Necessary Apartment Amenities for Pre-MBA Students

by on March 20th, 2017

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To succeed in pre-business school, perseverance, a good work ethic, dedication, and motivation are important things to have to do well in your classes. You also need an efficient and supportive environment that is conducive to your growth and success as a student. Such an environment will help you to learn and thrive while at the same time making friends and taking time for self-care.

For many students, the idea of moving from one state to another or from mom and dad’s house to an apartment all your own is at first exciting and then frightening. With the pressure of pre-business classes already upon you or impending, it can be overwhelming having to look through various locations to find the right place that fits your needs and budget.

Pre-business students today already face the challenge of having to learn factors and competencies of the business market in an ever-changing environment. Business schools and programs are often chided for failing to prepare students with the right educational guide for identifying, evaluating, and helping to develop an ethical framework in the current world of trade and commerce.

So, you will have enough to worry about and more than enough to keep up with in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Many schools are trying to help students do just that by supplying readily available amenities in dorm rooms and off-campus housing including a sauna, climbing wall, and a free movie theater.

According to VeryApt and Ross School of Business, MBA students’ highest rated properties included a gym, lounge, pool or hot tub, responsive management, proximity to campus and downtown life, unit washer/dryer, cable, internet, and smart TVs.

Whether you are looking to live in an on-campus apartment or an off-campus apartment, here are some amenities to consider ensuring your new place has to make your pre-business school years much easier:

Laundry and/or Washer/Dryer Units

Having to carry all your clothes back and forth every week or every two weeks from the laundromat to your apartment can turn into a pain. Having a nearby (meaning just around the corner) laundromat is workable. But having a laundry room at the apartment complex is better. Further, having your own unit is total convenience.

Gym or Fitness Room

If you have a daily exercise regime or simply love to work out in your spare time, a fitness room in your apartment building can be of great benefit. If you are a runner, a jogging path right outside your apartment door is a cool fit. Gym memberships can be pretty expensive especially in larger cities, not to mention personal trainers. If you hate the idea of another monthly fee, see if the apartment you’re looking at will accommodate your fitness needs.


If you don’t yet have personal transportation, then it is safe to say everything must be in walking distance or public transportation must be nearby. Ride-sharing models such as Lyft and Uber are popular in most cities. However, if you’re going to a small town school, you may want to consider other options available. Further, the back and forth to campus can be a real strain after the first year. Ensuring your apartment is at least within walking distance to the school’s campus can make the process easier.


This goes without being said, right? Can’t survive without Wi-Fi. This is probably more needed than all of the things I’ve previously mentioned. You will use Wi-Fi for homework and group projects, but also for entertainment, ordering food to go, Skyping mom, Facetiming dad, and to cut down on cellphone data usage. (One side note, Wi-Fi bundled with water, electricity, and lease payment is a sweet deal).

Energy Efficiency

Beyond the idea that being eco-friendly is plain smart, energy-efficient appliances can save you a good sum of money in the long run. And you will want to save money on your utilities especially if you are paying extra money for other amenities. Look for the Energy Star or Energy Saver labels on dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, and refrigerators.

Storage Space

If you are approaching your twenties, you can be sure you grew up in an age where walk-in closets are the thing. If you are a girl, it is certainly something most of us could not do without. Whether it is closet space, dresser space, or shelf space, make sure your apartment has all the space you need before you move in.

Responsive Landlords and Reliable Management

Take some time to do your proverbial homework before settling on a place. Check online reviews about the landlord or management. Talk to former tenants. Do other people give them a thumbs-down or five stars? Look for someone who is easy to talk to, provides answers to all your questions, responds quickly to repair requests, and overall has a good history of being accommodating and practicing good customer service.

Study Room

A solid apartment might have a closed off study room in the building especially if it is near a college campus. If so, this may bode well for you on intense afternoons or weekends when you need to get away from roommates and other noise to simply study.

If you have an apartment amenity you just can’t live without, keep looking. Nothing is better than having everything you need right where and when you need it so you can concentrate on what is most important.

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