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  • Hello Magooshers! Have you ever wanted to join our team of awesome bloggers? Well, here’s your chance.

    We’re hiring a student blogger to help write posts for our TOEFL blog. As a student blogger, you will be able to reach thousands of international students who are preparing for the TOEFL and applying to universities in the US. You ... Read More

  • Brett Ethridge is a great instructor who knows what is necessary to succeed on the GMAT. I love the course’s online format for its convenience and flexibility, and Brett supplements the static elements of the course with lots of interaction. I’m incredibly pleased I chose Dominate the GMAT as my GMAT prep course. Read More

  • We’re all members of the MBA family but we’re also supporters of women and their achievements. Last month, we celebrated those achievements and helped raise awareness of the issue of equality by wearing purple to the classroom. Purple symbolises justice and dignity, two values strongly associated with women’s equality. Thanks to all ... Read More

  • The Georgetown International Student Association and Office of International Programs held the Global Expo on Saturday, April 11. The Expo gives students a chance to experience their classmates’ cultures – from food, to music, to traditional performance. Check out photos from the Expo below. Read More

  • A score of 800/800 on GMAT If you ask 100 GMAT aspirants of their target score, you’ll get less than 5 students giving an answer of 800/800. Is it impossible? No! No way, is my answer! Look at the word ‘impossible’ from a different perspective. It can be made to say ‘I m possible’.

    study plan GMAT

    A score of 800 on 800, in fact, has been ... Read More

  • Since we’re now in the part of the calendar where admissions teams are meeting to plan out the coming admissions season, we thought it was a good time to present this.

    We have a lot of casual and mostly meaningless polls happening in Snarkville throughout the year, and one that we posted last Fall, right after Round 1 was due, asked people which ... Read More

  • I was incredibly nervous about taking the GMAT, especially with only a month and a half to prepare. To say I was starting behind the eight ball would be an understatement. Fortunately, I found Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course after watching some of his free videos on YouTube (they were super impressive!). Within days of starting with his material, ... Read More

  • Catherine Tuttle

    by Fortuna Admissions on April 19, 2015

    Catherine started her career in higher education at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business where she spent almost six years, first as the marketing manager for multiple departments including Admissions, the Career Management Center and the Health Sector Management program, and finally as an Associate Director within the Career Management Center ... Read More

  • If you have low stats, you’ll have to be strategic about your application choices.

    Applicants and Admissions Directors almost always seek the same thing. Applicants want to be desired by Admissions Directors and Admissions Directors want their schools to be desired by applicants. Applicants want to optimize their ability to gain admission to ... Read More

  • As already mentioned in a previous post, one of the most important Tactics to keep the mind fresh during the Gmat is to LIMIT your choices. As you know, the paradox of choices says that the more choices you have the less likely you are to focus on the important things and less likely you are to achieve your goals. The same applies on the Gmat. Although ... Read More

  • This an overview of my journey till now! I started bloging in August last year. I had a nice list before getting started for GMAT studies. I took my first GMAT prep on 26th Feb last year and scored 540. I took my second GMATPrep after studying for 2-3 months and scored 10 points lower! I was studying according […] Read More

  • Thanks to you guys I am admitted to the Stanford GSB, my dream school! My journey, as an older applicant with an unusual profile, started with skepticism by other consultants on even considering the Top 5 schools. But you guys always had faith in my candidacy, and encouraged me to give it an honest try. If not for your support I wouldn’t have even ... Read More

  • Dear MBA Applicant,

    I find it very surprising: Read Through

    Most of the Indian applicants I work with “DO NOT LIKE” what they are doing in their current jobs. Ironically, when they explore an MBA, they do not want to truly introspect in “IDENTIFYING” the job they are meant to be in or the companies they want to be with.

    “ I will be proud ... Read More

  • Prepare now and hit the ground running when classes start.

    Do you think you’re done with my advice now that you have received that acceptance letter? Not so fast. I still have a tip or two for you. There are a few things you can do to prepare for your MBA studies and enhance your chances of getting a great internship and ultimately post-MBA job.

    Take ... Read More

  • Over the last couple of years, our Career Centre has really stepped up its game and is helping our students explore career opportunities in new and innovative ways. Here’s a sample of some of the cool services that our Career Centre offers!

    1) Your Career Coach: Your Career Coach is assigned to you at the beginning of the program and remains with ... Read More

  • It’s nearly a year since TopDogMBA came into being and – over 18,000 hits later – I’ve decided to share some of the application aids I created that helped me get two admits (and a waitlist) from top 10 b schools. I hope that it helps any newbies to the MBA application process, gives some […] Read More

  • In conversation with Amiya who scored 750 on the GMAT and got an MBA admit to the University of Maryland

    Could you tell us about your profile?

    I work as a software developer with Juniper Networks in Bangalore and have a work experience of 3.5 years in the telecom industry.

    How did you know about CrackVerbal?

    Once I had decided on preparing for the ... Read More

  • Carysfort Celts flying the Irish Flag at The MBA Rugby World Cup Last week, the MBA Rugby Team travelled to the United States to take part in the 35th Annual MBA Rugby World Cup.

    Our team finished a creditable fourth out of 15 men’s teams, placing just behind Harvard’s A Team and ahead of fifth-placed Duke.

    Other teams that competed include ... Read More

  •   This post is part of the Class of 2018 Start Your Engines! series.   Yes yes yes we’ve been banging the drum of “It’s time to get started!!” of late, and that’s totally true, but… If you get started on certain parts of your MBA app now, you’re either going to doom yourself to…

    While much of ... Read More

  • Finding a decently priced gym in Phuket can be difficult if you are not planning to go on a daily basis. Prices of around 1,500 baht per month are fine when you plan on going several times a week and joining for group classes, but in my case I just want to go there once or twice a week and I only want to lift weights. Most gyms don’t even offer 1-day ... Read More

  • Originally posted on MBA Ivy League:

    As a former Harvard admissions interviewer and a Harvard graduate, people are always asking me about their GMAT scores and “if I think they’ll get in.”  Test scores are certainly one large aspect of the entire MBA admissions process, although allow me to stress that many other things including, most importantly, ... Read More

  • Each year, thousands of international students come to the United States to complete their higher education. Leaving home and living abroad is a big major transition in life. And one of the first obstacles many of these students face is one of the most prominent: adapting to new food.

    For many international students, it’s a struggle to find the ... Read More

  • It’s nearly a year since TopDogMBA came into being and – over 18,000 hits later – I’ve decided to share some of the application aids I created that helped me get two admits (and a waitlist) from top 10 b schools. I hope that it helps any newbies to the MBA application process, gives some […] Read More

  • Today, we’re going to review the last two questions from the Tricky Data Sufficiency Questions practice post. If you’re just tuning in, give the questions a shot, check your answers here, and then review the explanations to questions #1-2, #3-4, and #5-6.

    Ready? Let’s move along.  

    Question #7 7. If p + q = 2r + 3, what is the ... Read More

  • The number of companies offering free online GMAT practice tests has increased in the past few years, so it’s worthwhile to summarize all the free exams you can currently find.

    1)The best practice exams, without a doubt, are those published by the GMAC. You get two free exams with the GMATPrep software and can buy two more for $50.

    2)Next, you ... Read More

  • “The discovery of agriculture was the first big step towards a civilized life.”- Sir Arthur Keith

    All of us have grown up hearing sweet little stories of a hardworking farmer and his farm full of agriculture produce and dairy animals. We admired and respected the work of an farmer.but is this the scenario even today? Is agriculture and rural business ... Read More

  • It is not an uncommon sight to see the streets full of hoardings and advertising billboards. Advertising has covered almost all segments of social life. Even the transport mediums are used for publicity and promotion of business products and services. We see lots of infomercials everywhere that we go. This widespread of media and advertising industry ... Read More

  • The gender gap at business schools goes all the way up.

    From a fascinating survey exploring the “why” of business school, to one dean’s MBA rankings advice, to closing the administrative gender gap, let’s dig into the latest headlines in MBA news and business school admissions. Leave your comments below…please.

    Why business school? The ... Read More

  • To get back what I lost

    by Pro GMAT on April 16, 2015

    A few days before I contacted GrantMeAdmission after reading his post and asked him that how he motivated himself to get back to work and his awesome reply forced me to go back to my study table and gather all the knowledge that I left there a few months before. I would like to put some […] Read More

  • Time to Lace Up!

    by GMAT Mind Games on April 15, 2015

    If you're thinking about getting into one of the top tier B-schools, and you haven't taken the GMAT, NOW is that moment when you should register for the test!Although I prefer that before you join any course, you should try to study on your own and see how you do on the GMATprep tests that are available free of cost - here.Of course, if you're interested ... Read More