser Matloob, Gauav Bansal and I worked on consultancy project for Reyjkavik-based start-up, Karolina Fund. Having developed their own successful crowd-funding platform with ... Read More

The Sun Never Sets on the Icelandic Empire

by Smurfit MBA Blog on July 17, 2017

In early summer 2017, the Full Time MBA class and first year EMBA class traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland for Smurfit’s first MBA International Consulting Project.

We arrived at Reykjavik airport on a sunny Sunday in early June. After collecting our luggage, we were immediately taken by bus to the Blue Lagoon, the most visited geothermal spa in Iceland. ... Read More

MBA Admissions Tips: Optional Essay Do’s And Don’ts

by Stratus on July 16, 2017

It is tempting to think that you can win the heart of the admissions committee by adding an optional essay. You may be burning to expand upon the cross-cultural insights you learned from your trek to Peru. But, before you power up your PC, think about the point of the optional essay. Quite simply, it... View Article

The post MBA Admissions Tips: Optional ... Read More

MIT Sloan MBA Application Tips & Deadlines

This year’s MIT Sloan MBA application, like most MIT applications in the last fifteen years, includes its signature cover letter and resume. Brand new this year is a video requirement. This year you are given an additional 50 words for your cover letter, so the max is now 300 words.

There are no required essays unless you are invited to interview. ... Read More

How to Write a Resume for MBA Admissions Applications

by MBA Admissions Advisors on July 15, 2017

Applicants often spend months cramming for the GMAT; they obsess over every word in their essays; they rehearse scores of answers to potential interview questions. Yet their resumes remain woefully under polished, despite the fact that top MBA programs are putting a greater emphasis on a candidate’s CV while slashing essay requirements. ... Read More

The Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask When Considering An MBA

by Stratus on July 14, 2017

The MBA application process is a major life event. Whether it’s a wedding, a baby, job, move or pursuing an advanced degree, life events tend to raise the same handful of questions. These questions have several things in common, including expense, time, opportunity for growth, and lots of preparation. While new trends in MBA admissions... View ... Read More

AIGAC 2017 MBA Applicant Survey Results Released

AIGAC (the Association of Independent Graduate Admissions Consultants) released the results of their 2017 MBA Applicant Survey, which shows an interesting paradox about millennials: they love the instantaneous availability of information in today’s digital world, yet also feel that personal attention and human contact are extremely important. Other ... Read More

MIT Sloan on Top: Five Tips for Your MIT Sloan Cover Letter

by Stratus on July 14, 2017

It may just be the glory days of MIT Sloan. By sitting in the middle of the booming Boston economy, centered in the emerging world of biotech, leading a movement in sustainability, and sitting one block (yes, really one block) away from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and more venture capital firms than you can count,... View Article

The post MIT ... Read More

Common Grammatical Errors: How to Use “Leverage” & “Comprise” Properly

Non-native English speakers (and some native English speakers) frequently make some easily avoidable mistakes. Even if you have excellent English there are sometimes words that get lost among misused prepositions. Here are some tips to help applicants improve their use of two words that are commonly misused: leverage and comprise.

1. Leverage

Rule: ... Read More

7-min MBA vlog: Is Age Just a Number?

by Fortuna Admissions on July 14, 2017


Judith: I’m Judith Silverman Hodara, a founder and director at Fortuna Admissions, which is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm. So excited to have with us today Cassandra Pittman. Cassandra has both an MBA at Columbia Business School, has worked as an Assistant Director at INSEAD, as well as admissions officer at London Business ... Read More

Special Feature: A Journey with One BSer this Season!

by EssaySnark on July 14, 2017

We’ve had the honor this season of being trusted to advise and support a number of reapplicants in their renewed attempts at getting into the schools that they are excited about. One such trying-again BSer we’ve known for several years now, and partly because of that long-term relationship and partly because we’ve gotten to know this ... Read More

MBA Application Taboos: What Matters to the Admissions Committee, and What Doesn’t

by EXPARTUS on July 14, 2017


As a business school admissions consultant for more than a decade, and a former member of the admissions committee at Harvard Business School, I get a lot of questions from MBA applicants about whether or not they’ll be able to get into b-school based on their background.

Most of us have ... Read More

MBA Class of 2020: Your 100-Hour Application Strategy

by Fortuna Admissions on July 13, 2017


By Matt Symonds, Director, Fortuna Admissions

The world’s top business programs have announced MBA admissions deadlines for the Class of 2020 (and if that isn’t futuristic-sounding…). This year, Stanford led the dance, confirming Sept 19, 2017 to be its Round 1 deadline. Wharton’s is the same as GSB, and HBS released a September 6 ... Read More

New York Business Journal: How to Navigate the Columbia Business School MBA Application

by Stratus on July 13, 2017

by Jeff Thomas, Stratus Admissions Counseling CEO Columbia Business School (CBS) describes itself as the only top Ivy League business school immersed in the global business hub that is New York City. When applying to CBS, understanding the following nuances will help you prepare an impactful application. 1. Timing CBS has rolling admissions, and understanding ... Read More

Quote of the Day

by EssaySnark on July 13, 2017

  “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”

– William Butler Yeats

source Read More

Chicago Booth Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Chicago Booth EMBA gives you just one essay, but with ample space to make your case holistically. This approach to the essay question indicates that they are looking for people who can organize their thoughts, build a credible and compelling case for their candidacy, and maintain an extended yet focused discussion. The Booth EMBA adcom clearly puts ... Read More

Standing Out By Showing You Have a Unique Perspective [Fitting in & Standing Out]

The application process is a tricky balancing act: You want to show your target schools that you’re a perfect match, but you don’t want to blend into the multitude of applicants or become just a number. How can you show your authentic self in the application process? How can you present your strengths, and stand out? This series shows you how.

Once ... Read More

6 Personal Finance Tips for MBA Students

by Admissionado on July 13, 2017

Life as an MBA student isn’t easy.

Between keeping up with your studies and classes, trying to plan for a career and carving out a little space for your social life, there often isn’t much time left to go around. It’s easy to fall into the trap of neglecting some of your other responsibilities, including managing your personal finances. ... Read More

($) The joint-degree “MBA+” application strategy

by EssaySnark on July 13, 2017

With the proliferation of specialized master’s and new application options, more and more bschool applicants are being enticed to expand their horizons and try for simultaneous degrees. There have long been available certain specialized combinations that were geared towards specific industries or tracks, including the MBA / MPH (Master’s ... Read More

Studying Undergraduate Business: Should I get a B.S. in Business or B.A. in Econ?

by InGenius Prep Blog on July 12, 2017

Studying Undergraduate Business: Should I get a B.S. in Business or B.A. in Econ? Students all over the world who are eager to study business flock to specialized business programs at the undergraduate level. Because of their popularity, these programs tend to be more selective than the general studies program of school of arts and sciences at that ... Read More

Duke Fuqua MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Leadership, teamwork, ethics, and a global approach to business are essential elements of the Duke Fuqua MBA, which is why you’ll need to make sure you express your passion for these ideals in your application essays. Impress the Fuqua adcom by positioning yourself as an innovative leader and team player, as someone who can see the big picture, ... Read More