The World Needs More Poets

by on January 10th, 2013

In the midst of all the chaos and noise today, the world needs more poets.

No, I’m not talking about the Kellogg Section (e.g. my section). I’m talking about people who have a way with inspiring words. People who can cut through the noise and articulate an important vision that other people can hear. People that can compel others to take action, despite their fear, disappointment and idea that their opinion doesn’t matter in a world with 7 billion people.

In times past this was much easier. Without all the noise, people were more focused, they had less distraction, and people could rally around them much easier. There also weren’t as many people to convince nor was there technology to compete with.

But today’s world makes this more challenging. Today we have more soundbites to filter than ever. We also have more messages in our Inbox and more people in the world than ever before.

Meanwhile, we also see news channels that spend 95% of their time talking about the bad news. Website using enticing headlines fighting for more eyeballs. Social media  putting out more quantity than quality.

In today’s hyper active and highly distracted time,  we need people who focus on the positive. People that can can win the attention and capture the imagination of their companies. People that can inspire others with their message and touch the hearts and minds of their communities. And people who not have a message of change but who also capture the spirits of people who would never have otherwise listened.

In every industry and organization imaginable, we need to have poets.

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