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  • Essay A: “What matters most and why?”

    Essay B: “Why Stanford?”

    Yup, those are again the questions that Stanford is asking you to write about in your MBA app this year.

    A few weeks ago, Stanford admissions very quietly announced that there would be no significant changes to their application this year. Those same two questions ... Read More

  • The trends hold true in both the C-Suite and business school — there still aren’t enough women.

    That’s why MBA programs are scrambling to attract more female candidates and searching for more effective ways to do it. Efforts to attract high-caliber candidates include adapting to the unique needs of applicants — like waiving the GMAT for those ... Read More

  • #106 The GMAT Episode

    by Touch MBA on April 27, 2017

    How do top business schools use the GMAT to evaluate you? What exactly are they looking for? What do you need to score and on which sections? When should you retake the GMAT? Do schools prefer the GMAT or GRE?

    Darren asks Admissions Directors from 3 top schools – Michigan Ross (USA), IESE (Spain) and HKUST (Hong Kong) – tough ... Read More

  • This is a classic combined rate problem with a VIC (variables in choices) twist. The authors of the OG provide the straightforward algebraic solution, and, with the proper background in rates problems like this, you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding what they’re up to. However, VIC problems with only one or two variables are begging to be ... Read More

  • Prepare for a chat?!?? Why on earth would you need to prepare for a chat? Can’t you just show up?

    Well…. if you really want to make the most of the chat experience (and even better, not embarrass yourself with this important panel of admissions people who are hosting the chat) then you should take some steps to be ready.

    Recently we covered ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Peking University’s HSBC Business School has acquired a property in Oxford, England that it will use to launch an overseas campus. When the campus opens in summer of 2018, the business school will become the first in China to launch a campus abroad.

    Peking University’s HSBC Business School, ... Read More

  • Finish Line Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky. My scope of career expectations was very limited and I was pretty content with what I was doing at the time until the day the notion of MBA struck my little head. And suddenly there was a burning flame in me to move out of that zone and look beyond my horizon. But then for some reason, I preferred ... Read More

  • As the weather gets nicer, it may be harder to focus on your applications, but there’s so much you can be doing in May to make it easier on you in the coming months. Here are some things you can be focused on this month: 1. Finalize Your MBA Strategy Consider your short and long-term... View Article

    The post 6 Things to Do in May While You Wait for ... Read More

  • Today and for more than 50 years, the MBA has been the most popular and profitable graduate degree in the world. That’s why year after year, thousands of candidates apply for the MBA. However, today, there are increasingly more “flavors” of the MBA — from the traditional full-time two-year program to the one-year program very popular in ... Read More

  • We’re slowly moving into the part of the season where the schools are focused on outreach to potential applicants, and where BSers planning to apply this year should be making school research a priority. While we still say your very best effort is to actually GO VISIT the schools – and, HEY! April is a great time for that!!! – there ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Our previous blog looked at dual degree options at eight top business schools: Booth, Columbia, Fuqua, Haas, Harvard, IE, INSEAD, and Kellogg. This week, we’re covering nine more.

    Is an MBA dual-degree program the right choice for you?

    When it comes to dual-degree programs (also referred ... Read More

  • Phase I of Writing Your Personal Statement: 36 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin In less than 650 words, you have to persuade a stranger to care about you and your application. That’s why the Common App personal statement is one of the most discussed aspects of the college application. Think about how much time you spend on homework, standardized ... Read More

  • POST WRITTEN BY Neill Seltzer and Jeff Thomas Neill Seltzer is the CEO of Noodle Pros. Jeff Thomas is the CEO of Stratus Admissions Counseling. Why would Harvard Law School, one of the most elite law schools in the country, decide to change the admissions criteria that it has used for the past 60 years? One would... View Article

    The post ... Read More


    In this webinar, presented by Accepted’s CEO and founder, Linda Abraham, you’ll learn:

    • What the adcoms seek besides a high GMAT score and GPA • How to divert the spotlight away from your weaknesses • How to position your unique strengths ... Read More

  • We spoke recently about the Personal Statement as part of an application to many (non-MBA) master’s programs, and voila! A Brave Supplicant has surfaced with a draft they want to be snarked up. This is for one of the Master of Science programs at the London School of Economics (good school!), in this case their…

    ——————————- While ... Read More

  • Higher education institutions across the U.S. marched in support of science last weekend, including University of California, University of Chicago, Emory University, Florida State, University of Texas and... Continue reading Read More

  • In Part 1 of this blog series, The MBA Exchange encouraged serious candidates to ask themselves: “Is my candidacy strong enough to earn admission?” For those who couldn’t answer in the affirmative, we identified four specific issues that can constrain the pursuit of a seat at a top b-school.   Today, in Part 2, we focus on three ... Read More

  • If you are interested in a Master of Public Policy, there is no better school in the world than the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  I’ve been lucky to have advised many students on their quest to attend this program and all have been accepted!  Of course, that has more to do with the quality of the great international students I get to ... Read More

  • Applicants and Admissions Directors almost always seek the same thing. Applicants want to be desired by Admissions Directors and Admissions Directors want their schools to be desired by applicants. Applicants want to optimize their ability to gain admission to the highest-ranking school that fits their education/career needs, and Admissions Directors ... Read More

  • “Waitlisted. Now What?” is the latest post in our series Navigate the MBA Maze.

    First, a word of introduction: Realize that receiving a wait-list letter means you qualify for admission. You pass. You are probably on the wait-list (and not admitted) because they have already admitted applicants with your profile and want diversity in the class. ... Read More

  • 6 Tips to Increase Your ACT Score Today Maybe your exam is this weekend, or maybe you’re just looking for an immediate boost in your score. In any case, you might wonder whether it’s even possible to improve your ACT results right now. It is—but you need to be strategic about how you approach your prep. With that in mind, here are six ... Read More

  • “But my undergrad school was highly competitive…”

    “But I worked 20 hours a week during college…”

    “But I was a varsity athlete at a Division I school…”

    “But even though it took me a couple of years, once I got it together I made dean’s list every semester…”

    “But my PhD GPA was 3.9…”

    These are the fretful “buts…” ... Read More

  • We’re always thrilled when a Brave Supplicant we know makes it into a school of their dreams.

    We’re even more thrilled when they stay in touch with us as they actually go to bschool, and share news of their subsequent successes along the way.

    We got a report from one such former BSer last fall and we’re happy to be able to share ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    At most schools, an MBA is a general management degree – an excellent way to hone your leadership skills and develop strong foundational business skills across a number of departments and operations. But if you’d like to delve deeper into a specific industry or career path, a general management ... Read More

  • “Make sure your professors are intellectually curious, and not just in their own field, and that they genuinely care about where you want to go and about you as a student. That does not mean they are going to do you favors, or that they’re going to give you slack. It usually means the opposite because they care about where you ... Read More