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by on April 4th, 2013

Hi… sorry for lack of posts for the past few months, but I’ll make it up with some very helpful insights for those about to go through the application process.

I’m going to highlight some of the profiles of MtB clients and their outcomes. For the purposes of this blog, I will limit it to military only (we do have clients who are not military as well). I am also going to limit the information provided to keep it somewhat generic to protect the identity of the personnel, and will spread the profiles over the past few years, so the following represents a sample from several recent years of military admissions.

The following are all profiles of military folks that MtB helped. I am only listing schools that we directly helped in, since we can’t directly affect the other schools. Also, note many have only one or two schools listed since clients often withdraw from other schools after they get into their top school of choice.

Things to keep in mind

  • The applicant “story” DOES matter… but it’s not as easy to summarize, so it’s not included. However, don’t assume that only the factors listed below determine the outcome… it’s far from it.
  • How the candidate performs on the interview also comes into play as well, and that’s not captured in the following information.
  • I certainly have stories of extreme results. I had one client with a 3.1 GPA and a 640 GMAT get into Harvard, but that was atypical. The following represents a more balanced sample of outcomes:

MtB Client Profiles

Profile #1:

Undergrad Liberal Arts School GPA 3.7 Age 26 Masters N/A GRE Quant 87 Percentile GRE Verbal 90 Percentile
Results: Columbia (Accepted)

Profile #2:

Undergrad Service Academy GPA 3.6 Age 27 Masters N/A GMAT 720
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Wharton (Waitlisted)

Profile #3:

Undergrad Liberal Arts School GPA 3.9 Age 28 Masters Yes GMAT 730
Results: Harvard (Ding), Kellogg (Accepted), Tuck (Accepted), Booth (Accepted)

Profile #4:

Undergrad Top Public School GPA 3.0 Age 27 Masters N/A GMAT 75
Results: Columbia (Accepted)

Profile #5:

Undergrad Service Academy GPA 3.2 Age 25 Masters N/A GMAT 720
Results: Columbia (Accepted)

Profile #6:

Undergrad Ivy League GPA 2.6 Age 30+ Masters N/A GMAT 740
Results: Top 5 school (Accepted) — not indicated for privacy

Profile #7:

Undergrad Service Academy GPA 4.0 Age 26 Masters N/A GMAT 740
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Stanford (Accepted), Wharton (Accepted)

Profile #8:

Undergrad Service Academy GPA 3.8 Age 27 Masters N/A GMAT 740
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Stanford (Accepted), Wharton (Accepted)

Profile #9:

Undergrad State School GPA 3.5 Age 28 Masters N/A GMAT 750
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Wharton (Ding), Kellogg (Accepted), Booth (Accepted)

Profile #10:

Undergrad Service academy GPA 3.4 Age 27 Masters Yes GMAT 760
Results: Stanford (Accepted), Harvard (Ding), Tuck (Accepted)

Profile #11:

UndergradService academyGPA3.5Age28MastersN/AGMAT740
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Wharton (Accepted), Duke (Accepted)

Profile #12: 

UndergradService academyGPA2.6Age26MastersN/AGMAT700
Results: Top 10 school (Accepted) — not indicated for privacy

Profile #13: 

UndergradNon-top public schoolGPA3.7Age28MastersN/AGMAT710
Results: Wharton (Ding), Columbia (Accepted), Chicago (Accepted)

Profile #14: 

UndergradIvy LeagueGPA3.4Age27MastersYesGMAT710
Results: Harvard (Ding), Columbia (Accepted)

Profile #15: 

UndergradIvy LeagueGPA3.5Age28MastersN/AGMAT760
Results: Harvard (Ding), Wharton (Accepted), Columbia (Accepted)

Profile #16:

UndergradService AcademyGPA3.3Age29MastersN/AGMAT730
Results: Harvard (Accepted), Wharton (Accepted), Tuck (Accepted)

Profile #17:

UndergradService AcademyGPA3.3Age28MastersN/AGMAT700
Results: Harvard (Ding), Wharton (Accepted)

Profile #18:

UndergradIvy LeagueGPA3.8Age28MastersN/AGMAT780
Results: Harvard (Accepted)

Profile #19:

UndergradLiberal Arts CollegeGPA3.3Age27MastersN/AGMAT750
Results: Harvard (Accepted)

Profile #20:

UndergradNon-top public schoolGPA3.4Age29MastersN/AGMAT660
Results: Tuck (Waitlisted), Cornell (Accepted), Ross (Accepted)

Profile #21:

UndergradService AcademyGPA3.2Age29MastersN/AGMAT740
Results: Harvard (Ding), Wharton (Accepted), Yale (Accepted)

Profile #22:

UndergradService AcademyGPA3.2Age27MastersN/AGMAT710
Results: Harvard (Ding), Wharton (Accepted), Tuck (Accepted)

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