Where Booth MBAs Work & What They Do

by on December 11th, 2012

Where do Chicago Booth MBAs work and in what industries?

With its wealth of membership data, LinkedIn is now providing a glimpse into this answer. Of course, not all Booth MBAs are registered with the professional networking site so it’s an obviously incomplete list. Even so, the data provides an interesting window into the most likely employers of Booth MBAs as well as the most likely industries that attract its graduates.

After McKinsey, which recruits and hires more elite MBAs than any other organization in the world, Accenture employs the most Booth MBAs who are LinkedIn members. Accenture, with 151 Booth MBAs, edges out Citicorp with 149, Deloitte with 137, and Merrill Lynch with 135.

Deloitte also figures prominently in the mix, with 137 LinkedIn members who are Booth MBAs saying they currently work for the accounting/consulting firm. In the tech arena, IBM and Microsoft are the biggest Booth employers. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Google, Apple and Intel don’t make the list.

Source: LinkedIn membership data

For Booth MBAs, the number one industry is no surprise at all: It’s finance, with 4,312 LinkedIn members, followed by business development, and consulting. Surprisingly, perhaps, entrepreneurship is the fourth most identified status of LinkedIn members with Booth MBAs–the same as Stanford which, of course, sits in the middle of Silicon Valley.

Source: LinkedIn membership data

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