It Was All Good Four Weeks Ago…..

by on September 8th, 2012

I can’t believe I’ve been in school for 4 weeks now. Since I just finished my last midterm I’ll give yall a quick update. I know your thinking midterms already… yes, our mods run for about 7 weeks so this week was test/quiz time! There is so much that has happened I’m not sure where to begin so here are few highlights.  I’ll also try to get better at writing more posts after I get through the first round of classes.

  • When I was applying to school everyone would talk about how busy their first year was well busy is an understatement! I’m not sure what you would call it but I’m loving every minute of it.
  • I find myself applying the things I learned in class to every day life. For example, had to stop myself from performing a test hypothesis(stats) on a guy who was smoking every 20 minutes. Another classmate of mine mentioned how she cannot watch a presentation without critiquing it…. life of an MBA student  lol.
  • Marc P. Cosentino, author of case in point came on campus to provide case interviewing prep.  I’m still on the fence about pursuing human capital consulting but the case prep will definitely be useful for a lot of other things.
  • This week companies have started their information session on campus so on top of study and student clubs I’ve been trying to get my life in order for recruiting season. ( HR-MBA  students start the recruiting process a little early).

Well back to work I go…..


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