Sentence Correction Decision Points

by on July 2nd, 2011

Today we take a look at some common traps that the GMAT sets in Sentence Correction problems.  Simple content knowledge is virtually everywhere these days. What separates great managers from good ones is not the ability to call up facts, but rather the ability to interpret information and make good decisions.

This video takes a look at a Sentence Correction problem that preys on many test takers’ dogmatic search for idioms, leading many of them to make the wrong choice. This is a great example of the type of logic that can keep you from earning those last critical 50 points on the GMAT!

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The GMAT rewards your ability to think logically, not to robotically search for idioms! Often it will be a logical rule such as subject-verb agreement that carries the day in Sentence Correction problems.

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  • this is one of the most difficult sentence correction problems ive come across. Thanks for the helpful explanation

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