Weddings after Graduation

by on July 19th, 2013

During business school, not only are you surrounded with the highest caliber students and professions but you also are surrounded with amazing friends. And one of the best parts of finishing business school is that you get to celebrate weddings with many of them.

The last year since graduation has brought a lot of weddings from my MBA friends not just at Kellogg but all across the country at top schools. It has been a thrill and a pleasure to take part in some of them.

Last weekend, I had the chance celebrate one more wedding in Seattle, when my good friend (and now work colleague) Kent married his college sweetheart Emily. The wedding was wonderful and gave us all the chance to share the moment with good friends who live in different parts of the US now.

Congratulations to my incredible friends Kent and Emily for a wonderful weekend. Thanks for letting us all share in celebrating the special day.

Everyone at the wedding had just one question though: who in the group is next?

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