Apps for MBA Students

by on July 22nd, 2012

Everyday, there seems to be more buzz about social media, cloud computing and the latest apps on MBA campuses. It’s easy to get lost in the big ideas about the next step forward for the digital marketplace, but what are the most essential apps in a b-school student’s daily life? When you cut through the academic jargon and futuristic speculation, what are the apps you will actually use? These five apps for MBA students are a good place to start:

1. Google Apps

Google Apps for Business has rapidly become the go-to solution for business communications, with 20% of of U.S. businesses using the application suite, according to The Huffington Post, and a new business signing on every 14 seconds. The most prevalent users are the education industry (58.1%), meaning that you will likely encounter these apps before finishing your MBA. Start becoming familiar now.

2. Evernote

Remember the days when you used to trudge to school with a backpack full of notebooks, one for each subject, all of them covered in doodles and disorganized? Those days are over. Evernote neatly organizes all of your notes and synchronizes them between your laptop, iPad and iPhone. It even allows for photo integration and text recognition, so you can search for the brilliant idea you wrote down on a cocktail napkin and photographe it with your phone!

3. Business Reference Library

This business-focused reference library glosses all the terms you will need to familiarize yourself in order to keep up with readings and lectures. Subjects covered include: investment, finance, information technology, economics, accounting, and more. It’s more reliable than Wikipedia, and almost as cheap at just $5.

4. BigWords

Despite the constant progression toward a paperless workplace, some of your professors will still expect you to buy textbooks. Fortunately, BigWords will help you to scour every textbook retailer on the web for the cheapest rental and purchase options, including e-book editions. And when the time comes to sell books back, BigWords will aid you in navigating the digital marketplace once again.

5. Interview Assistant

Studying is all well and good, but everyone knows that half the reason for earning an MBA boils down to networking opportunities and recruitment opportunities. When you’re prepping for interviews during your second year, be sure to download Interview Assistant to help you organize notes and keep track of appointments. The app is geared more toward interviewers than interviewees, but that will actually come in handy when rehearsing for interviews with a friend.

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