Beat The GMAT Rockstar: DanaJ

by on August 26th, 2012

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Each week in the Beat The GMAT Rockstar series, we highlight one exceptional forum member for his or her outstanding contributions.  This week, we’re excited to feature DanaJ as our Beat The GMAT Rockstar!

DanaJ is a legendary Beat The GMAT community member.  Not only has she been a prolific Beat The GMAT forum contributor, but she has had her hand in many of our most successful projects in Beat The GMAT, including: MBA Watch, Daily GMAT Math Questions, Daily GMAT Verbal Questions, The 60-Day GMAT Study Guide, and much more.

DanaJ, this recognition is long overdue.  Thank you so much for being such an outstanding Beat The GMAT member!  Be sure to follow DanaJ on Beat The GMAT.


  • Hey Eric,
    Is Dana still with BTG. I have heard that she has started working full-time somewhere and ain't active on BTG anymore ? 

    • yes she is active. As I posted a query yesterday night, and she replied today..

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