List Of Common Idiomatic Expressions

by on August 27th, 2009

The following chart presents common idioms that can appear on the GMAT. Most of the Xs and Ys represent nouns, pronouns, or noun phrases. To create an idiomatic expression, substitute words or phrases for the X and Y as in the following example:

consult with X about Y

consult with my doctor about treatment [Correct]

Any other prepositions used with consult in this format are unidiomatic.

consult my doctor for treatment [Incorrect]
consult on my doctor about treatment [Incorrect]
consult with my doctor for treatment [Incorrect]
consult in my doctor about treatment [Incorrect]

The following list of idioms is not inclusive. However, this list is an excellent supplement for possible errors on the GMAT.

Common Idiomatic Expressions

a lot of X

account to X for Y

accuse X of Y

acquaintance with X

adapt to X

affection for X

afraid of X

agree to X

agree with X about Y

alarmed at X

a lot of X

amazed at X

amused at X

amused by X

angry at X

angry with X

apologize to X for Y

apparent to X

appeal to X

apply to X for Y

appropriate to X

approve of X

argue about X

argue with X for Y

ashamed of X

ask X for Y

ask X of Y

assure X of Y

at the top of X

attraction to X

aware of X

bargain with X for Y

because of X

believe in X

blame X for Y

blind to X

by means of  X

call to X from Y

capable of X

certain of X

challenge X to Y

characteristic of X

cheat X of Y

close to X

comment on X

communicate with X

communicate X to Y

comparable to X

compare to X

compare with X

competition with X for Y

complain to X about Y

composed of X

concerned about X

concerned with X

confess to X

confidence in X

confident of X

congratulate X on Y

conscious of X

consideration for X

consult with X about Y

consult with X on Y

contempt for X

contented with X

contrast with X

contribute to X

control over X

converse with X about Y

convict X of Y

convince X of Y

copy from X

correspond with X

count on X for Y

cure for X

deal with X

decide on X

dedicate X to Y

defend X against Y

defend X from Y

delight in X

delighted with X

demand X of Y

depend on X for Y

deprive X of Y

designed for X

desire for X

different from X

disagree with X about Y

disappointed in X

disappointed with X

disgusted with X

displeased with X

distrust of X

do X about Y

doubt about X

dream about X

dream of X

due to X

duty to X

engaged to X

escape from X

excel in X

exception to X

excuse for X

excuse X from Y

explain X to Y

failure of X in Y

faithful to X

fascinated with X

fearful of X

for the sake of X

full of X

grateful to X for Y

guard against X

guess at X

hear about X

hear of X

hint at X

horrified at X

in case of X

in common with X

in favor of X

in place of X

in search of X

independent of X

influence over X

inform X of Y

inquire into X

insist on X

intent on X

interested in X

interfere with X

introduce X to Y

invite X to Y

irrelevant to X

laugh at X

lecture on X

listen to X

look at X

look for X

made of X

make X for Y

mistaken for X

need for X

obligation to X

on account of X

opportunity for X

opposition to X

pay X for Y

pay X to Y

pity for X

point at X

prefer X to Y

prejudice against X

protect X from Y

provide X for Y

punish X for Y

qualified to do X

quarrel with X over Y

quote X from Y

reason for X

reason with X about Y

recover from X

related to X

rely on X

remind X of Y

reply to X about Y

require X of Y

research in X

responsible to X

result from X

result in X

result of X

rob X of Y

satisfactory to X

search for X

send for X

shocked at X

shocking to X

similar to X

smile at X

stare at X

start with X

supply X with Y

sure of X

take advantage of X

take care of X

talk over X with Y

talk to X about Y

tell X about Y

thankful for X

think about X

think of X

think over X

threaten X with Y

tired of X

trust in X

trust X with Y

wait for X

weary of X

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