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by on January 25th, 2013

So I’m excited for February 15th because I’ll be going BACK up to Vermont for the Tuck Ski Weekend hosted by TAABA.  Here is the late post that I wrote last year about attending:

TAABA Ski Weekend

I haven’t been skiing yet this year, but I have a feeling that this semester will be filled with a ton of skiing. Yes, we do go after class at Johnson. We usually go to Greek Peak but now that I’m a 2nd year and have more time on my hands than before – who knows if we just don’t go instead of class! I kid! I kid!

This post actually reminds me that I need to buy new ski gloves. I’ll do that right after I submit this post.

So yeah, I’m very excited to get back up to Smugglers’ Notch and hit the slopes with not only my Johnson friends, but also my friends from other schools! I hung out with some of them over winter break but there is one Tuckie that I haven’t seen since the MBA World Cup up at Tuck last year. He knows who I’m talking about and I’m giving him major right now!

Last year I didn’t post any pictures from this ski weekend, mainly because my iphone was a hot mess! But… now I have a new iPhone so I plan to take many many pictures and share them with you guys. I always say that I’ll share pictures with everyone and then I don’t end up doing it because other stuff comes up. If you hold me too it… then I’ll be able to do it!

One funny story from last year – So… I Ski… I’m pretty good and can keep up with most folks. Yeah yeah, I do black diamonds. So last year on the day we arrived, I took one of my classmates onto a black diamond. I didn’t meant to take him on one but we had 15 minutes before the lift closed and I chose the wrong lift. HE HAD NEVER SKIED BEFORE. I remember when I started learning how to ski, I was about…  12 years old. Obviously when you’re 11 you pick things up much quicker. I thought it would be just as easy for him to pick up.

Nope.. of course it wasn’t. It was BAD hahaha. It’s funny now, but then it wasn’t funny to him. He ended up having to take off his skis and walk down the mountain!

That’s the end of my story! Hahah… #MBAProblems!

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