Class Alert: LIVE Profile Evaluation with Jon Frank

by on February 12th, 2013

We’ve chatted with a lot of MBA applicants around here. And 9 times out of 10, the first thing they want to know is:

  • “What are my chances?”
  • …and then, “How do I stack up against the competition?”
  • …and then, “How do I become a stronger, more stand-out applicant?”
  • …and finally, “Why are there so many damn essays?”

Let’s ignore that last question for now and instead focus on the first few, because those we can address. And we’re going to on February 19th when we host a special event:

LIVE Profile Evaluation with Jon Frank.

During this one-hour (FREE) class, Jon’s going to evaluate the profiles of 2 MBA applicants. He will study the applicants’ backgrounds, assess their strengths, chew up their weaknesses, and lay out VERY specific strategies for how each candidate can bring forward the BEST versions of their profiles.

This will be valuable, of course, to the candidates being evaluated, but equally valuable to spectators invited to listen in on the conversation. After the LIVE evaluations, we will open up the floor to a Q&A session where anyone and everyone can ask Jon questions.

So whether you’re applying in Round 3 this year, targeting Round 1 this fall, or you’re planning to apply down the road, you’re invited to join us and see where you stand with the adcom.

Click here to register, get more info, or toss your hat in the ring to be one of our volunteers. Resumes must be submitted by Friday, February 15th by 5pm EST for consideration.

Oh, and as for those essays, don’t worry about why there are so many and focus instead on crushing them. 

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