Is it Advisable to Attempt GRE after Multiple GMAT attempts

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27 Nov 2012
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Is it Advisable to Attempt GRE after Multiple GMAT attempts

Post Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:42 am
Hi ,
This is SD Kapoor. I am an aspirant for the Top US B Schools and my profile is as follows :

Indian/male /26 :
work Ex : 4.5 years
1.5 years as a free lance software developer for leading consulting firms
Currently working as an Analyst at a top HR consulting firm.

I have given the GMAT 5 times for the past 9 months and ended up with the following scores :

March 2012 :550
May 2012 : 530
August 2012 : 580
October 2012 : 560
November 2012 : 560

In my last two attempts , I was scoring 700+ in mocks , but couldnt perform on the exam day. I am seriously contemplating about giving the I think the Computer adaptive nature of the GMAT doesnt suit me and the new pattern of GRE suits me more.

My questions are as follows :
1.In your view are GRE score scores seen in the same light as the GMAT scores ?
2. What would be a balanced and competitive GRE score for Top Business Schools like 700 is the bench mark GMAT score.
3. If I give the GMAT for the 6th time and send the score report... on seeing the 5 'sub-600' scores, would the Adcom have doubts about my academic capability even if I get 700+ in the next attempt?

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Post Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:20 pm

Thanks for your post. Many business schools do accept the GRE, however, it can be challenging for adcoms to compare GRE scores to GMAT scores - kind of like comparing apples to oranges. While I realize you are discouraged by your GMAT score, it is highly possible that if you take the GRE and use that score in your applications that the adcom may ask you to take the GMAT. Bottom line, I think your time and energy is best spent studying for the GMAT since there is indeed a chance you will have to sit for the exam eventually.



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