Take The Follow

by on September 25th, 2012

The word leadership is significantly overused in business school (and in MBA applications). Not only is the concept ingrained in many people’s minds but too many people falsely assume they have what it takes to take the lead.

In business school, too many people try to lead. Sometimes, they they do it when they don’t have enough experience. And other times, someone else is far better suited to lead.

In many cases it may make more sense to follow. To let someone else take the reins, make a decision, and be accountable.

Being a leader when you don’t have the experience can take a team down the wrong path. And leading when you don’t have passion is not only hard but it’s impossible when the going gets tough.

I propose that the best leaders understand the importance of passion and they are skilled at stopping to take the follow. They have the guts to put their egos down, to think about what’s best for the team and to help out where they can. And in the end, not only is it best for them but also for everyone involved.

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