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  • How to use the LSAT for GMAT Verbal MasteryMy guess is that you want a shot at an impressive MBA program and that you’re ready to take some unconventional steps in order to improve your GMAT verbal score. Well, kudos to you. You’ve come to the right place. Today we’ll chat about using the questions from another test (the LSAT) in order to craft ... Read More

  • My interview with is finally live!

    Another busy week for me, juggling work and home commitments and still trying to find time for MBA applications. Just like the rest of you I know!

    I’m really starting to feel positive about my applications for MIT Sloan, Wharton and INSEAD. I have drafts for pretty much every bit of each application, ... Read More

  • But! It has a happy ending:

    Your blog and books have been an immense help in my application process, so thank you. I have applied to 5 schools in Round 1 (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Kellogg, Stern) and 2 in Round 2 (Booth and Sloan). I wish I knew this blog when I were applying to Round 1, since I was rejected to all schools except Stern (accepted) ... Read More

  • 5 years of the ‘Snark!

    by EssaySnark on August 30, 2014

    Crazy. We’ve been doing this for five years now. The first post went up on the EssaySnark blahg on August 30, 2009:

    Funny thing is, five years ago, the end of August was just the beginning of the craziness – the first deadlines were still a month out. My, times have changed.

    To celebrate this 5-year milestone, we are doing something ... Read More

  • There is always the need for improving your acquaintance, skills and working practices. Companies and corporate firms around the globe encourage their workforces to continuously augment their skillfulness and knowledge of enhanced work practices. In many circumstances, these business organizations themselves organize for skill development or knowledge ... Read More

  • Foundation week is over for another year and all the incoming Full-time and EMBA students are spending their last weekend of freedom for the foreseeable future or at least until the Christmas break.  Well it isn’t entirely free as there are already book chapters to read and case studies to analyse for the first day [...] Read More

  • Just as the NFL preseason enters its fourth and final weekend, I have also come to the end of my particular GMAT preseason. Yet again I freed my scheduled for 3,5 hours in order to take the last practice exam before tuesday when I will be facing the real exam. This time I took a […] Read More

  • We’ve managed to start a trend of posting essay reviews on Saturdays – see the “Why Duke?” essay from two weeks ago and last week was Kellogg’s “Resilience. Grit.” essay. We’re working through this backlog of submitted free essay review requests by posting another today, which is the Darden essay about ... Read More

  • Back to Boston!

    by Two Years at HBS on August 29, 2014

    After spending a hundred days on summer vacation, I’m now back in Boston! Approximately 90% of HBS students do a summer internship, but as a part of the more fortunate remaining 10%, I was able to spend the summer having fun. Here are the highlights:


    Although I have traveled the U.S, Europe, Latin America and East Asia previously, there remained ... Read More

  • A tough story to tell

    by Mukaam on August 29, 2014

    It is going to be a tough story to tell today. I have delayed telling it because it required a breakdown to happen. It required something to break on the surface to ooze out something from within. May be I was bleeding internally, and now only I have decided to allow it to come out.I have gone underground in a way that all I can look at is a basement ... Read More

  • Winter is Coming

    by Pro GMAT on August 29, 2014

    Its very dark out tonight, with few resources of light. But I need to reach the destination somehow. Woods have a smell of winter already in its air. The nights are becoming colder and longer. The only source of heat … Continue reading → Read More

  • In our Fortuna Admissions series of ‘Top Tips’ for applying to top business schools, today we’re looking at the Kellogg School of Management. Sometimes stereo-typed as the school for marketing, Kellogg is so much more and it’s no wonder why McKinsey recruits more MBAs from Kellogg than any other U.S. school. With am emphasis on teamwork – ... Read More

  •  This is second post about my research on B-schools I'm applying into. This research is very crucial in selecting the right B-school for me, for finding the ideal cycle to apply and for preparing a competitive application. I'll describe how my research is organized so that if you want to read only a particular aspect of my research you can jump ... Read More

  • Welcome to the latest edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our periodic check-in with some of the MBA blogosphere’s applicant and student contributors. This week, MBA bloggers share tactics for analyzing test errors, highlights from various information sessions, and advice for creating presentations that will knock those AdComs’ socks ... Read More

  • Have you ever seen that Indiana Jones movie when he comes to the edge of a cliff and there’s this huge chasm, but no bridge, and he has to take a leap of faith? If you have seen this movie (Last Crusade) then you totally know what we’re talking about and you probably could even…

    While much of the blahg is available completely for ... Read More

  •  With almost every schools application going online for round 1, every prospective candidate is rushing to prepare a competitive application. I'm also planning to apply to most of my shortlisted schools in round 1. Applying into earlier round will not give one edge over an equally eligible candidate, who is applying in round 2; however, there are ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day – Problem Solving – ProbabilityDan will go on vacation starting Monday morning. If on any day of his vacation Dan’s boss calls him, Dan must return to work that same evening. If on any given day there is a 20% chance that Dan’s boss will call him, what is the probability that Dan will return to work on ... Read More

  • A big misconception about Harvard University is that you can only get in if you have perfect GPAs and SAT or ACT scores. If this was true, every spot in the incoming freshman class – all 1,660 – would be filled by 4.0 students. If this was true, the average SAT score of admitted students would be a 2400 and not a 2255 and the average ACT ... Read More

  • Earning an M.B.A. is an excellent way to complement and build on your undergraduate education and broaden your job prospects. Unlike undergrad, most M.B.A. programs don’t require you to select a major, and the general curriculum is designed to equip you to work in a wide array of fields. However, many schools do offer the option to select a concentration ... Read More

  • By Jeremy Shinewald

    Megalomaniac; madman; murderer … not necessarily the type of character you want to brag about emulating—even if what you’re talking about is his singular work ethic and fervor for competition.

    So when I say that Daniel Plainview—the role portrayed by Daniel Day Lewis in the 2007 Paul Thomas Anderson film, There Will be ... Read More

  • Here’s some quick advice that came up for us when reviewing a set of Haas essays submitted by a Brave Supplicant recently. Berkeley essay 2 asks for your “most significant professional accomplishment” and other schools ask about similar stuff. Kellogg and Ross and Yale all have questions that go along these lines. This means there…

    While ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day - Data Sufficiency – Number PropertiesIf v is greater than or equal to 1 is r/v a terminating decimal?

    (1) v – 1 is divisible by 3

    (2) r = 99

    AnswerSelectShow E.GMAT Question of the Day SolutionA terminating decimal broken down to its simplest form only has 2′s and 5′s in the denominator. That’s ... Read More

  • Late August is upon us, the fall is near, and law school application deadlines are quickly approaching. If you are applying or thinking about applying to top 10 law schools, here is a breakdown of the application deadlines for each school along with the average LSAT score and average GPA of accepted students.

    For help planning and implementing your ... Read More

  • Duke, Fuqua is one the top B-school around the world but is it right fit for me? I still don't have a solid answer but the program seems to be very enchanting and attractive. In my research I identified few points that gave me positive vibes about the program but there are few points on which I've to do more research  to come to the ultimate conclusion ... Read More

  • Vote for Magoosh!

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on August 27, 2014

    Help Magoosh Win the People’s Choice Award Did you know that Magoosh was founded by 4 entrepreneurs who were tired of old-school test prep and wanted to create a better way to study? Their goal was to make test prep accessible, convenient, and fun … and look where we are now!

    This year, Magoosh is taking part in the Empact100 Showcase, ... Read More

  • Next on our Fortuna Admissions list of ‘Top Tips’ – insider advice on applying to eight of the top US, and two of the top European, b-schools – is MIT Sloan.  Despite its proximity to HBS, also located in Cambridge, MA, Sloan has a very different feel, as its campus is less traditional and more urban. Students at Sloan feel integrated ... Read More

  • By Megan Weyrauch on September 9, 2013

    This article  is brought to you by Uloop & Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, roommates, college jobs, internships, scholarships, and college news.

    It’s 3 a.m. and you’re still studying. Sweaty fingers turn the pages of your textbook as your heart tries to bust out of its chest-jail. In ... Read More

  • Many business school applicants believe that gaining admission to a top-10 requires a great application. Well, they are right. Producing a stellar app that conveys authenticity, vision and value is essential to success.   But those individuals are also wrong. The process of earning a seat at Harvard, Stanford or INSEAD doesn't  begin with ... Read More

  • A better way to put it: A kitchen-sink strategy is not a strategy.

    Your goal in applying to business school should not be to dig up every little detail and aspect of your life, academic and professional and extracurricular, over the past ten years and cram it in somewhere in the application – or cover it all in your HBS essay. You’ll end ... Read More

  • Let me ask you this question first- directly- and try to answer this honestly from your heart, please.

    Why the MBA? Why?………………………………………….THINK before you continue any further.

    Don’t worry if your real answer can’t be said to your friends, family…etc. ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day – Data Sufficiency – CombinatoricsA team is composed of exactly 4 executives and 3 associates. How many such teams can be formed?

    (1) If two fewer executives were available for selection there would be equal an number of executives and associates available for selection.

    (2) If two more associated were available ... Read More

  • We just wanted to give you a head’s up that we’ll be increasing our prices September 1.

    So what does this mean for you? It means that you’ve got until August 31, 2014 to lock in a service at the current, low rate. Browse our catalog of services today to get an early start on your applications and to take advantage of our pre-increase ... Read More