Business School Applicants Speak Out

by on June 18th, 2010

During last year’s admissions cycle (2009-2010), Veritas Prep surveyed admissions officers from the top 30 business schools. Among the findings that piqued our curiosity were:

  • Almost half of the admissions officers who responded reported that the number of admits straight out of college has increased compared to five years ago, partly reflecting a push by many top MBA programs to attract younger applicants.
  • Among desired changes that MBA admissions officers wanted to see in their applicant pool, diversity ranked number one.
  • Admissions officers rated analytical skills ranked as the most important trait in applicants, far ahead of any other characteristic such as leadership and community service.

You can view the full report from that study here.

The results of that survey were so interesting that we decided not only to survey MBA admissions officers again this year, but also to go straight to business school applicants and learn more about their reasons for wanting to attend business school, their fears and concerns going into the process, how they’ll decide which schools to apply to, and more. After the survey closes and we tabulate the results, we’ll share all of our findings with the entire Beat the GMAT community.

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Thanks in advance to everyone who participates. We’ll be back soon to share the results!

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  • I think this is a very good insight. It helped me believe the fact that no matter what the ranking/stature of the college is; if i firmly believe in my chances of admission. I should go ahead and apply.

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