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by on February 19th, 2012

Ah, Los Angeles! A magical place with movie stars, insane traffic and, of course, MBAs! We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first official chat with Lindsay Haselton, Associate Director of Admissions at UCLA Anderson, who shared tons of great info on the admissions process. By the way, we highly recommend Anderson’s The MBA Insider’s Blog, which is regularly updated with important news from the admissions office (such as the fact that their application volume for Round 1 was up by more than 20% – yikes!). But getting back to our chat with Lindsay, you can check out the full transcript of it on the Anderson Comment Wall or in the Archived Chats page.

Everybody wants an invite

Is anyone surprised to learn that the majority of questions we received during the chat were interview related? Our members are naturally concerned about getting that coveted interview invite from Anderson, but Lindsay assured everyone there are still plenty left. “Don’t be nervous if you haven’t heard from us yet. We’re still reading many applications and will most likely be interviewing candidates into mid-March. In some cases (especially with a busy R2), we interview candidates the week before the decision release date,” she said. Whew!

Lindsay also described what the interview is all about. Anderson tends to rely on its students and alums for interviewing, so it’s important that you show that you fit with the UCLA community. Another great insight from Lindsay is that “interviews are typically done blind, so make sure you’re just as thorough in person as you were on paper!” To read more great tips, just go to the Anderson Comment Wall or the Archived Chats page.

Leaders in Sustainability at Anderson

Anderson offers you the chance to specialize during your studies. For more traditional post-MBA career paths, you can be a part of the school’s investment management program or participate in the Student Investment Fund. But if you’re looking for something that’s up-and-coming, you can get a certificate in sustainability via Anderson’s Leaders in Sustainability program. Our member blbp28 was particularly interested in that program and if you are too, “there is actually a very detailed website that outlines the opportunities available through the Leaders in Sustainability program: https://www.environment.ucla.edu/lis/,” as Lindsay put it.

We also talked about waitlist policies, the GMAT and career changers, so don’t forget to read the full chat transcript on the Anderson Comment Wall or the Archived Chats page!


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