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  • In honor of Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to repost one of the podcast episodes that our listeners have been most grateful for.

    If you didn’t hear it the first time or you just want to review, now is the perfect time to listen to our highly informative (and super-popular) interview with Bhavin Parikh, CEO and founder of Magoosh, the leading ... Read More

  • I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for your program. The videos are very well done and very useful. The strategies are great and I’ve felt tangible learning all along. The included textbooks were an unexpected benefit that basically sealed the deal for paying for the course. Those few things themselves warrant a 5 of 5 stars for the price, ... Read More

  • Please also check out my first interview report.

    My second interviewer was around my age. We met on a Saturday and it was very relaxed (he came in jeans and a sweat top, compared to my suit and tie!) and instantly put me at ease.

    We had a friendly discussion with – of course – my well thought out responses interspersed with a lot of questions ... Read More

  • MBA Admissions Secrets

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on November 26, 2014

    Have you decided to apply to b-school? Then check out this free resource from our friends at–it will help guide you on your application journey to an MBA!

    Applying for admission to an MBA program can be daunting.  You have to make decisions about what information to include in your personal statement, who to ask for letters ... Read More

  • Magical Squares Game

    by on November 26, 2014

    Whether introduced as children in elementary school, as adults in the workplace, or somewhere in between, the concept of magic squares has fascinated people for centuries; The Wikipedia article has discoveries of magic squares dating back to 650 B.C. in China.

    Magic Squares of size n (for n >= 3) are n by n grids where the numbers 1, 2, …, n2 ... Read More

  • Want to get MBA tuition reimbursement from your employer? Emphasize your value to the company, just as if you were asking for a raise!

    Have you ever asked your boss for a raise? This isn’t a conversation most of us relish, so, all too often, we put it off, hoping our bosses will just notice all the amazing things we do and eagerly reward us when ... Read More

  • Just a reminder: We’re gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S. – we have information on impact to our reviews schedule for active clients in My SnarkCenter. Today we’re following up on the issue of whether a student “owes” something to a school. This question was raised when a current HBS first-year took ... Read More

  • This guest post is by Kim Carter, a senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange.

    You got accepted into multiple schools, and are now struggling to decide where to go. First of all, realize this is a good problem to have—you’re in an extremely enviable position. But that doesn’t make it any easier. Next, take a deep breath and ... Read More

  • Given the recent news this is way overdue, but see below my first interview report for INSEAD.

    I met with a senior politician alum who, understandably, had a busy schedule. The interview was quick – 30-35 minutes max. – and he hit me with a lot of questions in rapid succession.

    There was nothing unexpected or any questions that I had ... Read More

  • Yes! I got the call in the last 24 hours …admitted to INSEAD!

    I’m feeling pretty special right now, so excuse the silly grin and jumping for joy. Speaking of which, Beatrice (my dog, THE dog!) was also jumping for joy when she heard the news. She is one step closer to being the belle of campus!

    Thank you all for your support dear friends ... Read More

  • Here are the list of schools you can still apply too !! Prepare for your GMAT with our CrackVerbal Fastrack Program and meet your deadlines !

    Give it your best shot and make it to a Business School this year !

    Number School Name R1 Deadline R2 Deadline

    1 NUS Oct 1st – Jan 31st 2015 Feb 1st – march 31st 2015

    2 IMD Feb 1st ... Read More

  • Ask any of the Year 1 Executive MBA students this week what it as the forefront of their minds and most of them are likely to respond with an answer relating to the pairs project on the Organisational Behaviour (OB) module of the programme! That will be the case anyway for the weekend EMBAs, who [...] Read More

  • Some adcoms are remarkably progressive in their attitudes. This comes through in many of their admissions policies — and perhaps nowhere more strongly than in their reaction to admissions consultants. Some schools are very open and willing to interact with us. Others still hold onto backwards ideas that people shouldn’t seek help on a totally ... Read More

  • The last two weeks have been filled with quite a few group projects, papers and a lot of really interesting speakers:Lars Dalgaard (Founder and CEO of SuccessFactors)John Morgridge (CEO Cisco)John Pendergast (Human Rights Activist)This blog post is dedicated to a young woman that has one of the most widely viewed TED Talks worldwide: Hyeonseo LeeHyeonseo ... Read More

  • In the United States, lawyers are required to earn a college degree and spend another three years of graduate study in law school to earn their Juris Doctor or J.D. degree. The three-year J.D. program provides students with an outstanding and extensive education to prepare them for their legal career.

    However, many students and educators lament the ... Read More

  • It may sound a bit strange, but one of the most important classes I’ve taken in my life was on posture. The class was on the Alexander technique, specifically, and it’s influenced how I interact with the world around me every day since. I’m far from a master of the technique, so I’m not going to try to pass on any nuggets of wisdom on how to ... Read More

  • How do you make your MBA network work for you?

    MBA networking: one of the supposed benefits of attending business school.  Part of the job description of an MBA in almost any position includes that elusive, poorly-defined, sometimes awkward activity.

    Top Three Quotes About MBA Networking:

    “Job opportunities require great networking skills.”

    “Business ... Read More

  • 20% Off MBA Admissions Consulting Through Dec 1 Round 2 deadlines are just around the corner. But don’t hyperventilate yet, there’s still time to do everything you have to do… as long as you START EARLY. Like… right now.

    Whether you need to start from scratch or you just need a quick gut check, we’ve got a service for ... Read More

  • We wrote a handful of posts recently on how (and when) you might be able to add things like an updated GMAT score or change in job situation to your application after you’ve already submitted your MBA app.

    That sort of overlooks an important part of the process that we should call out separately.

    There are times when contacting the admissions ... Read More

  • Magoosh Vine!

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on November 21, 2014

    Magoosh is now on Vine!!

    Follow Magoosh, like our vines, and share our office shenanigans with your friends.


    Have an idea for a Magoosh vine? Leave it in the comments below!

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