Autotune the GMAT

by on March 15th, 2011

You’ve heard of Autotune the News. But have you tried autotuning GMAT exponent rules?

YouTube Preview Image

Dave Ingber (Knewton’s lead GMAT teacher) and RoboMath (our lead GMAT robot?) show you how a little autotuning can make GMAT Quant questions easier to follow — and a whole lot funkier.

“Autotune the GMAT” was another sweet project that came out of the latest Knewton Hack Day. Check out our blog post for a full wrap-up of the projects!


  • This is a pretty sweet video I have to say! Loved the Knewton Hack Day video as well.

  • Watch out, T-Pain!

  • Can't wait for the remix featuring lil jon!!!

    • Even better--Bed Intruder Remix: "...climbing in your window, snatching your people up!"

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