Most MBA Applicants …

by on September 4th, 2012

… apply to business school the same way. They have very similar backgrounds, use the same stories, focus on the same parts of the applications and hope to get into the same schools.

Most MBA applicants are smart but here is the problem.

Most MBA applicants want to go to the same business schools/programs.

Most MBA applicants write about making a difference but won’t consider a job in that field post-business school.

Most MBA applicants are more eager to get high paying jobs when they graduate.

Most MBA applicants are persuaded in their decisions, for school and jobs, by money.

Most MBA applicants don’t focus enough on the essays and their overall story.

Most MBA applicants talk a lot about leadership roles in their applications instead of leadership experiences.

Most MBA applicants aren’t afraid to embellish if it will help get them into school.

Most MBA applicants don’t write a clear, compelling story about who they are and where they go after school.

Most MBA applicants get rejected from more than one school.

Fortunately, if you like reading my blog (and not blogs about “odds” of getting in), then you’re probably not like most MBA applicants.

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