Duke Fuqua Tuition Rising 5.2%

by on March 2nd, 2012

When Duke University’s Board of Trustees announced new tuition rates for the university’s programs recently, it surprised no one that the Fuqua MBA program saw the biggest increase: 5.2% to $52,900 (daytime MBA)–which was already the most expensive program at Duke. Compare that increase to Duke’s other programs (in descending order of percentage of tuition increase):

• Duke School of Nursing: up 4.9% to $36,666.

• Pratt School of Engineering (MEM program): up 4.3% to $42,480.

• Duke U.’s undergraduate tuition: rose 4% to $42,308, for 2012-13 ($56,056 when add in room and board).

• Graduate School (Ph.D. programs): up 4% to $42,350.

• Law School: up 4% to $50,750.

• School of Medicine: up 3.9% to $48,065.

• Divinity School: up 3.9% to $19,120.

• Sanford School of Public Policy: up 3.6% to $37,900.

• Nicholas School of the Environment: up 3% to $30,700.

Source: “Cost of a year at Duke to rise to $56,000,” NBC17.com, February 24, 2012.

This article was originally published on Paul Bodine’s blog. Paul is a graduate admissions consultant with over 13 years of experience, having helped hundreds of applicants get into their dream business, law, medical, and graduate schools. He has also published several books on graduate admissions.

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