MBA News Roundup: The Post B-School Job Market, Application Ethics, and a New Online MBA

by on November 26th, 2010

In light of recent Class of 2010 job placement information, is now the best time to apply? Find out more about MBA job prospects and other business school trends in this week’s roundup.

1. The State of the 2010 MBA Job Market

Climbing employment percentages and higher starting salaries sound like good indicators of a better job market.  Read this International Business Times article for more details.

2. Kenan-Flager Announces Online MBA

MBA@UNC, launched by North Carolina’s Kenan-Flager Business School, will be an online MBA program that starts in July 2011.  Interested in applying?  Find out more in this Businessweek post.

3. The Personal Touch for Job-Seeking MBAs

These days, establishing relationships with career counselors is more important than ever.  With companies less than eager to sort through thousands of resumes, having a career counselor directly refer you can give you an advantage when landing your post-MBA career.  The Financial Times has more details.

4. Leak of Wharton’s Interview Questions Raise Ethical Issues

Admissions consultants with insider information on b-school interview questions are providing a major advantage for those who choose to purchase the service, but is this fair?  Read more about it in this Poets and Quants article.

5. Apple iPad Enters the MBA Classroom

With lackluster results from using the Amazon Kindle in business school classes, some schools are turning to the iPad to replace textbooks and increase learning convenience.  Are there advantages of using the iPad over the Kindle or are either of these devices even necessary?

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