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  • Yes Yes YES!!! I’m very excited to be able to post this great bit of news after a nervous day of inbox refreshing (don’t we all know that feeling by now!?).

    Still some work to do but feels good to be back in the running at my top choice b school.

    Congratulations to my fellow invitees :)

    And commiserations to anyone who didn’t get ... Read More

  • If you are planning on applying to medical school, the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is the behemoth hurdle that premed students dread. This standardized, multiple choice test has been a part of medical school admissions in both the United States and Canada for over eighty years. The test assesses your scientific and verbal knowledge, problem ... Read More

  • On October 31st, Wharton released invitations to its Group Interviews (Team Based Discussions or TBD) around 3.45pm Eastern Time. If you have received an invitation to interview at Wharton, congratulations! Make sure that you review our recent post on how to best prepare for the group interview.

    As in previous applications seasons, MBA Admissions Advisors ... Read More

  • Welcome to the latest edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our periodic check-in with some of the MBA blogosphere’s applicant and student contributors. This week, MBA bloggers provide interview recaps and brainstorm possible interview questions, as well as share thoughts on the transformational nature of the b-school experience.

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  • We got some great guesses yesterday! Ross, Booth, Stanford, Duke, and one almost-vote for HBS…

    So which bschool is the top of our list of Five Faves?

    To recap, #2 – 5 of our current Favorite MBA programs as listed out yesterday are:

    #5. Darden #4. Tuck #3. Yale #2. Columbia

    And now we will reveal:

    EssaySnark’s current #1 Favorite ... Read More

  • Did our latest GMAT Practice Questions scare you into studying? We gave you two questions, and today we have the answers and explanations we know you’re just dying to read.

    Question Explanations The First Question: Researchers have found that, on average one American should be struck by lightning every 13 days.

    A. one American should be struck ... Read More

  • In week six of our Organisational Behaviour & Decision Making module we explored some of the concepts behind work groups and teams with Dr Paul McGrath. We looked at Gersick’s punctuated equilibrium model, Belbin’s team roles and how group cohesiveness influences performance. One of the key takeaway messages was that while many organisations ... Read More

  • Each week, we sit down and get to know one of our MBA Consultants. Not to brag, but we have an amazing team of people, and there’s more to them than just their top school pedigree or their devilish good looks. When you’re choosing an MBA consultant, you don’t just want someone in your industry or who went to your dream school. You ... Read More

  • I’m considering a very difficult decision. Insanity maybe? I don’t know. I’m thinking about retaking the GMAT before Round 2 deadlines with a goal of scoring at least a 750 this time. I know my weakness: I’m a very young applicant. I have a great GPA, great extracurriculars, great work experience (quality wise) but my GMAT as ... Read More

  • Quick update from me…

    I had my first INSEAD alumni interview earlier this week with the second (and final!) one scheduled for tomorrow. I’ve been doing a lot of prep for the interviews this time around – not because I suck at interviews, but so my answers are precise and concise (I have a tendency to go off-message and ramble if I’m ... Read More

  • Do you really need an MBA Admissions Consultant?   Your best answer to this question requires that you answer a few others first...   • How close is your profile to those of typical admits to top-tier business schools?   • Do you know the priorities and preferences of your targeted schools?   • What resources do you ... Read More

  • To celebrate this week’s scary holiday, we present you with a couple of (semi) themed GMAT practice questions. Electrifying!

    Need some help with tackling GMAT Sentence Correction questions? Check out our YouTube video for guidance.

    Post your answers in the comments, and we’ll share the answer explanations in a blog post tomorrow.

    1. Researchers ... Read More

  • Our Five Faves

    by EssaySnark on October 30, 2014

    As an observer of this industry, we have developed strong opinions about “the best” schools and today we’re going to share with you a short list of our current favorite MBA programs – or maybe this is a list of our current favorite MBA adcoms.

    You already know that we think rankings are a joke and anyway, the rankings data is ... Read More

  • Getting into law school is an exciting time as you are embarking upon your long journey to becoming an attorney. However, law school can be quite expensive. Given the high cost of tuition, current and incoming law students should take thoughtful measures to manage or lower the cost of their education. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into hundreds ... Read More

  • And I’m definitely not admitted to Fuqua. It was horrible waiting for a phone call that never came, but I’ve had a while for it to sink in and I’m okay. Slightly heart broken because everyone who’s read even part of this blog knows how much I loved Duke – but I’m still hopeful for better things to come. I’m ... Read More

  • Journey So Far...

    by Techie to MBA on October 29, 2014

    After finishing all my Round 1 applications, now I’m waiting on their results and preparing for the Round 2 schools. I decided to take some time to relax after Round 1 application, but it seems that relaxing in a journey to B-school is far from reality. The anxiety level is at all-time high, because every day while you wait to hear from the schools, ... Read More

  • It’s only one month (and a half) ago that I’ve left Italy? It’s the 10th of October and so many things has yet happened that it seems to me that one year has passed.  My work and my usual life in Italy are so far now because since the first day of the Immersion week, [...] Read More

  • If acquiring tastes could be considered a hobby in and of itself, you could call me an hobbyist. Here are a few hard-to-swallow bits and bobs I’ve learned to love in my life:

    Black coffee Kimchi Black metal Grammar Liver Absinthe Gertrude Stein Very dark chocolate Kombucha Distance running Free jazz Math problems

    Alright, so that’s a pretty weird ... Read More

  • This used to be advice that was never needed. Everyone knew that this is what you should be doing. You get an interview? You wear a suit. That was the case whether you were interviewing on Wall Street or at UCLA or at a tech firm – whether it was a job interview or an…

    While much of the blahg is available completely for free, the content ... Read More

  • Whether you’re just getting started with your MBA applications, or are adding the final touches before the upcoming deadlines, we’d like you to be aware of some common mistakes that many applicants make when applying to b-schools. It’s easy to get so wrapped up with what you want to communicate that you might not be aware of simple oversights ... Read More

  • Tips to Prepare for the Wharton MBA Team Based Discussion A few thousand candidates submitted their Wharton applications for the Class of 2017 just a few weeks ago. As Wharton is about to release interview invites for Round 1 applicants (on October 31), it’s worth thinking about how Wharton’s group interview format differs from the traditional ... Read More

  • Rini Bhatt, an engineer who moved into the non-profit sector early in her career, scored a whopping GMAT 780 in her first attempt. She is currently a first year student of the Wharton MBA program, which she chose over the Kellogg MBA. She also got a full-tuition scholarship to Wharton. In this conversation, she shares her tips/advice to score 780 on ... Read More

  • Are you applying for a job, internship, or teaching assistant (TA) position? We’ve got five easy job application and interview tips that you can use when applying to just about anything.

    Tuck these tips under your belt, and you’ll be strutting your way into a new job—not just an interview—before you can say, hired!

    1.       Professionalism ... Read More

  • The following post was prepared by Kim Carter, a senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange. Kim earned her MBA at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan on a full-tuition merit-based fellowship.    You have decided to attend business school. Maybe you need the degree to progress in your current career, or maybe ... Read More

  • So, you have decided you want to go to business school and you think it is the right place for you? Like any other graduate school, applying to business schools is a long and rigorous process. It’s almost like going back to your college application. However, this time, it comes with the additional requirements of your undergraduate GPA, Graduate Management ... Read More

  • Are you curious about where to find the top jobs and salaries across the globe after business school? QS Top MBA recently released its annual MBA employers survey, which, with 5,669 respondents worldwide contributing to this year’s report, makes it the most comprehensive global review of hiring and salary trends available.

    Key Recruiting Trends in ... Read More

  • How much will a top MBA program set you back, and how much will it pay off?

    The latest in MBA news: From a steady rise in business schools that accept GRE scores instead of GMAT scores, to the top MBA programs that will prime you for the big bucks, here’s this week’s MBA news and headlines, helping you navigate the business school application ... Read More

  • Years ago, a favorite essay question among many of the top bschools was to ask you about an ethical dilemma you’ve faced. That type of question still can come up in interviews. What we’ve got today is not so much an ethical dilemma as a relationship dilemma.

    It’s about applying to bschool with a partner. We’ve discussed the ... Read More