Ask Jeremy: “Can I Go From Engineering to CEO?” “Should I Get an MBA?”

by on January 9th, 2013

One of the defining problems of our students today, is what to study in college. In today’s world not only are there more options than ever before but there are also more paths to success than ever before.

Past generations don’t understand the dilemma quite as much. In times past, they could “Study a more traditional major”, “Go get a good job!” and have the security of staying in one or two jobs for the rest of their career.

In today’s world, that’s simply no longer the case. Students think more about their majors, more about their first jobs and more about what they “want to do when they grow up.” Well, in a recent question from a long time reader named Jennifer, I got a question about just that.


Thank you very much for your great insights! I have learned a lot and enjoyed the reading. I am from engineering background as well, and I am currently studying in my final year at school. I am planning my path towards CEO, but I chose engineering as my starting point. What do you think about that? I also wonder if an MBA plus finance and accounting studies (or any other relavant studies) will increase my chance in getting to the CEO position one day too? I would love to get your opinion.


Here is my video response:

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