Ask Jeremy: “Can You Give Me Some Interview Advice?”

by on January 5th, 2013

In a recent question, a reader asked me about interviewing. Specifically, the reader is interviewing for both jobs and possibly for MBA programs.

See below for the question and below that for my video response.


Congratulations on all of your success! Thank you for the website as well. I am a student looking to join an MBA program and also doing some interviewing. I wanted to ask about specific challenges to expect during the interview process, what were some of the key things that you thought helped you? Any feedback would be extremely helpful.

See below for my video response.

YouTube Preview Image

In short, I talk a little about 1) Framing your answer, 2) Content of your answer, 3) tips on interview style and 4) general tips. Note that the answer here is pretty high level given the general nature of the question.

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