What I Wish I Knew…Before Beginning the MBA Application Process

by on May 2nd, 2012

Thank God the bschool application process is over and all the hard work paid off. I’m ready to begin the fun!! For those who are just starting out with their bschool process  here are some things I wish I knew before beginning this process and/or things that helped me throughout the process:

  • Add EXTRA money to whatever bschool budget you create. During my process so many other expenses came up I wish I would have put more away. I had to dip into my summer travel fund :/
  • Books- there are a lot of great books out there to help you with this process.
  • Take a look at this post and comments.
  • MBA for Smarties- I found this book late in the game but the information & tips it provided. Also, I enjoyed “the bottom line” at the end of each chapter.
  • Apply to MLT. I wasn’t in MLT but seeing some of the benefits Motown had access to, I wish had some of those opportunities. If you don’t apply MLT at least find a someone who is in MLT and latch on lol (that’s what I did to Motown).
  • School visits – If you have the means, visit each school before submitting your application. In almost all cases my visit allowed me to create a more impactful essay or  helped me knock a school off my list.
  • Keep those relationships you make. Even though you may not end up at the same school, you meet some really ambitious and smart people during the application process. Keep them in your network, you never know when you all will cross paths again.
  • Get to know the admission officers.
  • Take students up on their offer(s) to read your essay!!!!!
  • Essay- Find friends and people who have been through this process to help give you feedback.
  • Now not everyone’s advice should be used. I had people read my essays but chose to not to use their recommendations because it wasn’t me or I just didn’t agree with what they said.
  • START EARLY on the essays. With all the edits you may have to do, you will wish you  had more time.
  • GMAT- Do your best but it isn’t the end all be all.  Now that a lot of schools are accepting the GRE take stab at the GRE if the GMAT isn’t your friend. Make sure you tell a compelling story with every other piece of your application.
  • Have fun! It’s a stressful process but you may learn something new about yourself (I know I did).

Those who have complete this process , what advice do you have for those who are just beginning this process?

-Ms. HR

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