Reflecting After 2012 Day at Kellogg Admitted Students Weekend

by on April 28th, 2012

Just a few weeks ago, many of you found out you were one of the lucky ones who got a call from Kellogg admissions.  They told you that you’d been accepted into the MBA program.  Some of you may have been pretty confident you would enroll here in the fall.  But for others you were uncertain, so you wanted to go check out the schools and see what they had to offer. And just a few days ago, when you thought you couldn’t be more excited, many of you come to Evanston to visit Kellogg during DAK (Day at Kellogg), which is Kellogg’s version of Admit Weekend.

First off, congratulations on your acceptance to Kellogg. I remember my acceptance to Kellogg a few years ago . I hope you are thrilled to get in. Second, congratulations to those of you who made it to the admitted student weekend. That was a great decision.

Feedback after the DAK 1 was that everyone had a blast.  And the point of this post is just to quickly to say that I think the same thing was true for DAK 2.  Many of you have already decided that Kellogg was the place for you during your stay, which is great news. And others have been making those decisions all week.

But don’t take it from me, take it from the feedback emails we’ve been getting since DAK ended:

–First Email

Julia, Jessica, Jeremy, Carrol and Daniel (“these were the section leaders”)

Thank you all very much for an incredible weekend! After recovering from my hangover, I left Evanston incredibly excited about the opportunities and fun I will have over the next two years. You guys did a fantastic job at giving us an understanding of the academic, extra-curricular, career and social aspects of the school. I am incredibly energized and excited, and wanted to let you know you were a huge part of that.

Good luck with the rest of the quarter and in your internships this summer. See you in September!


 —Second Email

Thanks guys, hats off to you for helping to make DAK such a memorable experience.  I was committed to Kellogg before, but now I’m excited.  See you around campus next year!


– Third Email


You guys were great! Thanks for taking the time out for us and for talking to me more about entrepreneurship at Kellogg. Was great meeting you too!


– Fourth Email

I just wanted to thank each of you for a great weekend – Nursery Rhymers had the best leaders!  You were all fun and extremely helpful, answering the many questions we posed while simultaneously entertaining us with your stories and informing us about Kellogg’s resources.  Spending time with such a great group of people set such a positive tone for the whole weekend, and it gave us all a taste of the phenomenal Kellogg culture.  Your enthusiasm for the school was contagious too – I think I can speak for the rest of the section in saying you made us even more excited about being welcomed into such a unique community.

– Email from Sally Blount 

Now that you read “some” of the feedback from the participants, why don’t you read the email from Sally Blount that also gives the entire DAK team a bit of good feedback.

DAK II Leaders -

Thank you for your tenacity and hard work to create a great DAK II experience this past weekend. The energy, the buzz, the excitement — they were all wonderful.

Your commitment to Kellogg means a lot. I appreciate each of your investments of time and energy and the resulting impact you made over this special weekend..

My heartfelt thanks -


In short,  DAK is definitely worthwhile. Some come to your admit weekend next year. Then come to Kellogg.

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