The Most Valuable Job Qualifications of the Future

by on July 3rd, 2017

It has to be said that we are currently experiencing a huge period of change when it comes to jobs and jobs security. The job market is transforming at a rapid rate and there is some level of uncertainty surrounding how it will look in a few years’ time. There are some reports that are claiming that some 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020 and that jobs that we once saw as being ‘safe’ may not be as secure as we once thought. Despite the uncertainty, there are some things you can do to stay ahead of the curve and improve your future earning potential by taking note of our most valuable job qualifications of the future.

Project Management

One of the biggest concerns at the moment when it comes to jobs that require more individuals entering into the profession is that of Project Management. Project Management skills are highly sought after in pretty much every industry and are some of the most popular qualifications that employers keep an eye out for when looking at candidate CVs. The fantastic thing about becoming a qualified Project Manager is that you are also able to take your work overseas as the skills that you learn become transferable to other companies in countries like Australia etc. Improve your employability for the future and find out more about the best qualifications that will improve your chances of becoming a Project Manager from The Knowledge Academy, a six sigma training provider.


As people begin to live longer we are due to see a significant change in caregiving professions. Despite the fact that we are relying more on telemedicine and robotic surgical equipment and other automation forms of administering health care, there is likely to be a huge increase in the need for health care administrators. From medical technicians, physical therapists and other experts, our aging and growing population is set to continue to impact the employment market.

New Media Literacy

While everyone is claiming that we are heading towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the fact still remains that it is going to be a long time before computers and robots are able to learn soft skills and emotional intelligence, which is why areas such as social intelligence and new media literacy are still so important and will continue to be so in later years. Being able to understand numerous media platforms and how to use them to effectively communicate is a highly valuable skill that robots will not be able to master any time soon.


It may seem obvious to say, but with the world moving at such a rapid rate, something that is going to become increasingly important is being able to learn and adapt fast to any situation. Being able to stay up to date with new innovations and shift the way that we think is going to become a huge asset to almost every industry imaginable. The way that we begin to use technology to improve our current skills will become an exceptionally powerful tool.

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