Resources for Free GMAT Practice Questions

by on August 31st, 2012

Free is the best price isn’t it?

We thought we might list a couple sources of free GMAT practice questions so that you can get an idea of how to study. However, before we get into what we think are the best sets of free practice questions, it is important to note that going over more and more questions is not what makes a good GMAT score. The proper review of material and answer explanations is where you learn the most. More than half of your time should be spent reviewing material.

The number 1 best source is the GMAT Prep software. There are 90 free gmat practice questions that will help you get prepared. WARNING: Do not take the exams there before you have done some significant prep.

Another great place for you to get free GMAT practice questions is right here on our site. We have a GMAT quant quiz and a GMAT verbal quiz for you to test how you are doing in these areas. We also have a full length GMAT Diagnostic exam for you to take when you are ready.

These combined resources will give you over 200 questions without spending a single dollar….

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