Going to EUROPE!

by on November 30th, 2012

So many of you guys know that in May I went to Japan & Korea on a school trek. In Japan we went to Tokyo – Kyoto – Kariuzawa.  In Korea we went to Jeju Island (beautiful) – Seoul – and the DMZ so technically I’ve been to North Korea too hehe…

Well another trip has come up and I will be going to Europe this time.

LONDON – Dec 11th – 13th – There are 6 of us who will be flying to London first. The school trip doesn’t start in London but we figured that we might as well head there first for some fun in the rain! I saw a couple of posts from my friends at Tuck and some of them will be in London for a consultancy project. One is a friend I’ve known for quite a while now and another one is this young lady who was my confidant throughout the application season. You can read the post that i made about her acceptance to Tuck by clicking on the hyperlink. Mind you this was not too long ago (a year and a half ago) but it seems like eternity! So yeah, in London I plan to meet up with at least 2 Tuckie friends…

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – Dec 13th – 16th – Of course we will do some touristy things but we will also be visiting:

DuPont Czech Republic
Google Czech Republic

Then we will head off to Frankfurt.

FRANKFURT, Germany – Dec 16th – 17th, again… more touristy things:

Corporate Finance Advisory

- European Central Bank

Then we will head off to Brussels.

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Dec 17th – , more touristy things. Hopefully I can meet up with one of the exchange students who is here at Johnson this semester who is from Belgium.  He’s in one of my groups for our Pricing Tactics class.

European Commission
- BusinessEurope

BEERSE, Belgium – Dec 19th -

- Janssen Pharmaceutica

Then we will head off to Paris.

PARIS, France – Dec 19th – 23rd


Whole-Day Visit to Fontainebleau and INSEAD  where we meet up with some other classmates who are doing a INternational Consulting Practicum in France.

- We will also being going to a Wine & Cheese reception at one of our Professor’s houses in Fountainebleau.  Who you ask?  Well… as you know, we just got a new Dean.  Dean Dutta who was previously at INSEAD. His wife is also a professor, and will be over in France during that time, so we have a gracious host while we are over there! HEHE…

Then I will fly home for two weeks, then head off to Patagonia, Chile for a leadership trek. More to come on that trip at a later date though. It’s 7:30am here and I need to get some more work done before class at 12 ahah!

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