GMAT Now Administered on Facebook

by on April 1st, 2010

facebookGMAC has announced that it has reached a deal with Facebook to administer the GMAT online. Beginning today, users can download an application on the social media juggernaut’s website and take the test immediately. This partnership is a groundbreaking merger between social media and business school, signaling that GMAC is serious about reclaiming its position against the GRE.

The agreement could also transform the application landscape. The first update, planned for later this year, will require an online profile snapshot to be sent with the test results. This will include status updates, embarrassing tagged photos, and a full list of fan pages. It could be troublesome if an applicant is a fan of both Wharton and HBS, but applies to Columbia.

Payments for the test can be made using Facebook credits. Credits are purchased on the site, and can also be used to send gifts such as an image of the Millennium Falcon… if you’re into that sort of thing. Testers should be aware that there is an additional $50 fee for the convenience of taking the test through FB.

The announcement has triggered mixed reviews. @BoothFanSam likes the news and tweets: “I’m really excited!! Now I can take the GMAT while playing Farmville and Mafia Wars.” Others haven’t shared the same enthusiasm. @MBAJustOutsideBoston tweets: “This is egregious. It devalues both my GMAT score and business degree. And no, I didn’t go to Tufts.”

There are rumors that a similar deal is being finalized through Twitter although no official announcement has been made. MySpace is also rumored to be working on a deal, but seriously, who still has an account there?


  • Got to thank GMAT for this initiative. Now I can take the test from the comfort of my private beach. Looking forward to the multitude of technological possibilities this collaboration will open up.

    • Er. U actually believed it?

  • Data Sufficiency question.

    Is this news true?

    1) Today is Thursday.

    2) Today is April, 1st.


    • IMO B :)

  • Jack,

    IMO it's B. OA please :)

  • I am not sure how easily this April Fool's day prank will achieve it's goal...didnt fool me!

    • The fact that he speaks of embarrassing photos and fan pages dint alert some people. I wonder whether they have done well in Reading Comp. :)

  • Got me....second time today...

  • THAT WAS EVIL!!!!!!

  • Holy Crap..I got fooled!! hehhehee...

  • Nice Try!

  • Bloody hello....

    I was like no way now I have to study for another. Bloody test cause no one will take the gmat seriously after this, then realized it was April the first...

  • Absolutely hilarious. Well done Sean!

  • funny :) will get the score as a tweet :P

  • Got me too - I was already thinking about the holes in the plan, like security issues and the rest... :)

  • I fell for this too :) I was wondering how the schools are gonna react seeing profile tags and pics.

  • cool...ppl a;ready started speculating the loopholes in the system :)
    GMAT on facebook.....aint gonna happen :P

  • GAAAHHHH!!! I was not paying attention to this since april 1 had already passed! hahaha, this is a good one.

  • oops.. i read the article and almost spilled my green tea all over myself, before scrolling down to see the comments!!!!

    You really got me on that one!!


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