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by on September 23rd, 2010

Giant GMAT Giveaway ExcerptThe following is a guest post by money9111, one of the five Giant GMAT Giveaway winners for Beat The GMAT.  For his prize, money9111 chose Veritas Prep’s Comprehensive 1-School MBA Admissions Consulting Package and he has written a candid debrief of his experience.  This is the first of 3 debriefs that money9111 will write for the Beat The GMAT community about his experiences.

As a Beat The GMAT Giant Giveaway winner, I have been asked to provide an update of my first impressions of the product.  Since I was already taking a GMAT prep course when the contest began, I knew that should I win, I would choose the Veritas Comprehensive MBA Consulting Package.

Putting Things Down on Paper

About a week after I won, I received an email from Veritas with a MBA questionnaire attached.  I was not expecting to receive a questionnaire of this magnitude but in hindsight it definitely came in handy.  This questionnaire called for the standard MBA applicant questions to be filled out – Undergraduate Institution, Graduate Information, GMAT Scores, and Professional History.  What surprised me is that it then had a list of general questions for me to fill out that would then help my consultant and I during our essay review.  I wasn’t expecting this because I was thinking that this was the reason why I chose the package, to get help with essays.

The questionnaire had the standard questions I was accustomed to thinking about, so at that point it was simply a matter of putting things down on paper.  One question contained in the questionnaire is “What are your short-term goals following business school?”  I was surprised to see that following these five questions were school specific questions, asking why I was pursuing school X, Y, and Z.  The space provided to answer the school specific questions leads me to believe that they were looking for a couple of sentences about each program. In my case, I wrote as much as I could for each school, again thinking that the more information I could provide, the better it would serve me.  The questionnaire took me a couple hours to complete.  I didn’t want to leave anything on the table, because I knew my consultant would look to this document for reference and to get us started.

The questionnaire came in handy because it forced me to put all of the ideas swirling around my head onto paper.  I did not want to leave anything on the table knowing that the more I divulged earlier in the process the easier it would be down the line.  Before starting the process I never really knew how to express my reasoning for wanting to go to Business School, but by filling out this questionnaire so far in advance of application deadlines, I was forced to work on getting my story sorted out.

Getting Started

A couple days after I hit submit I received an email from my consultant giving me a little bit of background on herself.  Not surprisingly her bio is quite impressive and I was shocked to find out that I was paired up with her.  We set up a call for the following week so we could get to know each other better.  She did have one request of me from the beginning.  That request was to think of which school I would like to work on with her.  Since she and I began our conversation back in March, there wasn’t much that we could do because applications had not been released yet.

So from March to a July we emailed back and forth with basic questions and answers.  I had some questions about approaching a recommender, because she would be going on maternity leave in August.  I also had some questions about taking classes.  No matter what we talked about, my consultant would always remind me that the one way I could most help myself now was by doing well on the GMAT.  Up until I now, we had not had that much interaction because like I said the applications were not out, but now that this is no longer the case things are beginning to pick up.

Next Update

For the next update, I’ll provide insight into the crux of the consulting package because that will contain my experience with editing essays, recommendation letters, and the interview process.

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