Admissions and Life at UVA’s Darden School of Business

by on April 11th, 2013

A while back, we had the pleasure of hosting a live Q&A session in which we discussed the admissions process, as well as the student life at UVA’s Darden School of Business. Janet Schroeder, a second year student at Darden, was nice enough to answer questions and to share her experience with our Beat The GMAT community.

Check out some of her answers below and then read the full Event Transcript on MBA Watch! (By the way, although she chatted from her iPad, Janet proved a really fast typer, answering tons of questions within the hour.)

Best thing about Darden: the people

Question: Hi Janet, as you are a current student of Darden, can you tell us what is the best thing about Darden?

Janet: The people. Hands down. My classmates are the most intelligent, engaging, curious bunch of people I’ve ever met but at the same time the the most supportive and collaborative. Professors are the same way. They are 100% committed to the students on Grounds and want to see you excel academically and professionally but want to get to know you as a person along the way.

Absolutely amazing alumni network

Question: Janet, what would you say about the alumni network of Darden?

Janet: Absolutely amazing! In the recruiting process I reached out to about 39 Darden alums – from fresh grads to grads from the 80s. EVERY single one of them responded to my emails asking for their time to chat about my goals and thoughts about a career moving forward. Darden is an incredibly unique experience and as such Darden grads are ALWAYS excited to reconnect with other Darden folks.

Darden is an incredibly diverse place

Question: Could you please state a few distinguishing characteristics of Darden to help a prospective candidate explore if he/she would be a good ‘fit’ ?

JanetDarden is an incredibly diverse place. We have students from all walks of life – geographic, work experience, age, life experience. The thing that unifies our class is our eagerness to engage with one another and really get the most out of our experience. Darden isn’t a place where you only do cases. You will get to know your classmates and professors extremely well. It is a full immersion experience and folks needed to be excited about that!

Read more insider insights from Janet and the rest of the transcript on MBA Watch.

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