Ross R2 Applicants: Don’t Miss These Updates from Admissions Director Soojin Koh

by on February 16th, 2017

The snow storm that’s pummeling the Northeastern United States gave Michigan a pass, according to Ross School of Business Director of Admissions Soojin Kwon. That means interviewees flying to Ann Arbor this past weekend found lots of sunshine and clear roads, provided they weren’t stranded in their departure cities by cancelled flights.

Those who did make it, Kwon wrote on her Admissions Blog, got to stay through the weekend if they wanted, attending the Alfred E Edwards Conference, hosted by the Ross Black Business Students Association. Long-time Essence Magazine Chief Editor Susan L. Taylor delivered the keynote address.

Ross, like Wharton, incorporates a team exercise as part of its admissions process. Kwon also shared that two of her Admissions Committee members would be on the road holding team exercises with applicants in Delhi, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Amid all that, Kwon’s own team continues to be busy reviewing applications, she says.

She shared a couple of upcoming dates to keep in mind. “This year, we plan to release early decisions for a group of applicants who won’t be offered a place on the waitlist,” she wrote. Look for these early notifications on February 17th. “This is not to say that all applicants who weren’t invited to interview will be denied early,” she clarified.

The remaining Round 2 decisions will be released on March 17th and will include admits, waitlists and denies, she continued.

To make things as clear as possible, Ross has created the following illustrative flow chart of how things will go:

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