MBAs at the London Business School Still in High Demand

by on January 3rd, 2018

According to the latest employment figures from London Business School, 93 percent of 2017 MBA graduates accepted a job within three months of graduation—a slight decrease from 2016, when 94 percent of graduates accepted an offer. Still, the numbers reflect another strong year for LBS MBA graduates.

As for where 2017 MBA graduates accepted jobs, there were a few changes this year. Post-MBA jobs in consulting moved up from 35 percent in 2016 to 41 percent. Finance jobs also increased slightly, from 25 percent to 26 percent. Jobs in the technology sector, meanwhile, stayed steady with approximately a fifth of the class heading into the industry, the same as last year. This was actually a surprise to LBS considering the fact that 36 percent of 2018 MBAs did their internships in the technology sector last summer, far surpassing the previous three years, which maxed out at 28 percent.

The mix of employers covered a wide range. While McKinsey, BCG, and Bain all hired upwards of 35 students each, and Amazon hired 23 students, there were many others. Other top companies included Goldman Sachs, Yoox Net-a-Porter Group, GSK, Kraft Heinz, and many small start-ups and SMEs.

“We continue to see increasing diversity in the types of employers our students join,” Lara Berkowitz, executive director of the LBS Career Center, said in a news release, “We used to see more companies taking students in the double-digits. Now we find many students looking for opportunities more tailored to their unique interests and skills as the number and type of recruiters continues to expand. This diversity of interest is reflected in our new, even more flexible MBA which launched this year.”

Last but certainly not least, the employment report looked at whether Brexit would have any effect on where LBS MBA graduates chose to gain employment. It did not. 50 percent of graduates still ended up taking a job in the UK, while 16 percent took jobs in Europe, and 10 percent in Asia. Overall, graduates took jobs in 44 different countries.

The full employment report will be available on January 24, 2018, on the London Business School website.

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