Too Many Choices

by on September 26th, 2012

The problem with having too many choices, is that there are too many of them.

In today’s era, the number of choices is getting way to high. Everywhere we go, we hear more noise, we see more clutter and we get more spam. It happened to me yesterday, when I went out after work to purchase a few shirts. But there were too many stores, too many styles, and too many (pretend) deals. And in the end, faced with too many choices, I didn’t buy anything at all. Instead I felt overwhelmed and went home.

Faced with this challenge, most people respond just like I did. They either don’t buy anything, they buy the cheapest one or they buy the single brand that they know before going on their way.

And this isn’t just true online it’s true in every part of the world. The number of resumes employers have to choose from is higher than ever. The number of lawyers in the world is growing even faster than that. So is the number of Internet coders, book publishers, grocery stores and other things in the world.

So the question is how can any of these places stand out? What can they do, not only to survive but to do well and win.

On one hand, maybe everything a store makes has to be better than average. On the other hand, maybe you should figure out how to limit your choices before you start.

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