Chioma’s MBA Admissions Tips Interview With The Financial Times

by on April 30th, 2012

What type of MBA program is right for you?

Which business schools should you target for your MBA application?

How much time should you have before you apply and how important is timing in the application process?

These are some of the questions I’m frequently asked by MBA applicants.

Here’s my interview with the Financial Times where I provide you with a few MBA admissions tips:

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Key Questions to Ask

Some of the key questions the Financial Times asked me include:

1. What type of MBA program should you consider applying to? A one-year or two-year program?

2. Which business schools should you focus on for your MBA application?

3. How much time should you have before you apply and how crucial is timing in  the MBA application process? (For more tips on the right time to apply for your MBA, read my posts on Choosing the Right Time to Apply to Business School” and How to Determine Your Readiness for Round One MBA Applications“.)

4. How important are MBA recommendations and who should I choose for my recommendation letters? (For more tips on recommendation letters, read my post on How to Get Recommendation Letters from Brand Champions”)

5  How important are essays in the MBA admissions process? (For more tips on MBA essays, read my post on ”You Don’t Have to Fake It To Make It)

These are great questions you’ll want to ask yourself — whether you’re a few years or a few months away from applying for MBA.

Next Steps

So, I’ve given you a few questions for you to think about in your MBA admissions process.

Here’s what I’d you to do now.

First, watch my Financial Times interview.

Next, read my posts for more information on the key questions in the interview.

Lastly, come up with your own answers to the questions in the video.

Which of the questions in the video is the most important for you? Why? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment in the comment box below. 

Your Success,


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