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MBA profile review

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tallboy_92 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
30 Jul 2017
1 messages

MBA profile review

Post Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:05 am
Hi, I would like to have my profile reviewed. I am keen on pursuing my MBA at Stanford GSB.
25 Year old, Indian
Undergrad- B.E in Industrial Engineering and Management at Bangalore (2010-2014)
GPA- 9.43/10.0
Academic Excellence Award for securing 2nd Rank in the entire Department.
A perfect GPA of 10.0/10.0 in my final semester.
Final Year project at the National Aerospace Labs, Bangalore.

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (2014-2015)
Award- MIT-SUTD scholar

Master of Engineering (by Research) in Engineering Systems and Design from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) (2015-2016)
No GPA. Only 1 year of Research and Thesis as part of the scholarship.

Current Position- Working at a Life Science Instrumentation company in Singapore as a Product Assurance Engineer. I am working at the same company where I did my thesis, when I was at MIT.

Extra Curricular:
MIT Global Startup Labs in Bangalore during my undergrad. Conceptualized along with 3 other members, an android application and achieved a place in the finals to present at the Google office in Bangalore.

Career Kraft Foundation:
Organized and chaired two events on " Innovative Thinking" at colleges for about 200 students.
• Trained on design thinking, marketing, management and innovation by different coaches at workshops and
• Managed teams and developed marketing strategies to expand the NGO. Coached two students on marketing,
management, design thinking and leadership skills.

Jack of all Threads:
Organized and coordinated business deals with the school management to create a bigger impact amongst students
and the society.
• Analyzed and evaluated the market competition, pricing, and the supply chain process to optimize the cost incurred
by the company.
• Achieved recognition for my passion and hard work from the Co-founder for improving the productivity of the

I have a average GRE scoe of 310, 151 V , 159 Quant and 3.5 AWA that I took in 2013 before applying to MIT. I am planning to send the same score to Stanford GSB as I do not have the time to take the GMAT within the deadline for Round 1.

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Post Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:17 am
Hi Tallboy,
I can see that my response here is coming too late to be useful to you in your first-round applications, but I'd be interested to know how that played out for you.
Your GPA is excellent, and I like the broad and varied professional experience you're bringing to the table. Top business schools will also be attracted to your international exposure -- India, Singapore and the US. I'd be curious to know what goals you have presented, particularly your short-term goals, and how that aligns with Stanford's mission.

The biggest hurdle you will be facing for Stanford, in addition to those incredibly difficult essays and the labor-intensive online application, is that GRE score. Stanford has posted their GRE median -- 165/165 -- and you're not very close to that number. So if I were on the adcom, I'd wonder about you not taking the time to present your best GMAT or GRE score, since you're obviously super-smart and incredibly accomplished for your age. Still, you've got enough good stuff going for you that they might be interested despite the test score.

So to follow up on that, I'd be happy for an update: did you apply in Round 1, and if so, how did that work out for you?
If not, it might be worth thinking about retaking one or the other test in advance of the January deadlines, just so that you're using every rocket in your arsenal to its best advantage.

Good luck!
Margaret Strother

Margaret Strother
Senior Consultant
Stacy Blackman Consulting

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