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  • I’ve found that most admissions consultants provide the same advice on how to answer Stanford’s first essay question, and frankly it’s no different than the advice Stanford provides in the prompt itself: a good answer requires deep self-examination. Unfortunately, I’ve also found this advice to be remarkably unhelpful for MBA applicants setting ... Read More

  • Today Lebron James announced he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Being a lifelong basketball fan, I was floored by his announcement. Being a former Admissions Director, I was more impressed by his "essay."

    B-school applicants can learn a lot from how this piece is constructed. Here are 4 techniques you can learn from Lebron to make your MBA ... Read More

  • Georgetown McDonough MBA Essay Questions have been released for the 2014-2015 admissions year following up on the Georgetown McDonough MBA Application Deadlines posted earlier.  Georgetown McDonough School of Business has significantly changed its essay questions from those in its application last year. The number of essay questions have been ... Read More

  • We couldn’t be happier for Stella, a Shanghai-based financial accountant who got into Tuck! It’s been a long journey with her consultant, Ben Koren, and after a lot of red ink and hard work, she’s going to her dream school. She’ll be starting Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth this fall, but before she heads off to Hanover, ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day – Data Sufficiency – Statistics/Standard DeviationA factory received 19 boxes of widgets. What was the standard deviation of the numbers of widgets in the 19 boxes?

    (1) For the 19 boxes of widgets, the median of the numbers of widgets was equal to the mean of the number of widgets.

    (2) For the 19 boxes of widgets, ... Read More

  • Deciding to retake the GMAT is not a simple choice. Not only do students have to consider their limited time, but they also need to consider whether or not their score will improve.

    But what are the chances that their score will improve? How much will it improve? What can they do to ensure their score goes up and not down? Are their similarities between ... Read More

  • MIT Sloan guide is out!

    by EssaySnark on July 11, 2014

    Thinking about applying to MIT this year? Good news: We’ve updated the Sloan application guide for 2014 – and this is one of the most important ones to get. It tells you which app to do in what order, and how to navigate getting three recommendations – one you write yourself, two submitted by others. Read More

  • There is no substitute for real world experience.

    With fulltime MBA programs, it is fairly obvious why the GMAT is such an important component to one’s application – with less work experience, admissions committees need to find other measurements to gauge potential success in a program. Academic preparedness can clearly be evidenced with a strong ... Read More

  • Georgetown McDonough MBA Application Deadlines have been released for the upcoming 2014-2015 MBA admissions year. Georgetown McDonough School of Business has  kept all three of its MBA Application Deadlines the same as last year. Georgetown McDonough  is a member school of the Consortium. Georgetown McDonough MBA Application Deadlines Round 1 ... Read More

  • Revised GMAT Percentile Rankings July 2014 The GMAC just revised and released their official percentile rankings for GMAT test takers. You can check them out here.

    As you know, your GMAT score includes a percentile ranking in addition to your scaled and raw scores that enables you (and business schools!) to compare your skill level with other test ... Read More

  • Kellogg MBA Application Deadlines have been released for the upcoming 2014-2015 MBA admissions year. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University has  moved its 1st round MBA Application Deadline up by almost a month and has kept its 2nd and 3rd round MBA Application Deadlines approximately the same as last year. Northwestern Kellogg MBA ... Read More

  • New Infographic!

    by Magoosh GMAT Blog on July 10, 2014

    Hi Magooshers!

    Today, we are happy to unveil our first TOEFL infographic!

    If you’re a non-native English speaker planning to pursue a business degree from a university in an English-speaking country, then this new resource is for you.

    The TOEFL Scores Infographic provides the required minimum TOEFL scores for top programs, in an easy to understand ... Read More

  • Notice!

    by EssaySnark on July 10, 2014

    That 4-School Set that we launched last week, at a ridiculous price? Yeah, that one? That will be changing soon. (The price. Not the product.) Read More

  • At Fortuna Admissions, our goal is to help you put together the very best MBA application possible. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to apply, and when you combine high school fees with loss of income, the opportunity cost of the degree is significant. But business school isn’t obligatory…so why do so many of you still believe an MBA is ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day – Problem Solving – Exponents/DivisibilityIf x and y are positive integers and (2^24)(4^12) = x^y what is the value of x that produces the minimum value for x – y?

    A. 2

    B. 3

    C. 4

    D. 8

    E. 16

    AnswerSelectShow A.GMAT Question of the Day SolutionA significant portion of GMAT Quant questions require you to ... Read More

  • Bschool is not cheap.

    To put it another way: Business school is expensive.

    Like, to the tune of more-expensive-than-a-nice-house-in-the-Midwest expensive.

    Bschool tuitions go up every single year at pretty much every single school. Your second year will probably be more expensive than your first, not only because you can expect tuition to be about ... Read More

  • Meet Monica, INSEAD 15J admit who is hoping her MBA can help her transition from a career in PR to Director of International Expansion for an American tech company.

    Tell us about yourself My name is Monica Cepak and I’ll be starting my MBA at INSEAD in the Fall of 2014. I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Princeton University ... Read More

  • Oxford Said MBA Essay Questions have been released for the 2014-2015 admissions year following up on the Oxford Said MBA Application Deadlines posted earlier.  Like NYU Stern School of Business, Oxford Said Business School is one of the few schools not to change its MBA Essay Questions from those used last year. The third question really allows ... Read More

  • Oxford Said MBA Application Deadlines have been released for the upcoming 2014-2015 MBA admissions year. Oxford Said Business School has  kept its MBA application deadline approximately the same as last year.  Oxford Said has 6 Stages (or Rounds). Oxford Said MBA Application Deadlines Stage 1  – September 15, 2014 Deadline; September 26, ... Read More

  • Learn how important setting MBA goals are in this post from our friends at Accepted!

    Goals are not an afterthought in MBA admissions. They are front and center in the minds of many admissions directors. Put them front and center in your mind as you prepare to apply. Coming to MBA events with a clear goal will make you a much more appealing candidate ... Read More

  • A third key component for many people is geography, if it is integral to the goal.

    “Exactly What Are Goals?” is excerpted from the special report, Why MBA? To download the entire free special report, click here.

    “I want to move from the buy side to the sell side.”

    “I want to shift from technology consulting to investment ... Read More

  • GMAT Question of the Day – Data Sufficiency – Number Properties/DivisibilityIf x and y are both positive integers is (x^y – 22)/3 equal to an integer?

    (1) The sum of the digits of x is equal to 1

    (2) y > 1

    AnswerSelectShow A.GMAT Question of the Day SolutionThis question of the day deals with divisibility. Usually with this type ... Read More

  • Given what we talked about yesterday with the GMAT quant stuff, we probably should be telling you how to increase that side of your test – but the verbal is important too! And lots of people struggle with it. Our friends at Magoosh have offered some advice for all of you in test-prep mode. Good luck if you’re in this phase of the process. ... Read More

  • What is the ISEE? The ISEE is a test required as part of the application to many independent schools. It is administered by the Educational Records Bureau. How much does it “count”? The test is one factor in the school’s … Continue reading → Read More

  • Wharton Business School Essay Tips for the 2014-2015 Admissions Cycle Over the past five years, Wharton has steadily decreased the number of essays required in its application. This year, that trend continues, as Wharton announced that it will require only one, 500-word essay, a far cry from the four essays totaling over 2,000 words that it required ... Read More