MBA News: HBS Admit Shares His Good News

by on May 16th, 2017

From tips for packaging your resume to the best practices of successful applicants—here’s what’s happening in our latest roundup of business school news.

Getting in at Harvard Business School

Meet Kel Jackson, an aspiring MBA who’s decided to allow all of you vicariously experience what it might be like to get into Harvard Business School. The new admit recorded himself logging onto HBS’s admissions portal to find out whether he was getting in or not. He’s cool as a cucumber until the last click, and then … he can’t contain his excitement.

“I studied for months on end, eventually taking the GMAT three times,” he explains. “I agonized over my essays and revised them more times than I care to remember. When I was invited to interview on campus, I knew that just 30 minutes would determine the trajectory of the rest of my life. I did my best not to screw it up. Then I waited. Finally, at noon on decision day, I got the good news and immediately proceeded to jump up and down in my living room like an excited little kid.”

A graduate of Auburn University, Kel Jackson has another reason to celebrate: His wife is graduating pharmacy school this month. (Poets&Quants)

Packaging your resume

Having a professional background at an elite company in consulting or finance is not a necessity for getting into business school … but it doesn’t hurt either. For all applicants, regardless of background, it’s about putting together a resume that makes you stand out and that highlights your most important accomplishment and attributes.

“A resume inherently is all about me, but in business school today, they’re looking for students who will be team players and contribute to the growth and learning of others,” says one admissions consultant who once worked as an admissions official at Sellinger School of Business and Management at Loyola University Maryland. “So make sure that on your resume, you’ve shown it’s not just all about me and what I’ve achieved but how I have helped my group and my community.” (U.S. News & World Report)

MBA admissions advice

MBA Insights, a website that aims to help aspiring business students make the right decisions about the MBA admissions process, recently published a cool infographic that includes advice from current students about how to be successful. Among their top pieces of advice:

  1. Start the process early. Research all your options.
  2. Take the GMAT (or GRE) first. (We very much agree with this piece of advice. Remember that scores are good for several years. We even encourage students to take it while still an undergrad so you are in “test-taking mode.”)
  3. And on the same thread … take as many practice GMATs or GREs as you can. Familiarity breeds confidence and success. (MBA Insights)

Global experience at Fox

Unlike their European counterparts, for whom crossing international borders is almost as easy as going to another town, American business students seldom venture outside the borders or even where their program is located. This is understandable, as international travel is expensive and American MBA students can often find great internship and learning opportunities closer to home. But Temple University’s Fox School of Business thinks international experience is essential for its students and therefore integrates two-week international trips to emerging and developed economies into its curriculum.

“No matter where students intend to work eventually, somehow the global marketplace is going to touch them,” says Kevin Fandl, academic director of global immersion programs at Fox. “Whether they’re hiring immigrant labor, outsourcing, importing, exporting, or expanding their operations overseas; everything touches the global marketplace and they need to be prepared for that.” (BusinessBecause)

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