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  • Spring Break around the World

    Spring Break around the World

    by on April 11th, 2014

    The spring break is about to end. In a few days holidays will be over and MiM’s will once gain be back on campus for another term of hard work, group projects, networking, job searching, partying and great moments … Read More

  • Spring Break

    Spring Break

    by on March 26th, 2014

    My recap of term 2: Undertaking the MBA at London Business School Spring Break!!! It was a fast-paced term. It whizzed by before we even knew what was happening. From the first Corporate Partner Presentations in the … Read More

  • Oil and Gas and Fondue in Geneva

    Oil and Gas and Fondue in Geneva

    by on March 19th, 2014

    Organising a trek and running it: One of the more rewarding experiences of my life. I have always wanted to be in the commodities industry (where people source, transport and process large volumes of merchandise). This … Read More

  • Sprints and Marathons

    Sprints and Marathons

    by on March 13th, 2014

    Upon joining the Women in Business conference committee, I was informed that this year’s theme would be ‘Sprints and Marathons- A Sustainable Career.” A sustainable career, I wondered? What exactly did that mean? I … Read More

  • MBA and MiM collaboration

    MBA and MiM collaboration

    by on March 11th, 2014

    When I think about the last term, the first words coming into my mind are: job hunting, career trainings, workshops and coffee chats with alumni. Don’t get me wrong, the first three months at LBS have been an amazing … Read More

  • Mumbai, an incredible experience

    Mumbai, an incredible experience

    by on February 27th, 2014

    It is day 4 since I came back from Mumbai. I am still sinking in how much I’ve learned in a week. There were many moments when I thought that Mumbai was the highlight of my 2-year MBA. I got to know so many … Read More

  • How to make a (small) difference

    How to make a (small) difference

    by on February 25th, 2014

    The last couple of weeks have been a bit more packed than usual for me. Lots of readings and assignments – as we approach the end of the second term for the September EMBAs – and a particularly demanding time for … Read More



    by on February 21st, 2014

    It’s not all academics and job-hunting at LBS. The opportunities to get involved are endless, and one of the best events put on at the School is TEDx. For all of you who don’t know, TED is sort of the X … Read More

  • Christmas time in London

    Christmas time in London

    by on February 17th, 2014

    The first term is over! This week we finished our exams, and after few nights in the library studying with my classmates and drinking liters of coffee, I can finally enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of London. While some … Read More

  • Business Immersion Week

    Business Immersion Week

    by on February 16th, 2014

    This past week, all of us here on the Masters in Management class had the chance to participate in Business Immersion Week. Some of the companies that we got to visit included Universal Music Group, Mastercard, Unilever, … Read More

  • Rockruiting party

    Rockruiting party

    by on February 11th, 2014

    My second gig in London ended up beautifully last Saturday. All the imperfection made the night memorable and who knows where the next gig will be? We can only seize the moments. Sentimental aside, the name of the event … Read More

  • On the train (again)

    On the train (again)

    by on February 11th, 2014

    It would be unfair to say that the EMBA has not had an impact on my career since starting 5 months ago (someone noted that we were already half way through our first year – boom). I approached senior management in my … Read More

  • Term 2 Academics and the Job Search!

    Term 2 Academics and the Job Search!

    by on February 8th, 2014

    I can’t believe it is already February! Time is flying by and the intensity of this term has been just as high as it was in the fall. This semester, the MiMs have been delving into Finance, Marketing and the Global … Read More

  • London Business School and what it means to me

    London Business School and what it means to me

    by on February 2nd, 2014

    Before taking up this offer at LBS, I was as confused a soul as most of us might have been during the admissions process – trying to make a choice to go to a school in the US (in my case it was MIT) or coming here. I … Read More