Say Hello

by on December 29th, 2012

Me and my old roommate Greg went shopping in New York city a few weeks ago. We made a point of saying “hello how are you?” to every single store attendant we saw before asking for help.

I do this all the time in Chicago too. More surprising than the fact that nobody else ever seems to do the same, is the fact that employees are always surprised. Often times they accidentally interrupt saying “how can I help you” or they don’t know how to respond at all.

I propose the idea that each of us should do this everyday. Put more value on the human connection. And make people we transact with feel important. And value the human connection.

But today’s world makes this more challenging. Today we have more chaos and more customers than ever.  So people prize efficiency over the human connection. Likewise, profit margins are lower than ever, so companies insist that their employees are efficient not nice.

But that’s why customers aren’t loyal. It’s why they don’t go back to your store again. It’s why they won’t go out of their way to support your idea or invest in your business. I propose the idea that companies need to balance the importance of efficiency with the importance of human contact. Likewise as customers, we should also spend more time being nice to the people we interact with.

We should all be sure to Say Hello more often.

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