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  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Here at EXPARTUS, MBA candidates come to us at many stages in the application process, and with varying degrees of knowledge about what an admissions consultant does.

    For some people, hiring an MBA admissions consultant is an obvious choice: they know they want the guidance, and they come to us ... Read More

  • A technology company in California’s Silicon Valley is paying workers to leave the area. The startup company, Zapier, describes itself as “100 percent remote,” meaning employees can work away from the office. Zapier is an online automation tool that links apps to each other. The CEO and founder of Zapier announced last week that ... Read More

  • Women remain concentrated in college majors that pay the least, say education experts. “Women [are] still concentrated in college majors that are the least paying,” said Anthony P. Carnevale, research professor and director of Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce at a recent educator’s conference. Those ... Read More

  • Accepted widely across many organizations in 100+ countries, The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language test for non-native English language speakers. Launched in 1980 by Cambridge English Language Assessment and the British Council, IELTS assesses the ability to read, write, listen and speak ... Read More

  • We are now getting calls from applicants who plan to plan to apply in the summer, fall, and winter to matriculate in 2018. A few have all their ducks lined up – test score in place, school visits planned, a GPA they’re proud of, and maybe they’re just rounding out their profile to put icing on the application cake. Others wish they had the test ... Read More

  • If you’ve just finished applying to business school, please spare <10 minutes and take AIGAC’s annual MBA Applicant Survey. First, you could win $500!  Second, your views will be tallied anonymously and shared at our June conference, then used directly by business schools, admissions consultants and key stakeholders to shape the admissions ... Read More

  • Given: You want an MBA in order to get a better job. Given: You’re very focused on getting into the most prestigious school that you can. Given: You want there to be lots of recruiters coming to campus to ply you with gifts recruit your bada$$ self into this great new future career you’ve imagined…

    ——————————- While ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    With the Trump administration’s second, revised travel ban appearing to be headed for a drawn-out legal battle, international students at United States business schools are left wondering what the executive order will mean for them.

    The order, scheduled to go into effect on March 16 before it ... Read More

  • I’ve always told students to visit schools in the springtime. Now that it’s almost April, and schools will end classes in May, it’s time to remind prospective students it’s entirely worth the trip.

    If you can schedule a visit before classes are over, while the sun is shining, and when students know what’s what, you’ll get ... Read More

  • So you think poetry is: a) dull b) boring c) lucrative? Ask electrical engineering and computer science student Lilly Chin what she thinks after winning $100,000 on American television for knowing the poetry of Walt Whitman. (See below for “Who’s [Walt] Whitman?”) Chin, a 21-year-old who attends Massachusetts Institute of Technology ... Read More

  • Applications for citizenship have steadily increased in recent decades, and Asian-Americans have the highest naturalization rates in the United States, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Thirty-five percent — or 261,374 of the 730,259 new Americans in 2015 — were Asian-American. Legal permanent residents, or ... Read More

  • Jennifer Land explains how to maximize your available study time.

    When I coach students who are prepping for the GMAT, I find myself stressing two seemingly unrelated aspects of scheduling: finding study time and taking breaks. Both are necessary for landing your best score.

    How to find GMAT study time “I can’t find the time to fit in all of ... Read More

  • Imposter Syndrome

    by EssaySnark on March 21, 2017

    It happens.

    The spike of adrenaline and rush of endorphines around getting an admit.

    The frantic phone calls to family, and high-fives around the office.

    All of that subsiding over the course of the next few days to a happy hum of contentment: YOU DID IT!!! You got into bschool! A top MBA program actually accepted you!!

    And then…

    Fast-forward ... Read More

  • Think about the people you interact with at business meetings and social gatherings. On a daily basis, you encounter many different personality types and communication styles. Whether consciously or subconsciously, you assess and compare these individuals according to a set of traits and behaviors that are either positive or negative. Those judgments, ... Read More

  • On Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017, Harvard Business School will be sending round-two notifications to applicants who went through the interview process this winter.

    50% to 60% of interviewed applicants should receive an offer from HBS. The Baker Library

    Harvard Business School’s admissions rate has been pretty steady in recent years, and when ... Read More

  • Suppose you and I each had an ordered list of items and we were interested in comparing how similar those lists are. One calculation we can perform on these two strings is the Longest Common Subsequence. A sequence X is an ordered list of elements <x1, …, xn>. A subsequence Z is another sequence where (1) Each element of Z is also an element ... Read More

  • IB vs AP: Which is Better? Does your high school offer both AP and IB classes? Which should you choose? Which will help you succeed at getting into the best colleges? Which will help you actually succeed in college? IB vs AP is a big and very important choice to make during 10th grade before you commit to your 11th grade courses!

    What is the IB (International ... Read More

  • This is the second chunk of our recent plea for help and EssaySnark’s reaction to a Brave Supplicant’s worries about trying to transition from engineering to finance: My question is: I really have to get this MBA to enhance my career growth now. With my [specialty deleted] background, what is the most advisable path for…

    ——————————- While ... Read More

  • Folks, there is so much info out there about how to prepare for the GMAT.

    Here at Admissionado, we like to keep it simple… because it is! Here are four commonsense tips for planning your GMAT preparation.

    Get started early. Study lots. Diversify your study methods. Test early.

    1. Get started early This one is a no-brainer. If you are studying ... Read More

  • Best Schools for Young MBA Applicants

    Deciding when to start applying to business school can be a challenge. Salary increases dramatically after an MBA, but schools tend to prefer applicants with more work experience. I looked at the top 25 US MBA programs’ admission data to find the best schools for young MBA applicants in terms of chance of ... Read More

  • For some medical students, getting a yes or no today is more important than finding the right life partner. Today was Match Day, the annual day of the year when medical students found out which medical institution accepted them for a residency program. It’s the step that follows four years of undergraduate work at medical school,... Continue ... Read More

  • Since the word “of” is a preposition, when we add it behind “Because” it limits what we can have afterwards to a noun.

    On the GMAT, “Because” and “Because of” are NOT interchangeable!!!

    We use “Because” to describe an entire clause. For example:

    CORRECT: Because Ft. Sumter was attacked, ... Read More

  • MBA Game Changers Fireside Chat & Fair A big part of preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for business school is to network with people who have already been where you want to go. That includes admissions officers at top MBA programs as well as industry leaders who have altered their career paths and companies for the better — and who ... Read More

  • This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with MBA students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top MBA programs. And now for a chat with Laura Wilson…

    Accepted:  We’d like to get to know you! Where are you from? Where and what did you study as an undergrad?

    Laura: I grew up in Washington, ... Read More

  • Now that most of the top business schools in the United States accept both the GMAT and GRE exam for admission, how do you decide which test you should take? Many elite schools hope to diversify their applicant pool by accepting the GRE as an alternative in the admissions process. Another favorable aspect for business schools: it creates a more competitive ... Read More

  • By Danni White,

    This article is brought to you by Uloop and Kaplan.  Search Uloop for student housing, college roommates, sublets, part-time jobs, internships, tutors, and campus news.

    To succeed in pre-business school, perseverance, a good work ethic, dedication, and motivation are important things to have to do well in your classes. You also need ... Read More

  • Most Brave Supplicants wandering around on the blahg are planning to apply to business school for an MBA. However, we’re an all-purpose ‘Snark and we’ve had plenty of experience helping BSers trying for admission to all sorts of other types of graduate programs, including the JD/MBA, Master’s in Management, Master’s in ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    Are you thinking about applying to an Executive MBA program – but aren’t sure that your profile is the right fit? We’ve talked before about how to choose whether an MBA or an EMBA is right for you, but I also wanted to address something I see a lot: the concern over applying for an ... Read More

  • Updated MBA Acceptance Rate by Round

    The third round of MBA applications is notorious for having a lower acceptance rate. With the third round application deadlines approaching quickly for most business schools, you may be wondering if the stereotype about the third round is fact or fiction. I updated my analysis of MBA acceptance rate by round with ... Read More

  • A large number of community college students across the U.S. face homelessness and hunger, according to a new study by the University of Wisconsin’s Hope Lab. The study found that two-thirds of students go hungry, up from about half two years ago. And up to 14 percent of community college students were homeless, surveys in 2015... Continue ... Read More

  • What comes up in your mind when you think of spring? For me, a South Korean, it’s cherry blossoms. Many streets in South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan burst into bright pink and white blossoms each spring. In Seoul, cherry-blossom time is festival time, as people pour into the streets to celebrate the full blooms. People celebrate... ... Read More

  • What is the Common App Honors Section? Filling out the Common App is hard. The personal statement alone can take months to write, so when it comes to the shorter sections, it’s easy to breeze over them. Particularly with the Common App activities and honors lists, you do not want to underestimate their impact. This is a chance to quickly and ... Read More

  • The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business is one of the leading business schools in Canada. Known for its design approach to MBA education and strong emphasis on problem solving, Rotman’s program has grown in renown.

    This year’s essay questions will enable you to show that you have the self-knowledge and personal insight to make the ... Read More

  • Most people who want an MBA are looking to increase their salary — and that’s fine. It’s understood that you’re looking to go back to school to change your employment profile and open up more opportunities. It’s probably the main reason you’re focusing on the full-time two-year on-campus MBA, and why you want to go…

    ——————————- While ... Read More

  • EXPARTUS MBA Admissions

    When it comes to MBA admissions, undergraduate GPA and admissions test scores like the GRE or GMAT are some of the only hard, quantifiable metrics that an admissions committee can use to gauge the strength of your candidacy. They’re certainly not the only elements of your MBA application ... Read More

  • Nearly four in 10 U.S. colleges and universities have reported a decline in international student applications, according to a recent survey by six higher education groups. The study of 250 American colleges and universities found the highest number of declines were from applicants from the Middle East. Universities report declines of 39 percent in ... Read More

  • Arithmetic and the GMAT

    by GMAT Rockstar on March 15, 2017

    The branch of mathematics dealing with the basic manipulation of numbers is called “arithmetic.” On the GMAT, Arithmetic questions have to do with solving equations and expressions by moving variables from one side of the equation to the other.

    Sometimes this involves conversion, or describing one variable in terms of another. Let’s look at an ... Read More

  • More than one-third of international students polled say they wish their professors would try to understand them better and provide helpful advice, a recent study says. “When I was in Ethiopia, I was taught to be more reserved, more quiet,” says Kedest Mathewos, 19, from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “Whereas here, everyone tends to ... Read More